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Official Introduction

Gavin & Karen

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Hi all,

Been on the forum only a couple of days and decided it's time for the official introduction.

I have been divorced for 4 years, have two children aged 15 & 13 (boy & girl repectively).

I am working in the manufacturing & production industry for a medium sized Oils & Lubrication company situated in Olivedale.

Does anyone know if there is a demand for my type of work at the moment.

I posted my CV on the internet last week Sunday and got a response on Monday. The first question they asked was wether my visa's was in place, which it's not.

Where does this whole process start?

Hope someone can give me advise as I am a REAL Rookie (Clueless to be exact!!!) :D

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Hi Gavin and Karen,

Welcome to the forum!

A good place to start is to check out www.immi.gov.au You will find heaps of info there, and also see which visa(s) you qualify for.

That site alone will keep you busy for a week or two...

Good luck!



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Welcome to the forum Gavin and Karen

It's like Zorba said, the immi.gov site will give you so much information. And then this forum as well. Try the search button function for key words to search threads where specific topics have been discussed. Valuable information, posted by South Africans living in Australia as well as people still on their way there. Enjoy the reading.

All the best, ILze & Jaco

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Hi Gavin & Karen,

And welcome to the forum - the site that will answer most of your questions, I am sure!

First things first, do book yourselves the inevitable IELTS English test ASAP, through the British Council, and get that done and behind you.

All of the best!



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Hi Karen

I would suggest that you research all the "pinned" topics under the "Application" forum. The topic started by "Jordy" titled "The 100 step process to immigration (emigration) to Australia from South Africa" is a good place to start.

I would recommend that you apply for a PR visa - if you qualify. In your situation you want to enjoy the "PR" benefits when you arrive in Oz, Medicare, etc etc.

Enjoy the process, the end result is worth the effort. :ilikeit:



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And happy reading! Here's lots and lots of stuff, and the official goc websites are good as well.


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Hi Gavin and Karen

I agree with TereMel - book that IELT asap! (International English Language test - in case you're wondering!).

Also start applying for you unabridged birth certificate, marriage and divorce certificates (unless you already have them)... look on the immi.gov.au site for all the certificates you need.

I don't know anything about your line of work, but what I do know is that they need people with engineering/mining/trade skills - so you sound like you'd fit the bill! ???

Have a trawl through the internet - including this forum - I'm pretty sure you'll find loads of agencies for your line of work - if you're wanting to get a job sponsor. Otherwise - go the 175 PM route - then find work once you're there.

Good luck,


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