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Maternity leave and Visa's?


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Hi there,

I've been searching for a while for an answer - on this site, and others...

We will be going over on a 457 (not definate yet) - with my job. When we land in Oz, we'll start the application for PR Visa (hopefully get it by next year latest). We also want to start with a family next year, and I need to know if there will be any restrictions on either Visa. I will return to work after having the baby.

Will I get Maternity leave on a 457 if I'm the main applicant? And same for PR Visa?

Also, how does the maternity leave work? Do they have a UIF like in SA? Do you get paid maternity leave? For how long?

Also, when do you get the baby bonus? Only with citizenship, or with PR Visa as well?

I do apologise for all the questions!

I'll really appreciate any help!!



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Dear Suzanne,

I am no expert on this :boxing: , but will try to answer you...

According to my knowledge there is no paid maternity leave in Australia :ilikeit: , except when your employer offer it as a benefit. My company offers 3 months, but my company in SA offered 7 months paid as well as keeping my company car, mobile etc. - very different!

They do however keep your job open for 12 months, so you can take up to 12 months maternity leave and go back to your position.

I am not sure about the baby bonus, but I think it is something like $5000 and I don't think it is offered to 457 visa holders. I know that one qualifies for it on PR though.

I don't think they can refuse maternity leave if you are on a 457...

Good luck!

Pippa! X

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You are correct, you get 12 months maternity leave, but its not paid because center link pays you umemployment benifits and you get you baby bonus. But you are not entitled to these benfits on a 457 visa...........

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Thanks Pippa/Enrica!

The plan is to wait and make sure we have the PR Visa before getting pregnant. The baby bonus is already a BIG plus!

Currently I'm a contractor here in SA, but I'll be able to claim UIF, even though it's not included in my benefits.

What's the norm in Oz, do most companies give paid maternity leave for their female employees? Or must you fight them for it <_< ?


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Australia is not as "progressive" in maternity leave as some European countries.

Women having babies are entitled to maternity leave from an Australian company for up to 12 months, after which time, they're required to either come back to their previous position, or resign.

Other options may be worked out with the management of the company, such as coming back part-time, etc. This is up to negotiation between the employee and management of the company.

Maternity Leave, in Australia, is unpaid.

You have the right to take it, have your position held for you for up to 12 months, but that's it!

You can claim welfare of some sort from the Australian gov't, in the meantime, if you're Permanently Resident, to help you financially. However, the entitlements of temporary residents doesn't extend to government welfare, so on a 457 Visa, you wouldn't be able to claim any dole or Baby Bonus ($4 000 tax-free grant at the mo, but going up to $5 000 shortly)

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