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Over-the-Moon parents

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Hi All, :ilikeit:

We are new here and very anxious to get our application going. My husband and I have 3 daughters, the one has been living in Brisbane for 3 1/2 years, the 2nd daughter has had her visa for the past 3years and will be there by June this year. Therefore we qualify for the parent visa! We are probably going to aply for the contributory parent visa, as I hear the waiting list for the other visa is somewhere between 11-15 years?

If there are any other parents going over, or anyone has any advise - we would be very glad to hear from you.


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Hi and welcome.....

Not to many on the forum going this visa route. Maybe because we all still Little Nippers in comparison.

However getting moms and dads over is not far from many of our minds I am sure. So maybe as you find out things and info you could make a nice decent informative post about it.

Anyway enjoy the stay.

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Welcome - we're also newbies.

Broke the news to the folks over the weekend - they are keen to join us.

Yes, please could you keep us updated as you get info - we'll return the favour.

Wishing you the very best!

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A(parent)ly there are a few ways for poeple over 45 to enter the land Down Under.

1 Balance of children: if half or more than the children have PR in Australia

2 Parent dependant: An Australian have to prove that their parents are finacialy dependant on them for at least two years.

3 To enter as an entrepreneur: Aplican need to have 2.5 mil AUD and show interest in bussiness wether to buy, buy in as partner or to start your own business in Australia. This is the visa with the wides variety of aplications, but the money needed might a problem specialy with our wonderfull rand.

This is in brief what I know of, I boubt if there are more ways. Got now idea how long the aplications take ect, ect.

The best is to cantact an Australian based agent. I work with Visas-R-us, bit expensive have to say but I find them abselutely brilliant!!

Hope you get your whole families over there, even all the aunts you had to kiss during family get togethers!!



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Hi again

Forgot to mention :whome: :

For the entrpreneural visa the 2.5 mil AUD needed is not only in cash. It could be in property or, business owned. Husband and wife can combine their propery values if needed. The amount debt is not taken in to account - luckely.

Then if a elder (over 45) is sent over by the company he works for there should'nt by any problem, this would be the surest and easiest way. ( I wonder if a company like: "Me & Dad International Inc" would work?)

Hope it was of help.


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The info I have found (while looking on behalf of my dad who is itching to leave) is that half or more children must be permanent residents in Australia and must have been PR for 2 years. (this is apparently flexible provided children are settles ie own property, children in schools etc).

On application parent must pay AU$80 000 a portion of which is a "security deposit" to ensure financially sound and the rest gets them 10 years of medical cover. (not sure of the splits though).

I have not been able to verify this however!

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:ilikeit: Welcome to the forum!!! :ilikeit:

I'm also the second daughter going over (hopefully in May/June 2008). My sister and her family have been living in Brisbane now for 2&1/2 years. The plan is that we will apply form our parents to come over as soon as possible. (Even the Contributory Parent visa takes some time!!!)

My mom will probably also join the forum at some time in the future. :D

I suppose you've done some reading on the www.immi.gov.au site regarding all the in's and out's of the parent visa's? I've ploughed through it but it would still be nice to actually hear of someone who has gone that route.

I just hope they raise the quota in the years to come because at the rate the "children" are leaving the amount of "parents" that will follow is bound to increase!

All the best for the journey that lies ahead!



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