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Antonie C: GO OZ

Antonie C

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Hi all

Just joined the forum. The wife and I are considering to go down under if we can. From initial enquiries at some agents we might qualify in terms of points. Can somebody clarify something for me please? I am unemployed for a year now - will this affect an application for immigration in any way and how does your previous working experience count towards the application? We are both well qualified. We do understand the issues such Oz experience and lowering the life and living standards. We are prepared to live in areas where skills are needed.


Antonie and Elbie Lombard

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Hi Antonie,

Welcome to the forum! :ilikeit: Hope you find the answers here that you are looking for. I cannot find anything in writing now, but as I can remember, you need to prove that you have work experience. Not specifically current experience. You may not get the extra points for "recent work experience" though. There are some other people who will have the answer to this one.

What visa are you looking at applying for? In what line is your qualifications?

If you have already made peace with the fact that you may have to lower your (material) living standards, the whole move will be easier on you. And you might find yourself pleasantly surprised! The quality of life is certainly worth the whole exercise. Not that we are not sad that we had to leave the country of our birth, but sometimes, you "just gotta do what you gotta do"

Best of luck,



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Hi Antonie

You do not say which visa you are applying for, but a requirement for the PR visas is recent work experience, I have copied a section from the webiste, but would suggest you go and have a look for yourself using this link

Recent work experience requirement

To meet the recent work experience requirement, you must demonstrate that you have worked in any occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) for a specified period immediately before lodging your visa application.

See: Information form 1121i Skilled Occupation List (SOL), Sydney and Selected Areas Skills Shortage List (SSASSL) and Employer Nominated Skilled Occupation List (ENSOL) (129KB PDF file)

The minimum length of work experience required depends on whether your nominated occupation is a 60, 50, or 40 point occupation.

Points for your nominated occupation Minimum length of work experience

60 point occupation At least 12 out of the 18 months immediately before applying.

40 or 50 point occupations At least 2 out of the 3 years immediately before applying.

Good luck


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Welcome Antonie, congrats with the decision, you'll not regret it. You seem to have a good attitude to the potential move - it'll stand you in good stead!

Good luck


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Hallo Antonie

I am in middelburg Mp currently and had the same concern initially. I was a project manager a year before applying with the net effect of being self-employed for 18 months with building houses on the land we owned. Because it related to my field, I had to proof by means of paper trail ie. suppliers, sales/rental agreements ext. I had to settle for a state sponsored visa in the end because we were short 10 points for the skilled independent visa. South Australia excepted my proof of employment and has approfed my application. I only have to do my medical and police clearance still.

Hope this is of help. :ilikeit:

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