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Whats up in Darwin ?


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Do you know whether your hubby has to do any courses to convert his law degree to Australian Law? I know some lawyers who have had to do this. Not sure what the difference is between a lawyer and an attorney but would hate to see him arrive here unable to work because he hasn't studied Australian Law and can't register with the Law Society (there is a different one in each state so he'll have to contact NT Law Society to find out).

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Hi Crisplet,

Thank you for your comment!

My husband is an admitted Solicitor through the supreme court of New South Wales. So he has done the conversion course and has been admitted. He has researched and from information if you admitted in one state, you can practice law in another state so long as you have a certificate from the law society of that state you want to practice in which is a simple procedure I believe.

In fact, the Australian government has a rule for solicitors/lawyers that they wont grant any visas to them unless they can prove that they are admitted first. So we had to do the admission thing first before they entertained our PR application.

I am really keen on hearing from more people in Darwin and getting in touch.

Thank you once again Crisplet.

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Hi Emma

We are moving over to Darwin in June :ilikeit: ... Tues 17 March we fly over for a two week holiday to get a feel for the place. We are currently in Cape Town so Darwin's weather is going to be challenging but I wont miss the wind here.

I've made contact with several South Africans in Darwin. They have facebook page called South Africans in Darwin... The people are very friendly and helpful on this page. I'm sure you can connect with some of them to get guidance.



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Hi Sanandduds

Good Luck! We will be following you next year. It was supposed to be this year, but I fell pregnant (great!) without having my medical first - so now we have an extension to provide my medical after the baby is born. so best case scenario is early next year but probably more likely to be middle.

Good luck with the Journey!


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