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Jobs for Fitter and Turner


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Ons is nog op die oomblik in Suid Afrika, maar is hard opsoek na werk vir my man, Passer en Draaier (Fitter and Turner) in Australie. Ons was ook by SA Expo en glo my daar was nie vreeslik baie maatskappye wat Fitters soek nie. Orals hoor ons hoe word Fitters gesoek in Australie, maar waar? Manlief is bereid om oor te gaan vir 'n onderhoud, en dis so genoem in sy CV, maar niemand kom terug na ons nie. Hy het 27 jaar ondervinding, maar blykbaar tel dit nie, of tel dit dalk teen hom, want hy is nou 43 jaar oud? Kan iemand my help met raad asb, want ons wil werklik oorgaan, maar ongelukkig sal ons 'n sponsership nodig hê. Groetnis van Suid Afrika.


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Hi Ben & Didi

I suggest you go and page through all the pages of the following section on the forum, you may find a lead there!


There are seven pages in total. If you do find something click on the person's name and check their profile, see if you can send them an email. In their profile it will also tell you when they were last active on this site. If it was a year ago, unless there is an email address it would not help sending them a PM.

Here are some mining links that I found for you:







Good luck.

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Thanks for your response. I will certainly try your advice. Will let you know if I had any positive feedback. Hopefully sometime soon we will meet with you all in Australia.


Ben and Didi

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My company is looking for fitters.Forward your cv to me if you are still interested,and I'll pass it on.

Email me direct for further communication if you wish.


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