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Adelaide beaches


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Does the sea have waves or is it flat? Water temperature compared to Durban and Cape Town?

PS: Still no info on my child care question: PLEASE!

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I've been to Adelaide a few times and if I remember correctly, there were waves, but not massive ones. Been with my feet in the water too but cannot remember how cold it was..... :ilikeit: Maybe someone who lives in Adelaide can be of more help. Just remember, some ppl can only surf the forum in their spare time (i.e. evenings or weekends) - unlike me practically living on the forum :blush: - you might have to wait a few days before you get a response - but, please don't give up. Check in now & then......

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We have only been here 6 months, but based on this (very) limited experience -

The metropolitan beaches tend to be calmer - only very small waves, or at times, as still as a pond ... lovely for me as I am terrified of waves and would never swim in the sea back in SA. Here, I have swum quite a few times. This is mainly to do with the fact that Adelaide is situated in the Gulf of St Vincent. The water in summer was very warm, like bath water - a lot of people just sort of float around, or swim, paddle ski or whatever. Really, really lovely. My favourite kind of sea ... very Mediterranean and reminded me of when we were in Greece.

Further South, about 45 minutes from the CBD, there are surfing beaches. The best surfing beaches, however, are towards Victor Harbour.

Our favourite beach is Port Noarlunga. Small waves ideal for body boarding, a long, white powdery sand beach, an artificial reef which is excellent for snorkelling and a jetty and a river mouth which are both very good for fishing... perfect!

Here are some of my pictures of the beaches around Adelaide:


Marino Beach


Sunset on Brighton Beach (our closest one)


Hubby on Glenelg beach




Noarlunga reef


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Thanks Annette. the pictures are lovelly! Now please tell me about creche and day mothers in Adelaide (Mawson Lakes) Costs if not on PR?

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Ria, did you see my reply on your original "childcare" thread? Have a look there...

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BEAUTIFUL!!!!! When I was still living in SA and busy with my application, I would have liked to end up in Adelaide, but here I am in Sydney (it's still wonderfull and I really enjoy it here. :ilikeit:) We are thinking of settling in a small town when my little one goes to school, so I might see you in a few years time! :ilikeit:

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The beaches are great. There are lots of jetties which go out fairly far. At the end of them you can see for miles as the sea is so flat. Place of interest was the Glenelg Museum. Part of the exhibition shows the history of the Gelnelg Jetty and how there was a restaurant at the end. This got totally destroyed in a bad storm they had in 1948.

It is hard to imagine the waves being so large and destructive as it is generally flat like a Groot Dam.

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Thanks for the great pics, Annette!

You are really not making it any easier for us that still have to wait for months and months before we can move to Adelaide! :ilikeit::ilikeit::whome:

I am glad to hear the sea is warm in summer i also enjoy just floating around.


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Water temps are a subjective thing a bit.

I find I can swim for an hour or two in the water, in the summer-time, and my finger tips are not going blue with the cool, so it must be OK for folks to dip their toes in and just lie in for a quarter of an hour without catching frostbite!

It's like the Indian Ocean along the Garden Route in temps. The Atlantic was colder from memory.

Also the inner city beches are relatively calm with the beaches further south becoming less and less calm.

If you are happy to drive over an hour south of Adelaide, there are some surfing beaches, (Victor Harbour, Goolwa, Middleton) but even there you can take kiddies as there are safe calmer beaches along that stretch of South Coast.

Brighton beach and jetty, an "inner city" beach. This was taken long after sunset and people were getting ready to go home after a really balmy day (that's why so many Aussies on the beach)


a few miles further south is one called Noarlunga



An hour's drive south of Adelaide there are surfing beaches with the waves a bit rougher . . . . and some pretty "odd" looking characters! (brother-in-law)



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It is a warm evening in Centurion and these pics are really not making it any cooler. :ilikeit: Great pics. Can't wait to get there.



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Yes thanks Bob. Ive been to all the beaches in the area within 3 hours drive and they are all very good I have to say, as you mention form calmer waters to surf.From just nipping down to have a quick fish and chips on the beach to the more serious surfing, there is something for all occasions. All are very clean, SAFE, not to crowded and just a good place to relax and soak up the general environment which we sadly have lost in South Africa in some respects.

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