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Politically correct


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Jeremy Mansfield said on the radio this morning: it is not PC to refer to load-shedding areas as "blackout areas". It must be referred to as "Previously Lit Areas" !


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Bwahaha, it just goes to show that the wheel does turn, even if it turns backwards sometimes.

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Shakespeare said "A Rose is a Rose . . . . Any other name, it's still a Rose!"

It would appear that even in Shakespeare's time that there were folks who just couldn't call a Spade a "Spade".

We can't call others fat. . . . . . They are "horizontally challenged"

Shorties are "vertically challenged"

You can't ask for a "black coffee" . . . . or a "white" coffee. It's "with milk" or "without milk"

Really, in all honesty, I can't help but think that anyone with an IQ over 85 would find people indulging in this kind of language just sound plain stupid.

It makes smart people sound incredibly dumb.

Shakespeare would have a Field Day listening to people trotting out this politically correct stuff.

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