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Found 14 results

  1. Hunts

    Our Australian Escapade

    After reading other people’s journals over the last few years I guess the time has come to write my own journal entry as we are less than 2 months away from moving to Melbourne on 189 visas. My family and I currently live in Dubai. My wife and I have lived here for almost 11 years and both of our kids were born here. Over the years we have become so accustomed to living without fear of crime. People leave their handbags in their trolleys in supermarkets, leave their cars running when they pop into a shop to keep the AC running etc. When we hear a noise at night it the last thing we
  2. Hi everyone, I have read various posts where people have mentioned that some form of letter from the SA Traffic Department is required in order to swop your SA drivers licence for an Australian one. Is this the case for all states? Does anyone know if it's required in Victoria? Also I currently have both an SA and UAE drivers licence so could I maybe use the UAE one in case the letter is required as I do not have the letter?
  3. Hi, Hoping someone can confirm this process. I'm hoping to apply for my Visa 190 next week. I had a look at the Victoria website here: https://www.liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au/visas-and-immigrating/skilled-visas/skilled-nominated-visa-subclass-190#.WbvU-qiCx3g The normal process to apply for a Visa 190 (according to their website) is these 6 steps: How to apply for Victorian visa nomination: ICT occupations On 1 July 2017, the Victorian Skilled and Business Migration Program is reopening applications for ICT occupations. For the full list of occupations, pl
  4. Hi Everyone, We have been in Melbourne for a few days now and hope to convert our drivers licences at Vic roads on Monday. I see there is a Fee of $18,50. If we convert to Victorian licences and move to Canberra, what will the implications be - does anyone have advice? (Their website doesn't seem as clear as Vicroads) How long can i stay an interstate driver and do I have to convert? - Is there a cost associated? Is it better to convert now to Victoria and then again in a month or so? Should I just drive on my RSA license and convert
  5. FingersCrossed

    Next Step

    Hello everyone Need some advice please as we are about to visit Australia to activate our visa's in June this year. We received a PR190 visa with Victoria state sponsorship which we are very excited about. We (my wife and 2 step children) are flying in June to activate these visa's and will be entering Australia in Perth and then going for a short 2 week holiday in Brisbane where my wife's family lives. We were going to visit Melbourne however after the research we have done we are comfortable that we would love it there and we thought that it would be better to stay wi
  6. Hello Hope everyone is doing ok. :-) I submitted my state sponsorship application 12 weeks ago and have not heard anything back since then. I am applying for Victoria state sponsorship. Has anyone else done this and if so, how long did you have to wait for a reply from them? The waiting is killing me :-( I know that there may be a backlog or something - and I keep telling myself that "No news is sometimes good news" - however i really wish that I would just get a answer from them. cheers FingersCrossed.
  7. I would like to hear from anyone that has successfully entered Australia on a 190 PR visa sponsored by a state (especially Victoria) for Database Administrator 262111. We are going to apply for my husbands' skills assessment for Database Administrator (262111) within the next few months. He has been Oracle certified since 2006 and worked as a Database Administrator since 2008. All his latest certifications are also up to date. 1. Has anyone received a positive skills assessment with only Oracle (not Microsoft) for Database Administrator? (and No Degree) 2. What docum
  8. Hi Guys, So my wife, 2 toddlers and I arrived on Tuesday night in Melbourne and what an adventure it has been. We hired a rental car till this week Monday 06/07/2015 which needs to be returned to the Airport, as we have managed to buy a 2nd hand car today which can only be collected on Monday as I could not make the round trip back from the bank in time. The problem I have is that my wife starts working on Monday so the 4yr old twin girls and myself will need to drop off the rental at the airport in the morning and then I need to get the three of us with two booster seats up to Coburg. The Dea
  9. Hi I am kind of new to the site. Well I have been reading what people have had to say about Aus while we were waiting for paper work and approvals to come through. So we finally have the Engineers Australia’s approval! And my boyfriend’s qualification has been approved. We are applying for a 190 visa and now need to decide on a state. So I have previously seen that Victoria and NSW were giving out the most invites for the 190 visa. This is a blessing, as we want to bring our dog along and the two quarantine stations are in Sydney and Melbourne. So I am opting for Victoria (for no real reason)
  10. Hi again forumites! I have documented my 6 week, and 6 month experiences elsewhere on this forum - and have just realised that I never did my 1 year post. It is now actually 1 year and 3 months that I have been in Australia. I am feeling particularly reflective this week...perhaps it is the beautiful full-moon that we had last night, or perhaps it is the meteor that I witnessed falling just outside Ballarat last night (as a friend and I took a long walk that ended after dark), perhaps it is the fact that I reached a significant milestone in my work this week, or perhaps it is just the fact t
  11. Skilled migrants and overseas qualified professionals have a new way to connect with Victorian employers. The Victorian Government’s Overseas Skills Registry is a new online initiative service that connects skilled migrants and overseas qualified professionals with Victorian employers who have vacancies in areas of demand. Overseas qualified professionals and skilled migrants can profile their skills, qualifications and work experience on the registry. Victorian employers will be able to access the registry and make contact directly with individuals who have registered. The registry is curren
  12. Hi all, I would like to establish contact with any mechanical engineers (or related) who are currently working in Victoria. I have a couple of questions regarding current employment opportunities, conversion of certain skill & so forth. Engineers Australia assessed my qualification to be Engineering Technologist (mechanical). I have about +10 years experience in the sector in positions ranging from CAD designer to Project Engineer to Site Manager. Im currently looking to enter the market as CAD designer and would like to know if I need to get these skills assessed or converted to a loca
  13. jcl

    Hello from Belgium

    Hello. This is my first post on the site, probably my first post ever on any kind of forum, so here goes! We received our visa approval on the 28th of November 2012 and were ecstatic! I was over the moon and have been floating ever since! I consider getting the visa as quiet an achievement. As we received state sponsorship for Victoria we will be heading out to Melbourne in August this year. It will be a big move as we don’t have any relatives or friends in the area. Hope we can connect to some of you living out that way. As I’ve been doing quiet a bit or researching the scariest part for me r
  14. Hi everyone Firstly - thanks for the kind words and welcoming "hellos" ! Just looking for some input on costs. Hoping some of you can guide me here. I work with a reputable immigration agent, but there's no harm in getting a perspective on the costs of the 188 state sponsored visa application. Can anyone shed any light please? From what I can see, based on 50% dep required from my immigration agent of R47,880 it must cost around R95,760 ?? Can anyone comment, verify this amount as market average cost for this application? I'm not wanting to grind them down in price, just want too ensure
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