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IT Risk Management


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Hi All,

I have done alot of research and applied for several positions, but i seem to be getting the same response from all of them which is basically that i need my permanent residency. They (agencies) say as soon as i have that, i will definately not have a problem finding work.

We (my wife, 2.5 year old daughter and i) want to move to Brisbane as we have several family friends there, my skills have been positively assessed by ACS under 2231-79 (Network Security Specialist). Our agent did our online application on 29 January 2008, but we can't wait to get over to Oz. So i was hoping that there is anyone out there who knows of positions available where the companies are willing to sponsor.

I am involved in IT Risk Management, IT Project Management, Change Management, IT Compliance and Network Security. I manage several IT Projects which consist of all areas above - e.g. Sarbanes Oxley Act Compliance, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Compliance (MasterCard/Visa) - these are the 2 major projects and several sub-projects are initiated thereafter (E.g. Data Encryption, Application modifications, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, IDS/IPS implementation, Software/Hardware upgrades - and the list goes on) - i manage all these projects with the assistance of a small team (Compliance) which i also manage.

I have attached my cv to this post, so if anyone can assist that would be highly appreciated.




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