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Caroline: Heading for Toowoomba


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Hi Everybody

We are currently still in SA but will be moving to Australia January 2007 with our 3 children. I have taken an interest in 'SA expat forums' because I want to find out as much as possible about the life that we are heading towards and also I love meeting people.

I am a student of International Relations at the University of Southern Queensland and I work for my husband, Peter. We are in the process of 'expanding' the business www.businesswarriers.co.za to Australia. (I am not too sure how I can introduce myself 'honestly' without being accused of soliciting so I hope this is OK?).

I have previously only joined one 'open' forum and promised myself that I would never do that again (it gets a little strange sometimes :D ), but SAAustralia seems to be more in control of what is going on so I am going to take a chance again :) .

Congratulations to all of you for taking the initiative on getting this forum up and running so quickly-well done! ;) I have been 'watching' the last couple of days and it was actually Harry's picture of Deep Cove that 'triggered' me to introduce myself in the foyer. I showed it to hubby and he responded by opening his laptop and showing me his own picture of Deep Cove-he was there a couple of years back- I just 'loved' that-had to share that with you :P !

Well, I'm off now, will be back to 'chit chat' later, I do talk a lot. Will probably have to 'fetch' Blondi soon to join me there :D I was on another forum with the user name 'Umhlanga'. I won't use that name here because this is how I got it:.....I thought I was filling in the 'area' name so I put Umhlanga (wasn't wearing my glasses :) ). I'll just stick to my real name-just easier that way.

Chat later

Caroline Carruthers

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Hi Caroline

Glad to see you joined us. WELCOME! Hope you enjoy it here.

You and Blondie need to get the chit-chat forum started man, please! :)

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Being an old user of SACanada, I found using my first name a bit nerve wrecking the first few weeks waiting for the deluge of spam. But, I liked the controls to set up for the protection of members, before there was any registering and hoped that it was a good thing to use my name. I have found after 3 years it was just a fine thing to do!

And as for "Umhlanga', I miss that warm weather, and that beautiful coastline of white sand. We have only rocks in Canada, as far as I have found, even in wonderful Deep Cove!

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At Last-you have come over.

I have been logging into RN to read your comments and those of Blondi.

have watched with trepidation the whole"china"thing.....

Anyway-glad you are here

Once I have abeen able to sort out the photgraph thing I will be posting some photographs about nice places in SE Queensland.

Welcome again!

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Welcome to SAAustralia Caroline! I am sure you will find that being yourself here comes easy and that you're among friends. We do not tolerate slanderous comments, and we guard our members' well being jealously!


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Hi Caroline, well now we can 'skinder' in peace not pieces! Welcome!

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Guest Seoul Sister

Hey Toots, :huh:

I'm also here. Finally managed to detangled myself from the other side.. *phew* I am exhausted, tough crowd. :( Anyway, :( LUCKILY we have left all of the weird at the door, let's deal with the wonderful !

Welcome, here's to meeting interesting new, real ppl and having a great time. *Here have a sip, I see your glass is empty *. <_<

Whatcha say - meet ya on the couch in chit-chat ?

Lotsa love from here

(Your) Seoul sister


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To Our Seoul Sister

What took you so long! Welcome.welcome,welcome!

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Time to pour a glass of wine - don't you think!

Raise your glasses for a toast

- Three cheers to those of us who are already here!!!

- Three cheers for those on their way!!!

- Three cheers for those still planning!!!

- Three cheers - ag I'll just have a quick sip anyway!!!

See you guys have got me going again!

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It is so nice drinking on line - that means I can have as many as I like :( and never suffer any after effects :)

Way to go :(:D

Yeah Yeah <_<:huh:

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