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Hi All

My name is Rod and I'm an ................ oops sorry wrong forum :blush:

Just kidding. My wife and I have made the tough decision and are looking to head off to Perth. We have put in our permanent residence application (In Oct 07) and are waiting on that. In the mean time we are going to look at getting in on a working visa. We are both CA's and have heard there is work available. I have submitted my CV on Seek.

The toughest part of the decision for us (and I guess for most people) was separating the emotional and rational decisions. The rational dcision was easy - we have to go for the kids. The emotional was the tough side. leaving parents behind and taking grandkids away with us!!!!! Anyway both sets of parents have been very supportive and know the logic behind the move.

My parents also want to join us as soon as possible and I wonder if anyone can confirm what we have been told.

Parents can come over provided at least 50% of their children are permanent residents in Auz and have been PR for two years. Parents applying must pay AU$80 000 (per couple) and this will get them 10 years of medical cover. Is this correct and does anyone know if the 2 years is cast in stone?



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Hi There

Welcome to the forum, glad it is the right place for now. Cannot answer you I am afraid. But here goes the rollercoaster, hold on tight


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Hi Rod,

I'm really not sure about the whole parent migration thing, but HERE'S the link that will give you the DIAC lowdown on the subject.

I can totally relate to the whole emotional / rational dichotomy. Taking grandkids away is an enormous issue for us too - not to mention splitting of inseparable little cousins. My wife and I are becoming emotional wrecks as we contemplate the decisions which need to be made.

Best of luck in your progress.

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The emotional was the tough side. leaving parents behind and taking grandkids away with us!!!!!

There was a question the other day, on our website, about what does people see when they leave the country and the plane flies over South Africa for the last time. Another guy from NZ (he emigrated 14 years ago) said that you don't see anything, because your eyes are filled with tears. I've then realised the tremendous emotional affect of this whole process.

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