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St Mark's Lutheran School

Kalla & Nanette

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We are so pleased! After enquiring about enroling Nikolas in St Mark's Mount Barker, they at first said they couldn't take him without a personal interview. As we will only be arriving in Jan 09, that would not be possible. They let us know today that they will keep a place for him provisionally.. :holy:

Things are starting to fall in place for us...

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My youngest daughter, Heidi, went there.

It is a "feeder" school to the local Lutheran High school, Cornerstone College, where both my son and youngest daughter ended up.


My son was "South Australian Apprentice of the Year" and runner-up "Australian Apprentice of the Year" out of 400 000 candidates.

My daughter is about to start studying Medicine in the University of Newcastle, N.S.W. . . . . if she can leave all her mates in Adelaide . . . . or she'll do Occupational Therapy here in University of South Australia.

Choices . . . choices.

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Hi Bob!

Good to know your kids went to St Mark's. Thanks for the link! I'm sure our two will be happy there. We will also be looking for rentals in that area...

Have a good weekend! :hug:


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There are a few in Mount Barker.

You'll have to give me a "hoy" when it comes time to settle here, as it's a bit pointless me letting you know what's available now. Things change all the time and in 6 months' time, those rentals up now will be gone.

When are you guys planning on settling in Mount Barker??

How many kids have you got??

The Headmaster at St. Mark's Primary School is a bloke called Andrew Messenger. He came with me on a 10 day trip across the Simpson Desert with a few other mates back in June, so I know him.

He is a good bloke, but will not cop any nonsense from anybody if he thinks they're being unfair. He is straight down the line with things.

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Hi Bob

Mr Messenger sounds like the perfect person to be headmaster. We are only flying out on the 1st of January 2009. Nikolas will be in Level 1 (he will be 6 by then) and Nina will be 4 (so still in Kindi). We have NEVER been to Australia and will be coming over cold turkey! It's quite daunting, but we are looking forward to living in the hills! :thumbdown:

We will be staying at the government on arrival accommodation until we can secure a rental. Not easy with no jobs! We'll have to find jobs as soon as possible. I'm sure everything will work out though. :unsure:

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