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To go back, or not to go back?



i am going to COPY and Paste something my Hubby wrote to unsureGc a while ago..

Strictly an opinion to maybe see the Wider picture and not feel too bad about how your feeling..

This was based on some people who judged those who shared their feelings why they might want to go back, or just the mixed feelings they had about staying and missing home...

here is what he said...

"look, we have been here for a month and a half and been going through much of the same feelings as probably most of you have gone through, whether after 6 months 1 year or 4 years, but looking back over the past year when we decided to move to Aus purely for the experience of working elsewhere and earning dollars, have now become much more of a reality when you start adding up the "cost" of being here. my two cents, if you decide to go back, make sure you don't go back with nothing - financially or experience !

Ofcourse there is family which is our priority too and we miss our family dearly (atleast skype makes it easier). Then there is the cost of getting here and having your currency being devalued x7.5 times (and the effect it has on your quality of life you were used to), and then the reality of meeting new people, finding work, and "integrating". these things sound very easy when sitting back in SA pondering whether to move or not. I guess for some people it was an easy choice. If you had a problematic childhood or boarding issues or just never had any real ties to whatever made you feel "south african" or being part of a family, moving to Aus was easy with no strings attached I guess. That "anonymous feeling" can become a scarlet letter when you get older and realise you are alone. that said, would any of us south africans ever be referred to as real Ausies if we weren't born here? hhmmmmm..... so what if your passport says you are a born again australian?!

I sometimes wish, and frankly this may sound harsh, that things in SA would actually start turning out like in Zimbabwe, or Kenya so we could say "HAH ! You see, why did no one listen?" People running amock in the streets, rioting, crumbling economy, depression, sporadic killings, heck why not just a full blown war and injustice so us in Aus could feel better about being here than there? and then we could have a major flux of people leaving on boats and planes in their thousands. then you know the ship is sinking (take the airplane in that case)

Maybe SA is not going to become another Zim. Heck, the interest rates in Oz are also being raised quicker than I can keep up with, and even the property market is booming just to be leveled out in the coming months. With not much more exporting in comparison to SA, I wonder sometimes who is opressing the Rand against other major currencies. It makes no sense, we worked just as hard, if not harder, do the community thing, have a strong tourism industry, BETTER service in the retail and commercial/office sector, yet we still prise the "western" countries for their expert first world outlook on life. Its sad but true, SA was not and is not the WORST country yet to live in (and probably why our friends and everyone else back home is still there and going ahead with their life and business and doing well). Fact, some towns and cities had more crime than other, and in all likelyhood that its the argument for some that its the start of SA's downfall....but look at NY and London and China recently, isn't it everywhere? Back in SA we pay for our security and our walls are high....in Aus we still pay for our security, the walls are just not yet high enough to complain about, but boundaries exist make no mistake. Nice parks in Oz cost money. Nice life in Oz cost money. Wherever governments choose to spend your tax dollars, you are enslaved to a system.

Getting back to my point, moving to Australia for however long you wish to remain here shoudn't be a death sentence should you ever want to go back. Every country and every situation is what you make of it. I have cousins who travelled the world and worked everywhere imagineable. But they always go back to SA and they still regard it as their home. There's a lesson in this: the world is open and a free place to move to and move back to where you came from because CHOICES make it possible. Whether you have kids or not, SA gave everyone ample opportunities and if it wasn't for that then none of us would even be here. Aus is still a growing economy, 1st world or not. Its people's attitude that make a country what it is, not the politicians or legislature to a degree. immigrants from the east are also considering Aus home. Would the real Australian please stand up ?

Are we now probably paying for the "sins of our forefathers" as a matter of speaking? I don't believe in any of that crap ! There are some very greedy opportunistic individuals trying to influence the course of South Africas future by trying to favour themselves and in the process their own pockets. The lack of policing and crime statistics are human factors that should be treated as such. That aside, hey, cape town is still the most beautiful place in the world, and pretoria and jozi has a great culture. Situation aside-Sa is n place where most of our hearts is..which some may still call home.

to move to Oz should be seen as an opportunity, and going back to SA or the States or wherever should be a private choice. The world is everyones playground and should be your backyard. This stupid passport that make you who you are or define you as an Aussie or SAfrican is ridiculous. :-) Its a private matter and nobody should be judged if they want to go back. We (normal human beings) all feel homesick or miss family or friends at some point in our lives. Also nothing wrong about some nostalgy some of the time. Those expats who bad mouth south africa are perhaps exactly where they should be, far away from reality who's passports define who they are rather than their purpose in life the color of your passport is just a new form of discrimination isn't it?

in a nutshell its your perogative to do whatever you like. Nor SA nor OZ is a bad place. We love the people here and the little we have experienced of Aus culture. Some good some bad, but the world is your oyster and your feelings realistic. Time stands still for no one, and who knows what we'll feel in the coming months or years given our time here. Not being in SA for several years and not seeing your grandchildren growing up leaves permanent scars. You miss out on life happening, and life is happening while you we are busy making other plans. good luck with Oz, we support either choice.

Maybe from here we move on to Japan? konitschiwa :P

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Hi Guys and Girls

Nothing wrong with staying in the RSA! :P

Nohing wrong with leaving the RSA! :whome:

Nothing wrong with going back to the RSA. :ilikeit:

Life is all about choices.

Australia does however provide many South Africans and citizens of other countries with a great opportunity to live in a robust (and relatively safe) first world democracy.

If you have moved to Australia and are not happy here, you are welcome to return to the RSA.................. no worries mate.

For me and many other South Africans (and citizens of many other countries) who now call Australia home, getting PR/citizenship in Australia was like winning first prize in the lottery of life.

Do I miss my mom? absolutely- she died in the RSA in !990. Do I miss my brother? absolutely - he died in the RSA in 1991. Do I miss my dad? absolutely - he died overseas in 2006. Do I miss my youngest son? absolutely - he works and lives in Bermuda. But it is not Australia's or the Australian peoples fault.

Happy to be me (to have lived in South Africa) and to live in Australia.



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I think people need to do what's best for them and what makes them happy. if it makes you happy to stay in SA, then stay. If it makes you happy to live in Aus, then live in Aus. There's no right or wrong here. At the end of the day, you're responsible for your own wellbeing. As long as you're happy with your choice, there's nothing wrong.

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No one forces you to do anything. If you actually believe after a few months in Aus that SA is better for you and your family, you can always go back to South Africa. God knows with the amount of people fleeing the country, they do need your skills.

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