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Zarina: desperate to move to OZ, assisstance urgently needed


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Hi My name is Zarina

I am new to this very inforamtive fora and I would like to introduce my self to all. I live in Johannesurg and am currently employed in the Gauteng Provincail Legisalture as a Committee Manager. I have two kids and my hubby is self employed. I am not sure what catergory my skill falls under in Oz terminology. I have a degree in Public Adminstration and will be completing an honours degree in the same field this year. I am desperately wanting to get out of here - the crime is just toooooooo much. your assistance in my new adventure will be appreciatied. Where do I start - do I need original birth certificates for myself and hubby or can I use ID's as ref docs????? - help I am going crazy !!!!!!!!



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Hello again Zarina,

I think you need to attack this elephant one bite at a time B) Go to the Immigration website (www.immi.gov.au) and read up on all the various kinds of visas in order to assess which would be most suitable. Given that your degree is in Public Administration (which may be linked very closely to SA?? Not sure on this - could be wrong), it may well be worth your while paying for a consultation with an immigration consultant in South Africa to get some further guidance. Once you know what visa you are going for, the application process is relatively simple - or can be! Make sure that you use an approved agent - check out www.themara.com.au for who these are.

It is too early to start thinking about documentation etc until you know which category you will be applying under, but briefly, you will need full unabridged birth certificates for your kids, your marriage certificate and passports for all of you.

I hope this points you in the right direction.

Best Wishes


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