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A Wonderfull day in the Cape


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Hi To ALL.

From the BEST :lol: place in SA (I think, Know....defenetaly, Otherwise what are all the Captownians doing here and Waalies!)

After watching the news this moring what a beutifull country ZIM where you know freedom of speach is not allowed, intrest hikes are a thing of the past, damaging the ozone with unfriendly gasses (cars etc) are of the past. what a wonderfull Day, O ja don't have to warry what croceries to buy (racks empty). Amasing what else can you wish for.

While typing i realized it's not ZIM, it's a glimps in the future of SA. what a wonderfull day.

On the lighter side of it all the sun is shining birds are singing (except the one that decided that playing chicken with a bus , me driving is a good idea "wrong idea?"), further more an excited and amasing week ahead.

To those who battle to read my spelling, was and will always be the main topic in class daryl cant SPELL (Sorry :blink: )

Aparently the biggest mountain bike race in the world (Apparently) is taking place in the Overberg watch the news and experiance the most indulging and breath taking scenery in SA ( Notice we still have trees, naturally grown and green, yes green valleys NOT DIRT, RED DIRT!).

After reading a view post's the past day's some poeple use this site for a temper adustment (Blow OFF) for all the happenings in SA, Other crusify them for doing so!. Some poeple use the site for information!, Information the most important item in one's life (Na "Geloof") bad or good. This info for poeple tike me very important, the negative side helps me to realize 1. I AM NOT ALLONE IN SA WITH THESE FEELINGS? 2. The good news there are poeple that DO SEE the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel (Hopefully ESKOM supply the power... :blink: ..OOPS! think not). 3. ALL this info helps me and other to realize SA WAS...WAS not bad, is starting to sink luckely there are lifeboats arround, WILL always be MY COUNTRY no matter what happens (ask the X-rodesians, they still have hope in them for ZIM).

To all THANX. :hug:

Without YOU and all your INFO, it help's ME decide what to do and how to plan my (fammily's) future.

With extreme pleasure to have foend this site.

Greeting from the Fairest Cape (The Overberg) :ilikeit::ilikeit:


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Hi Daryl I like you already cause your name is Daryl and thats my son's name!!

Geniet die Kaap eks mal oor die Kaap. Wil my altyd Sonja Herhold liedjies laat sing!! LOL!! Of Anton Goosen!!! It's goes from bad to worse hey!!

Welcome to the forum and have fun!! We've got the same ups and downs of a family!!! It's alive because of it's members and their personalities.

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In the greater Cape one can many times forget you are in RSA.

I read an article the other day about semigration from Gauteng to Cape. Many people looking to settle in areas like Misty Cliffs, Scarborough, Kommetjie, Noordhoek etc.

I was on a weeks leave in Jongensfontein where children roam the streets. People leave their houses unlocked. Everybody in the street knows each other and carries keys for each others' houses.

Nou's ek eers die moer in..................................Why can't the whole country be like this? (rhetorical only!)

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Te Heerlik!

Ja nes jy daar sê Oryx die probleem vir my is dat ek sal moet daaraan dink om tydelik, letwel tydelik op te gaan gauteng toe natuurlik het vroulief reeds gesê jy alleen sy bly. Dit is jammer dat die res van SA kan nie so wees nie. Ja Jongensfontein baie, baie, baaaaaaaaaie lekke!. Net jammer toe ek daar was was dit nogal koed maar nog te mooi.

Ek troos my daaraan dat OZ is blykbaar ook so, hoop so wel enige iets is beter as SA!.

Dit is net 'n jammerte dat ek die omgewing sal moet los (nie die aangenaamste iedee in die wereld nie). "But sh@#$T happens and life goes ON".

Die lekkerste oujaar wat ek nog gehaad het was hier. Ek en familie het die 31st des 2002 laat gaanslaap (dozi se "Tussen joy en my lê daar 'n berg TAFELBERG), die oggend 4 uur opgestaan na arneston to gegaan en 'n bottle "bubbly" saamgeneem en op die strand gesit, sons opkoms gekyk met 'n glasie (kinders inkluis), heerlik. Die sig wat te siene was, was ongelooflik, pragtig (nog 'n paar woorde wat ek nie kan uitspreek nie). Om te dink SA die hele SA was op 'n stadium so.

Maar nou ja die volgende stap "unabridged" geboorte sertifikaate vir die kinders!.

Sal kyk of daar 'n paar foto's is van die mooi kaap om op te sit, net om te BRAG :rolleyes: (hoop dis reg gespel??)


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For those whom are so lucky to be over the vaalriver.

Enjoy this you see only december's.

The one with the snowman (Snow-woman) my wife and her art work on my car. This was done at ceres (W-Cape) 2007 we drove through to ceres from here (where snow-woman) was build, a great, amaising laugh as all on and off the road. Some even stoped us to take a photo. Times like these i will always remember the good of SA.



NB: For those in OZ Enjoy.

NB NB NB:if no photo's tel me how to put them on Please!




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