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Guys, I'm sorry to be a "spoil sport" but unfortunately we can not allow the Ticker Factory Banners which some of you have added to your signatures. We are trying to keep the forum uncluttered and "tidy" (i.e. easy to read, easy on the eye and without all those irritating pop-ups & vibrating smileys you find everywhere on the WWW). We pride ourselves on the simplicity of the forum and our emphasis on helpful content and although these banners are a fun way of sharing your time-lines, they take up a lot of space and "clutter" the posts. If we make the exception for the tickers, where do we draw the line? Animated world clocks ticking the time away, city weather forecasts popping up etc? This issue was discussed before (see http://www.saaustralia.org/index.php?showtopic=3519 ) and we have to unfortunately ask you to please remove the tickers asap.

While we're cleaning house, please try to not quote a whole post in your replies, but only the relevant section/s you are responding to. Everyone has read the post by the time they get to your response, so no need for them to read and re-read the same post a number of times throughout the thread.

Also, (last request... :whome: ) we've had a couple of complaints regarding the lengthy time-lines (which some ppl find distracting). Could we suggest that you rather use your profile Personal Statements (limited to 300 characters though), or Interests fields to record things like that? If you really want them in your signature, it will have to be 400 characters or less from now on (that's 10 lines of 40 characters each).

Hendie would most likely have worded this host team request much better, but I'm sure you get the message and the intention behind it. :blush: Any questions, please ask - we're not the fun police and want all our members to enjoy their forum experience!! :ilikeit:

PS: Assuming not everyone will read this, a host will contact the relevant members via PM, so let's give this a few days to allow everyone to make their adjustments.

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