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Found 3 results

  1. Hello folks, I submitted my EOI for a 189 visa on the 2017/12/23 and received my Invitation to apply 2017/01/03. I've gathered all the documentation required barring the following (which has been applied for, but I'm waiting on), which I wanted to get some more information regarding: 1) My unabridged birth certificate - Is this required? I have my original Proof of registration of Birth, as well as an abridged birth certificate. The registration document has both my parent's ID numbers on, and I thought if I get certified copies of their ID Documents that this might suffice. 2) Unabridged marriage certificate - Is this required? I have our original marriage certificate given to us when we married in 2013. I think that the marriage certificate alongside our antenuptial agreement, joint bond account statement, and assorted photographs over the last 17 years will suffice. Input on this matter will be much appreciated :-) Thanks
  2. Hi there fellow forumites I applied for all of our Unabridged Birth Certificates on 17/03/2016- yes... almost 8 months ago. I received the UBC's for my kids quite quickly, within 3 weeks. My Hubby's UBC was received about 4 months later. Our unabridged Marriage certificate was received at 6 months, and only my own UBC was outstanding. After weekly calls to the Home Affairs call center, the only response I received was that it was escalated already and that it is still not ready. They always ask me to call again in a week or 2- so infuriating after 8 months of waiting, and the turn around time is supposed to be 8 weeks!!!! I then got the contact details of somebody working in the Ministry at Home affairs. I emailed this person, and was immediately cc'd in an internal email escalating the case further. I did this on 27/10/2016, and I have just received the SMS to say that my UBC is ready for collection (cue happy dance) If you are struggling the way I did please see the details below- hopefully it will help someone else out there! Regards Mr Sakia Lekala Department of Home Affairs Office of the Minister 909 Arcadia Street, Hatfield Tel: 012-432-6640 Fax: 086-585-7254 Email: Sakia.Lekala@dha.gov.za
  3. I recently registered the birth of my daughter, and made a stupid mistake on the application form. I put my wife's place of birth as Pietermaritzburg, but it should have been Durban. Now, my daughter's UBC has a minor error. Do you think the error is significant enough to create a problem with our 189 visa application? Should I just point it out to the case officer and see what he says? TIA
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