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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, We received an invitation to apply on Friday 10/06 and applied on Sunday the 11th. I'm wondering what the general timing for sponsorship approval is for NSW currently? Thank you!
  2. hi all, Trying to get everything ready for the tourist visa applications... and would appreciate some advice please. We well be staying with friends for a week and then with my cousin for another week. My cousin has already sent a signed letter of invitation for the week we will spend with them. However, my friend is going through some tough personal stuff (ill relative) and I don't want to bother her unnecessarily - do I absolutely need letters from both parties or will the one from my cousin suffice? Also - we are staying with friends/family but also planning on seeing as much of the areas we'll be in as possible. Should we include a planned itinerary or not? If it's not an official one with a tour company will it count? Then - what are the turn-around times for this kind of visa? The VFS site is a little confusing on this point, stating "the lists below are to be used as a guideline only" - only not to have any lists at all. They then have a PS stating visas from ZImbabwe take roughly 20 days, for other timelines see "here" which goes to the australian commision in SA site which then has the old tourist passport number (676 I think, instead of 600) and times that at roughly 5 days. I'm planning to get the application in ASAP, but it would be nice to know what the expecited turn-around time is... Anybody have any ideas? TIA
  3. Hi there, This sort of follows on: http://www.saaustralia.org/index.php/topic/37949-expected-wait-time-for-185-or-186-as-a-233999-engineer/ My question at the top might be a little bit vague, but what I am wondering is whether there is a significant difference between the 189 and 190 visas when it comes to accepting them and finally moving across. Let's say they invite you, you provide the papers, they are accepted and you are given a visa. Now from what I understand with 189 visas you generally have 1 year to activate the visa and thereafter up to 5 years to move across permanently. Does this also apply to 190 visas? Based on the information I found here: http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/skilledmigration/Pages/Occupationsindemand.aspx I have now also added 190 to my SkillSelect. Thank you for any help in advance!
  4. CSephton

    190 Visa

    Hi Everyone My husband and I have just started with the process - all our Docs are now on their way to Vetasses. We are working through an agent and applying for a 190 Visa. Is there anyone that has applied for this visa. I wish that we could have some sort of indication on the time-frame as my one son needs to be written into school for Grade R for next year and I am not sure if we should do it or rather wait. We are writing our IELTS tests this weekend, so please hold thumbs. Now that we are in the process, I am so excited and hope that it does not take 2 years. I would appreciate any feedback with regards to this visa. Thanks
  5. Keglin

    Finding rental

    Hi everyone, I know I am basically asking how long is a piece of string but.......... How long did it take you all to find and secure a rental property? We are basically trying to figure out how long we would need a short term furnished place. Wow it seems to be really expensive and we are hoping that a month would be long enough. We also hope that by arriving in September we will find a place more easily than arriving at the end of the year. We are not too worried about our furniture as we will be sending it ahead of time so it will be there by end of Oct. Well that is the plan if it all works out accordingly. Also does anyone have any recommendations. I have done a bit of research. We want to be in the North as we have seen some schools we like there! Thank you and can't wait to join you for a triple C. Keglin
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