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Better introduce us then


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Hi to all

I have been lurking around this site for some time reading everyones posts and getting a better understaning of the emmigration process. I am an engineer by trade and my wife is in finance and still studying.

I have spent some time in Perth for work purposes and loved it there. However we have been made an offer to move to Brisbane in June/July on a 457 and then a 856 PR visa on arrival. We have accepted and the visa will be lodged tomorrow.

We will definitely take our bulldog and we are feverishly researching the options for taking our parents with us. This seams to be the biggest obstacle in this excersize?

I had so many questions on hundreds of topics but most have been answered by reading the fantastic informative posts.

I am sure I will speak/write to most of you in the near future and I hope that I can contribute something from my research.

Good luck and Godspeed

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Hi Whenwe,

Good luck with the process and new beginning!

Yes, I think there's a lot of people (me included) who's desperately looking for ways to get their parents out.


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Good Luck, we are close to Brisbane, it's a wonderful place!!!


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Welcome to the forum Whenwe!

We are also fairly new on this but this is definitely the way to go if you need ANY information! :ilikeit: I hope all goes well with your application! Parents are a definite problem especially if some of your other siblings are staying behind!

God bless!

Ilani and Ohann

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Hi Morne

If you liked (deliberate) Perth you will love Brisbane.

Best of luck with the visa aplications and the move. Don't know your circumstances but if you cannot get your parents to come over with you there may be opportunities for you to sponsor them once you have PR.



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As Manny has mentioned, if you don't happen to get them into Australia with you, once you become PR and have worked for two years in Australia, you are entitled to sponsor any other close relatives. . . . mum / dad, brother / sister, son / daughter, etc. In your parents' case, the requirements will be a whole lot different than sponsoring younger working people such as a brother or sister and their family.

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Thanks everyone for the wishes and information.

It would seem the parent emmigration is a bit of a contentious issue. I have some thoughts but need some informed advice.

How easy is it to get the 12 month tourist visa and once you have this how easy is it to get it extended by another 12 months?

Once we have had PR for 24 months and my folks apply for the Parent visa (10 year que) would they have the right to stay and live in Ozz with no social benefits from the government and paying their own way while waiting for the outcome of this vsa?

The other alternative is the contributory parent visa (currently 2 year que, info supplied by our company agent in Brisbane), would they then have the right to stay in Oz when their application is in, or do they need to have the visa approved befor they can relocate to Australia.

Thanks fore the help and have agreat weekend!!

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Hi daar.

Baie welkom op die forum.Hoop jul voel sommer gou tuis :thumbdown:

Ja ons is baie wat ons woefs oorgebring het en seker jul het al baie opgelees oor daai topics :)

Sal nie n dag spyt wees nie.

Nou ja sterkte met als en hoop jul sit sommer gou die wiel aan die ROL.


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