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I found that when I moved to Abu Dhabi, it was incredibly difficult to figure out all the various brands and then to settle on brands I liked more than others. I thought it would be helpful if those already in Oz made a guide for us of what brands we can consider trying when we get there!

For example, you can say:

In SA, I used to buy All Gold Tomato Sauce, now I buy Heinz Tomato Ketchup

In SA, I used to buy Sunlight Washing Up Liquid, now I buy Lux Dishwashing Liquid (yep, Lux is not a bathsoap here, its for dishes!)

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Great idea, DD

I am not too fussy about most things, and I find the "Woolies Home Brand" line is good value and quality, except the fabric softener. I could not find any jam that comes close to KOO superfine apricot, any suggestions? I love the Trix diswashing liquid, the peach one smells divine!

Will think of more as I go along,



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Guest colton

Good suggestion

I was just mentioning to my mom the other day what a pain it will be trying to find out what to substitute with. I suppose it will all be part of the adventure and maybe we will find things that are better than what we have always used, but with fussy teenagers I can just imagine many a meal being pushed aside because it doesn't taste "right". I'm sure we can all relate to the ALL GOLD TOMATO SAUCE and SUNLIGHT LIQUID. I'm gonna slowly start changing to HEINZ TOMATO SAUCE while here, I think that is gonna be the most difficult adjustment. :ilikeit: Please keep us updated.

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Yeah it's nice to know which products correspond to which or rather, corresponds most closely to SA products :ilikeit: .

The way my wife and I have been approaching shopping in Oz is to view it as having been given a clean slate to start a fresh on. We basically try every product each time the other one runs out. I think if you limit yourself to only those that are as close as possible to SA products, you miss out on some of the nice other products we DIDN't have in SA. It's quite intimidating shopping the first couple of times, the Australians are spoilt for choice :lol:

For instance, you don't have just one rack for bread, you'll have nearly a whole ISLE for bread...and you'll have all manner of different kinds of bread to choose from :unsure:

So we've grabbed the bull by the horns so to speak, and are systematically going through everything to see how it tastes :lol:

I might be able to draw up a list of what is closest to SA products in maybe 10 years at this rate though :angry:

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We have only been here for a month or two, but these are the some of the products that we use:

Uncle Tobys Oats - the other brands tend to taste like raw oats when it's actually cooked. You make Uncle Tobys oats with milk so it tastes really good.

I prefer Ski yoghurt, but hubby says they all taste the same.

I would agree Woolworths brand is beter than the other supermarkets brands.

I would not buy muffins at woolworths - they tend to be dry.

My hubby loves Tim-Tan cookies, so you should give it a try and it's really cheap.

Aldis Fruit Loops are not very nice, rather go for the real thing.

Sal nog bietjie dink vir nog "nice" produkte...

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Aha - shopping!! Something I know LOTS about :) I had a really funny (well, it's funny now, but is sure as heck wasn't then :oops: ) experience when I first arrived - and around this very same topic.

Quick history - our whole move took about 4 months start to finish - I was really lucky to find a sponsor and our visas went through quickly, so after applying for a job in July, I was by the middle of November. Hubby and kids were due to join me at the beginning of December, giving me time to find a house, furniture etc. So, here was I, an all-conquering, bullet-proof, geniune heroine, right?

Arrive alone in a foreign country - CHECK - a breeze

Find a house - CHECK - less than a breeze - a mere waft

Start a new job - CHECK - hell, I'm ready to conquer the world

Enrol the kids in school - CHECK - I'm on a roll here!

Then I went shopping for supplies. Oh dear. A force 5 hurricane hit me in the aisles on Woolworths when I stood in front of the peanut butter shelves and realised that none of them were familiar.... :P:( So, being the responsible, savvy and independant woman that I am - I did what anyone else in my position would have done. I burst into heaving, loud sobs and staggered out of the shops (leaving behind a trolly full of toilet roll - it was the only thing that I knew I didn't give a damn about in terms of brand - it's going down the toilet after all :D ).

Did I feel like an idiot or what!!! It just hit me how foreign everything was - in that one, crystal clear moment :P:D Thankfully, I got over it and asked the ladies at work the next day what brands were best and went back the following day and got the supplies in. What a laugh - and what an embarrassment :D

Anyway - back to the topic at hand - Woolies brand is good for most things, but I don't like their cheese - and they don't have peanut butter :offtopic:

ALl the other advice here is sound - go with it!



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Hi there,

Ajay, have you tried the Woolies cheese with the silver wrapper? Can't remember the name now, and I've run out :) , but their Colby is great, as well as the mild cheddar. The home brand cheese is better than most, but not the best. Anyway, cheese is altogehter completely different here :( . I really miss the yellow SA cheeses, packed full of colourants and additives :whome:

You do get "Sunlight dishwashing liquid" here, but oh my, it is NOT the same thing! It stinks, and is just no good. I like the Trix brand, it is nice and thick, comes in several different fragrances, and it works! Talking about things that work, I bough this bottle of shower cleaner, it had a red sticker on the trigger that said; "Shock, this product actually works!" So I tried it, and can you believe it, it actually works ;)

My family is allergic to most soap powders, and I was a bit worried about that, but boy was I surprised when I found good old OMO on the shelves. Strange enough, they are not allergic to any of the liquid laundry soaps, and even the cheaper ones are quite good.

I was initially amazed at how many familiar products I found on the shelves, as I had prepared myself to a totally different scene. (Almost like Ajay describes!) Most cosmetic/hygiene brands are the same, and you have an even greater choice of products in a specific line, for example Sunsilk, Pantene, Colgate. Axe deodorant is called Lynx over here.



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