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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone My partner and I have been ruminating over the possibility of emigrating from South Africa for quite some time. We have decided that, even though the entire process to emigrate to Australia seems a lot more costly and possibly more time consuming than elsewhere (Canada and UK for example) that it is something that we are prepared to go through to ensure that we have a better quality of life for ourselves and family. I have been perusing SAAustralia for some time and have already come across quite a few helpful tips, so decided to join the community to ask more specific
  2. Hi all am asking for some assistance please. In South Africa i am a registered counselor and I need to find out what my qualifications are equivalent to in Australia. Anyone on this group immigrate as a registered counselor an what are the steps I need to be able to work as a counselor in Australia? Battling to find advise so any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi everyone! We recently received our 189 visas, flight tickets are booked to Melbourne in May. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where we can find a room to rent in the area it will be appreciated (it's just hubby and I with our suitcases)? Also, if anyone knows of any work in the area, we would be extremely grateful. Hubby has red seal trade for instrumentation and has been working in a petrochemical plant and coal mine the last couple of years, but willing to do any job really. We also don't mind moving to a more regional area (will go where ever
  4. We are almost done with our 489 application to Tasmania. I have heard some rumours that you are not allowed to have a permanent job and a side gig that supplements your income. I am a marketer, but I also do wedding photography on the side as a paying hobby. I just want to make sure we don't get into any trouble with the immigration authorities if I set up a side business along with permanent employment.
  5. Hi, I have just arrived in Melbourne three weeks ago (and loving it) and I am looking for an Electrical Engineering job and advice in the building services industry. Thus far I have improved my CV to the Australian Style along with my LinkedIn profile, applied to a couple of positions on Seek.com.au and I have also created a profile on livehire.me (thanks to a similar post). I have begun networking to help facilitate the process. I have also started looking at companies and I have sent out one expression of interest thus far. Any information on growing engineering consultancy companies in Vict
  6. Hi guys, I just have a brief question in relation to taxation on a 457 Visa. I am the primary applicant and my wife is the secondary applicant on my Visa application. And I just want to find out if she will be taxed the same as myself. Thanks Sean
  7. Hi all Can anyone help with / Give advice/ Suggestions please? I am a New Zealand citizen and employed in Perth. My partner is only a New Zealand Resident and we are trying to find him employment. The partnership visa will take a long time and we cannot afford to have him unemployed for months. Currently he drives semi's ( refridgerated ) in Auckland, has many types of heavy duty licences, not all converted in New Zealand. In South Africa he had his own bussiness installing kitchens for places like Builder's warehouse and Easy life kitchens.Not only doing Melamine ( MDF) but mostly solid wood
  8. GideonVD

    Now we are here... Making it work.

    Welcome to the 5th leg of our emigration to Australia, the part were we arrived, settled and eventually got our citizenship.
  9. Hi there, Can anyone help me how is the work opportunities over in Oz? As I am currently in the insurance industry, and not sure how their quilifications work regarding this. And if I want to change my career path, is there any opportunities to do so...
  10. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I must say it's been very helpful so far. I've just made the the decision to move over to Oz recently even though I have had the opportunity to do so before. I was wondering if any one can outline for me, what the Aussie government need to see i your references from your previous employment? The concern that I have is that the company I previously worked for had a manager with a chip the size of the grand canyon on his shoulder so he and I never saw eye to eye on many things. The day after I handed in my letter of resignation he threatened to make trouble
  11. I wrote this as a response to another post and it grew its own head so i created a post for it rather: I work in an industry where i visit a lot of different businesses and deal with management and staff so i got beaten into shape pretty quickly. I am writing this in such a way as to hopefully illustrate why people’s attitudes will not fit in here, I had to fix the below in my own attitude when I got here especially as I am an expert in my field and used to people listening to me….. There is that good old RSA arrogance coming out J The reason why companies interview for people fitting i
  12. HadEnoughofJuju

    Temp work in Marion (South Australia)

    NEW JOBS JUST IN....we need staff for the Ashes!!! Extrastaff Marion are seeking Chefs, Kitchen Hands, Waiting Staff and Food & Beverage Attendants to work at the ADELAIDE OVAL, shifts starting from Mon 2 Dec-Mon 9 Dec. Candidates must have relevant skills and qualifications for the role, call our office after 8am tomorrow to secure a spot!! 08 8298 0200
  13. Hi everyone My OH has been in WA for 3 weeks now. He has managed to get all his registrations (ATN, Medicare, drivers license, bank account etc) done in quite a short time. He is now job hunting, but finding it a little difficult without the "Aussie experience". He has been doing odd jobs, even free work. He is a qualified plumber and will be getting a forklift license soon. Unfortunately, the next available date for migrant gap training is mid August. He has enrolled for a two week course at the TAFE that will enable him to get his WA plumbing license. He currently has a white card. He is rel
  14. I came across this article which is rather interesting about Skilled visa holders and employment in Oz workingin-australia
  15. hello, I am currently based (stuck, it seems) in South Africa, and in recent months there have been certain personal developments (I have met an Australian woman) that basically have me really, really wanting to get to Australia, and on a longer basis than a tourist visa would allow. I have two big problems: I have never completed my schooling, leaving with a standard 7 (grade 9) certificate, and I've been doing menial jobs ever since, therefore I don't have what could be considered an appreciated skill. Perhaps the only thing that might be a mitigating factor is that I more or less know how t
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