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  1. Hi everyone I hold a B.Ed in foundation phase teaching. The degree covers Gr R to Gr 3 (ages 5-9). Primary school teachers are NOT on the Skilled Occupation List, but Early Childhood teachers are. As far as I know Early Childhood in Australia refers to teaching children who are up to 8years old. So does that mean I qualify as an Early Childhood teacher for Visa purposes? My second question is whether my experience teaching in a Grade 2 class (age 7-8) would count as early childhood experience. Please help!
  2. I completed a BA degree and then was employed as a pre school teacher for over theee years, then i received my PGCE and this is my third year of teaching. I want to apply for the 189 visa as an ECD teacher but I am wondering how many points I will get for work experience? Does my post BA experience count towards ECD work or would they only credit my Post PGCE experience? Thanks in advance for all of your help
  3. Hi everyone I am a Grade 7 mathematics teacher currently working in Pretoria. Can you please explain the difference in teaching in SA to Australia? How many children on average is in a class? Is the curriculum similar to that of South Africa? Thank you again for all the feedback.
  4. Hey everyone! My name is Uli and I'm from Cape Town. I have recently decided to move back to Australia permanently, if possible. When I first moved to Australia, I lived in Melbourne, specifically Brunswick. Loved the city, but I was on a Working Holiday Visa and needed to do the mandated 88 days of rural work. I moved to King Island and worked at the King Island Dairy cheese factory. Fantastic cheese and awesome little island! Seems like there were more cows than the estimated 1000 people on the island. I ended up liking the island even more than the city, so I staying there for
  5. Hi! Thanks for a great website! I am really glad to have found a community of such helpful people. We have just started investigating immigration. I have contacted Stephen from Migration Outcome Australia as I saw him recommended here. He said I could possibly apply for a 189 or 190 visa. I also contacted New World Immigration, has anyone worked with them? They say I should apply for a 489 visa, what would the reason for that be? I would prefer a PR visa obviously, but just wondering why they didn't suggest that. Perhaps it is because on a 489 I can apply for PR and then be a
  6. Hi all, Hoping someone could clarify something for me. Early Childhood Educator is on the SOL. According to AITSL website to qualify as an ECE you must be qualified to teach ages 0 - 8. I have my PGCE in Foundation Phase, which qualifies me to teach ages 6 - 9. Would this be considered sufficient to be positively assessed for an Early childhood teacher? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello all. I have multiple questions and was not sure where to post. Some back story: I have been granted my 189 visa after a 2,5 year process. I have been to Australia in 2013 on vacation and have decided that Victoria would be a good place to start so I have booked a one way ticket that arrives in Melbourne early January 2018. ( I also have a friend close to Melbourne for support if things go south) Q1: I was wondering what would be the best RE accomodation in the city while I look for work and sort out the usual drivers licence and tax and bank accounts etc...AirBnB, Backp
  8. Hey team Asking for my little brother-in-law. What are the options for a South African who has just finished their BA degree and wants to become an English teacher, teaching in Australia. Post grad degree / diploma not yet done. Busy investigating possible options. 1. Study post grad in SA apply after (problem, he is not young) 2. Study the postgrad in Aus through Aus university, so apply for study visa and then PR / regional sponsored thereafter (benefit can actually work during this time and earn some cash) 3. Study the postgrad in Aus via UNISA, so apply fo
  9. Hey team Asking for my little brother-in-law. What are the options for a South African who has just finished their BA degree and wants to become an English teacher, teaching in Australia. Post grad degree / diploma not yet done. Busy investigating possible options. 1. Study post grad in SA apply after (problem, he is not young) 2. Study the postgrad in Aus through Aus university, so apply for study visa and then PR / regional sponsored thereafter (benefit can actually work during this time and earn some cash) 3. Study the postgrad in Aus via UNISA, so apply fo
  10. iceogre007

    Just Joined

    Good day Everyone, Me and my wife has started the process for a 189 visa. My wife will be the main applicant for a secondary teacher. I am currently in IT as a systems engineer. We are still at step 1 but hey we are already very excited. We were looking at Queensland maybe brisbane. This forum is a great resource and I enjoy reading everyone's experiences and information. Regards
  11. Good day I love South Africa , I love the culture diversity, I love the people and our ways of doing things here. I have been pondering to "make the move" for a while now, and when I try to discuss the matter with my wife due to my babbling nature I stuff it up the every time. So I thought Ill post here and get genuine advise of people in the same boat as my family, and try to make sense of it all. I cannot see any sustainable future for my 6 month old son. He ,even born in 2015, will still be branded as most white south Africans are. and in the near future will not even have the opportunities
  12. Hi I am a qualified middle school teacher (B Prim Ed senior Primary) My skill was assessed by AITSL as a primary school teacher. I have experience teaching at primary school level from 1993-2011. Since 2012 I am teaching at a High School (Secondary School) Will I be able to successfully claim points for work experience? Will the work experience at secondary school level be seen as work experience in a closely related skilled occupation? ( This is outside Australia) Looking forward to your reply Kind Regards
  13. Good day all I've been meaning to make this post for quite some time. Here is an explanation for teachers from South Africa who want to teach in Australia. There might be information here and there that might be/might not be applicable to your process. Also, teachers who has been through the process, please feel free to add to this post! Step 1 Apply for unabridged birth and marriage certificates. Step 2 Complete the Academic IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test through The British council or Language Lab British Council: http://www.britishcouncil.org.za/ielts Language La
  14. I need a bit of help from anyone who has obtained or lodged their application for 189 as an ECD teacher... The document stating work experience from AITSL, how important is it? I have all my documents from the schools I have taught in on hand and ready to upload to my application, but the work experience letter from AITSL is outstanding due to me sending a certified copy instead of an original... (sigh) Will I need the AITSL form at all or will my uploads of work experience and references be sufficient? Please help! Jo
  15. Albertisme

    Trying to hitch a ride to Australia

    Hi All, been looking through this forum and its been most useful. My wife and i are in the process of processing the process to get into OZ. How we are getting there - 189 Visa as a Pre-Primary Teacher. Process so far - 1. IELTS Test, Academic for the AITSL, and general to get 8 Across the board for Visa points. (15 for 7's and 20 for 8's ) Waiting for General test results 2. AITSL recieved today, B.Ed degree granted ( Studied at Wits, Foundation & Early childhood dev ) Just waiting for that pesk
  16. Hi all, Thanks for all the help so far. I have now applied for my skills to be assessed as an ECD teacher (I have a Foundation Phase B.Ed degree in SA). After the 10 weeks, when I receive my skills assessment back, which visa do I apply for and what are the requirements that we have to have? I also have been with my boyfriend for 2 years now, we have evidence of overseas holidays, domestic holidays and we can provide pictures and affidavits (if needed) from his mom in Australia, my parents in SA and friends that we are a serious couple. We live together 3-4 days a week and during holidays, bu
  17. Good day to all. Am I correct in thinking that Primary School Teachers have been removed from the SOL, and as such they cannot apply for a visa anymore? Only Pre-primary teachers and Secondary Teacher still qualify? Is this correct?
  18. Hi All, I have been in contact with a few AMAZING SAAus members who have been so helpful, but I thought I would open these question up to all teachers in an attempt not to overload those awesome SAAus members with a million questions I have a BCom degree and am busy with my PGCE (Foundation Phase and Early Childhood Development) through Unisa. On the AITSL application form it states "Study assessed by AITSL as comparable to at least four years full-time (or part-time equivalent) higher education (university) level study in Australia, that results in a qualification/s comparable to the
  19. Hi A question for any British Teachers who have moved to Australia and have applied for teacher registration. I am a Secondary school teacher currently in the UK, looking to move to Perth/Brisbane (still undecided). I have 5+ years experience. I am about to apply for teacher registration and want to know more about the process. For example, will I have to re-start from the bottom to meet the Aussie teaching standards? I was told by an Aussie teacher that having teacher training and experience from the UK is usually an advantage as we are ahead in a lot of aspects, e.g. technology, resources
  20. Hi guys! I have a questions for teachers who are currently in WA. I have sent through all my docs and registration forms to WATRB. How long does the assessment and registration take? And what about the Working with children check? I know I can only do it in person, but can I at all apply for teaching positions without this card? Cause this seems highly impossible, but I know of some teachers who were able to get a job from RSA and then only apply for the WWCC card once they arrive. We land in Perth on the 2nd of Jan 2014. Any advice would be helpful.
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