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Found 11 results

  1. Hi there, My wife is Australian and we have been living in Cape Town for almost two decades (married about 15 years). I see on the Australian govt website the processing times for partner visas (820/801) could take up to 17 months. Does anyone know if this is the time it takes in practice? Also once you receive the temporary visa (820), can you go over to Australia and start to work etc? Tks J
  2. If you live here, you know there is plenty of corruption around Visas. For example, "students" are working and living here. But it seems it goes even wider: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-06-27/immigration-corruption,-rorting-revealed/7537270
  3. A forum to keep track of everyone we've come this far with... *Touch wood* I will join you guys in the celebrations soon!
  4. Naomihome

    Hi what about my kids?

    We plan to move to Aus or anywhere else in 2-3 years. By we I mean family with 2 kids and 2 dogs. After reading a lot I still cant make sense of the Visa applications. If I apply for the skills visa(permanent residence), can I at the same time apply for visas for my family? Which visas will I need? What do you do with your preschool kids in Aus when both parents work?
  5. hi all I have 2 questions regarding the visas for someone who recently got their visas 1. I have read that once granted, you need to fly to Aus within 9months (timeline correct?) to activate them? 2. Do i need to take both kids with (still minors) or can we do it on their behalf? I am asking as we might not move immediately once we received our visas. Thanks!
  6. Sorry for very late update. PR visas were granted last year after a 5 year wait. Instead of moving, we had to activate, due to obligations here that tied us in for a few more years. (At some point life had to go on while the visa process stalled). Anyway, two and a half weeks in Oz. Half spent in Sydney and half in Melbourne. Entire family loved the trip. Lots to see and do. Jetlag was tough but worse when we came back. Sydney: Stunningly beautiful, very busy city, lots of traffic, expensive to live, suburbia differs from area to area. Beaches were clean, walkways wide and clean, play areas plentiful and safe (padded ground and well maintained). Could def see ourselves getting used to life there. People very civilised, i.e. relaxed family friendly polite etc. Sydney wasn't my choice to live though. Just a personal feeling of vibe for place. Too much city hustle and bustle feel to it and the commute would kill. All the touristy things were grt. Highlight is ferry ride into harbour and view of opera house. PARKING is a nightmare!!! everywhere!!! very expensive....and we couldn't understand the signs, even picked up a hefty fine for our trouble (which I applied online for leniency that was granted within 3 days - ha). Melbourne: leafier, greener and less city - very cultural and artistic. Fell in love immediately. So much to say about the trip but where do you begin? Found groceries as expensive as here. Coles was awesome. Fruit and veg more expensive but WAY better quality. Eating out very pricey and drinks are a killer on the purse too. Everybody walks everywhere. Very fit. Being outdoors all the time and feeling safe was awesome. I didn't have rose tinted glasses. Expected to remain paranoid as a Gautenger BUT I relaxed very quickly. It's just the vibe of the people and places. Very "civilised" all going about their daily lives etc. I could see us settling in easily. It's not like a huge culture clash. Missing family will be the worst and of course losing a lot of financial freedom when we move. Aus is not better nor perfect. It offers a wonderful way of life that's all. I found people to be friendly and positive towards us. The major cities are used to immigrants and tolerant towards others. Sydney - stayed at Dee Why close to Manly which is across the water from Sydney Opera House. Drove to suburbs in the hills incl. Baulkham Hills, Roseville, Castle Hill, etc. Schools all look grt even public. Melbourne - apartment in St Kilda. Drove out to Dandenong Mt range area for stunning views and wide open spaces. No potholes even in the countryside. Overall we just enjoyed the freedom. Going out at night. walking on the beach. Walking in the city of Melbourne after 8pm with the kids and enjoying the sights and all the free stuff to entertain ourselves with. Sun sets late, was also cool. Never felt unsafe (but didn't look for alleys in city which must exist). Federation square is a must visit and walks along the Yarra river my fav. Docklands also a must. UP Yarra twd harbour quays (pubs etc). Even the railway yard was spotless. The walks in Melbourne are amazing and we walked our shoes broken! Apologies for the haphazard way I posted all this. I'm juggling a lot and don't have much free time. Our final move scheduled for Dec 2016. My oldest child wants to finish his final year of primary school here...
  7. Hi all What are the main differences between these VISAs besides the fact that the 190 has the limitations of where you live and work? Are there cost benefits of one over the other? Are there differences in the application process? Why would someone apply for 190 visa over 189 visa? thanks
  8. Hi All! My name is Romy Wasserman and I am a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide. You may have seen my post in the 'Foyer' about my PhD research on migration between South Africa and Australia. One of the online surveys I am conducting as part of this research is aimed at South Africans who migrated to Australia but have since returned to South Africa on a permanent basis. If this is you or you know of someone who has 'gone home' please consider participating in my research by completing a survey or forwarding the survey link to a returnee. To fill in a return migrant survey click here. Alternatively, the below address can be copied or typed into an email or browser address bar. https:// www.surveymonkey.com/s/RETURNCONNECT Further details can be found on the first page of the survey. It is important to note though that your responses are anonymous. Return migration is a crucial element of this migration system and yet is something that is little understood. I thank you in advance for your assistance in helping us to learn more about this migration. Kind regards, Romy
  9. OK, as if I dont have enough to stress about now... Just realised that we might have to visit UK next year for a family affair. With PR visa 176, can we apply for UK tourist visa from Australia, or do we need to do it in SA? Anyone who know??? Thanks guys!
  10. Are there any of you forumites out there that are using ASA Migration Consultants (http://www.australia-migration.com)? What has your experience been and would you recommend them to prospective migrants wanting to make use of agents? I'll tell you what my motives for asking are. We chose them out of a group of about 5 agents based on their site, mara registration details and the fact that the company as a whole looked competent and professional. We made the decision to pay in two instalments (which was one of the payment options made available to us). The first payment was made on 8 February 2012 and the second on 2 April 2012. The service, advice, forms and checklists that we got up until the point that we posted off the skills assessment file was great, now we are just WAITING. The skills assessment file arrived at their Perth offices on 23 March 2012 and the IELTS results arrived there a bit later (29 March 2012) as the first available booking that we could get to write was on 10 March 2012 and the results took 13 days to get. We sent the file off at the request of the agents so that they could get the processing started and sent the IELTS later thinking that this would speed the process up (apparently we just wasted R295.00 in courier fees because this did not happen ). When we asked the question "is there any news?" almost 3 weeks after the file had arrived in Perth, we got a very irritated, almost condescending, email back to say that we would get feedback if and when there was feedback to give and that they would let us know what was happening with the skills assessment application on 20 April 2012 and that they were working on the application. Well it will be 2 weeks tomorrow from the date that we were promised feedback and we have still heard NOTHING. Based on the fact that AITSL take a maximum of 10 weeks to process skills assessments and that they do not do priority processing for anyone (which now leaves us far into July) we are not likely to make the 30 June 2012 deadline even if they do process it "quickly". The agents also still have to decide if they are going to apply for a state sponsorship for a 176 SS visa or if they are just going to apply for a 175 visa. Let me say this before any of you ask why we haven't just kicked the agents and done it ourselves - there is no money left to do that. We used the money we had to pay them to do the job so that there would be less risk involved. All in all it feels like that now that they have their money that they can do just as they please and we can say nothing for fear of them getting annoyed and just moving our file to the bottom of the pile. We have been advised by several people to just wait it out and see what happens. One guy even said to me that if he as a CA was asked for a professional opinion and was second guessed or asked pointing questions about his professional advice that he would also be offended and maybe even a bit annoyed. I do realise and understand that they have a mountain of work to get through as we are obviously not their only clients, but a little titbit of feedback (without the annoyance and irritation) every now and then would be nice, I would guess that for the amount of money we have paid for this advice and service we would at least get something. I fear that we are not going to make the deadline and that our chances of going to Australia may go out the windows when 1 July 2012 rolls around.
  11. I was wondering, after having spoken to several people here in SA, reading many different topics and discussions (here, there and everywhere) and crawling the net for information, what the differences are between a 175 and 176. Each person, writer, blogger, webmaster and their aunties and al' have their own opinions and thoughts on this matter. I have read the DIAC site on the two visa and this still does not seem to match up with what the agents (ASA Group) said to us in the initial detailed assessment (the part about us not having to have any investments or funds in a bank account). According to DIAC the only difference between the 2 visas is the fact that a subclass 176 requires a sponsorship (whether it be state or family) and the subclass 175 does not. Neither of them state anything about requiring the applicant to have funds in a bank account, in case they do not find work. Can anyone shed some light on this for me, I am starting to get very confused by all the chit chat and ramblings on the net. Our agents have advised us that they are going to apply for a 175 and may change it to a 176 once they receive our file. The other questions I have regarding this are; If I need to have money in a bank account, how much will it need to be; When does it need to be there? And how long does it have to stay there? The other thing I was wondering about are the fees that some people (using mara registered agents) have paid in comparison to what we have paid and what the fees listed on the DIAC site are. One guy told me on Saturday at the IELTS exam that all they paid was AUD 2000.00 for their 175 application last year November and heard from DIAC three weeks later that his application was declined. They have subsequently re-applied for a 176 and are now awaiting the outcome (which also cost them only AUD 2000.00). How is this possible when the total cost listed on the DIAC site is AUD 7070.00 for people applying from outside the borders of Australia? Is this guy being taken for a ride (by his apparently mara registered agents) or not? The fees that we will have paid to our agents, once everything is completed is about AUD 30.00 more than what DIAC charges if you lodge the application yourself online. I assume that being a registered agent gets you some sort of discount for your services rendered to the applicants, which is fair. And please, on the socks thing, wear socks that don't make you feat sweat and stink, some of us standing in the visa line are easily affected by strange smells.
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