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Nog Een: Oz hopeful

Nog Een

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Hello all. I've been monitoring the forum for a while and it is time to stick out the neck and start asking for advice.

Firstly, I know all the regulars get this all the time but thanks a lot for taking the time to give advice and words of encouragement, it really helps us hopefulls a lot.

I am in telecommunications and wifey is a graphic designer, living in Gangsters Paradise where it takes 20 robbers to rob a Pick 'n Pay. Anyway, I am hoping to secure a 457 and apply for PR once over there.

I have now actively started applying for jobs but then get responses like this:

As you may already be aware, in order to work in Australia you will require

either a Business Visa or a Residency Visa with work rights. Please note

that a Business Visa will require sponsorship from a company, this may often

be difficult to obtain due to certain obligations placed upon the

sponsorship company. At present we do not sponsor overseas applicants." :angry:

I have seen numerous postings and responses where people have given advice to hang in there as businesses do agree to sponsorships. I can understand that businesses may be wary to sponsor but what is the reality at the moment?



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Hi Nog Een, and welcome to our gang!

I got a sponsored job whilst still in South Africa, and I know of quite a few others that did the same. It can take some time though, as not every company is a sponsor. However, just keep at it. If you want to, PM me and let me know what it is that you do within the telecoms industry and I can try to find out who the big employers are in those fields and you can approach them as well.

If you are degreed, you might want to try the Independant route as well.

Don't give up though - there are many of us here that never dreamed that it would happen for us either.

Let us know if there is anything else that you need to know



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Hi there,

Welcome here!

I have mentioned it in another post, but will say it here for you again. I went to a meeting of the Goldfields Esperance Development Commision and DIMA, at a local Chamber of Commerce get-together. They both URGED businesses to please look at the option of scouting overseas, and they specifically mentioned South Africa. They ensured businesses of their continued support, and there is a dedicated officer who gives advice to businesses who are interested going this route. This means that the government is actively supporting companies in their recruitment and sponsorship of overseas tradesmen and skilled people. Just keep trying, and try everywhere.

So, yes, it is currently a big thing in WA, I am not sure about other areas. In the rural area where I live, I meet new (sponsored) SA's almost EVERY WEEK. There are so many of us here, when people hear your accent, they say, "Oh, another one! :angry: "

Please feel free to ask any questions, even if they sound dumb. We were all in that boat at some stage! Enjoy the process.



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Hi there

I know exactly what you are going through.

When we started this whole process, we researched all the companies and just emailed them. Some came back with questions, 'like when you are arriving', and other's didn't reply at all. Some are really positive, you just have to have the patience to do it. Something will come through eventually.

Cheers and the best of luck to you guys

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living in Gangsters Paradise where it takes 20 robbers to rob a Pick 'n Pay.

Had to have a giggle..... :whome::) it's almost like "how many blondes to change a light bulb"?...

Welcome to the forum - glad you stuck your neck out, cause this is the place to be if you need real answers to the many questions going through your mind right now!

Hope to see you around a lot!


A blonde in disguise..... he-he!! :D

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Hi There Nog een!

You have already received good advice. Take heart and keep plugging away at those applications, many others have succeeded in this way.

Good luck


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Hey Nog Een!!

Welcome and all the best, I struck it lucky, I emailed loads of companies and even called a few, I have been lucky that I found a company that is prepared to sponsor me so take the chance, spam them I say.

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