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Angel Eyes

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Good Day all of you! My name is Tracy and my hubby is Lawrence. WE have 2 kids aged 8 and 13.

We are also wanting to leave SA. My sister and her family have gone through the whole immigration agency thing and after 18 months, all that is outstanding for them is their medicals.

We have really just done some reading up and have a long long road ahead of us.

We're really desperate to leave.

I am an HR Assistant/Office Manager and my husband is in ITC. We have passed the online visa assessments so we should be good to go.

Its just very daunting but we are sure we want to go.

Are we being unrealistic to say we want to go before the end of this year?

Help - please give some sound advice - especially those who have walked this road.

Has anyone done the cowboy way to OZ? It is much easier doing that to NZ...

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Hi Angel Eyes

My humble opinion (assuming you are going the permanent residency route), give yourself 2-3 months to get all your documentation in place, apply now for unabridged marriage and birth certificates and passports if you dont have them. Start doing your skills assessment (IT one takes 3 months from submission as far as I know).

Once you lodge (probably about 4 months or so from now) it should take about 6-8 months.

Keen to see what other people think.


PS: We are awaiting the outcome of my second skills assessment which should be here in two weeks, then we can lodge, have all of the other stuff in place - hope to get PR by end of the year and leave in Jan / Feb.

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To add to Deon's post book your IELTS test asap, I believe there's a long waiting list.

If you wanted to you or hubby could try to secure sponsored employment in the mean time.

Good luck


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Hi Angel Eyes,

Making the decision is the most important part - now stick to it :thumbdown:

Read a lot and make lists

Keep topics that relate to you - tons of info here

I have just started, waiting to write IELTS end of June

All the best

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Hi there Angel Eyes,

All of the best to you and your family!

I agree with Ferns that you should stick to this (great) decision having now made it, and do it. Keep on trucking and push on through. Especially during the rough times, turn to whoever / whatever supports you, as I do to this forum.

I agree with Deon d's summary of matters regarding time lines. I also think that this may be more reliably the case for an MODL application, and am not sure how long the SOL route may take. If you are seeing acronyms that you do not yet know, please visit the immi.gov.au site and read up on it all. And do get your IELTS English test booked.

All of the best!


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