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  1. Thought I'd share my recent experience with applying and getting financial emigration status myself. I didn't use an agent, but just worked with the foreign and migrant banking department at my bank (Nedbank - the others will have similar). This was correct as at June 2016 Note that payment of RA's could follow a slightly different process if you already have permanent residency and have a certificate of residency i.e. I don't think you need to financially migrate. I'm still in transition to PR so this is the route I chose to close everything out. It was relatively sim
  2. timothy

    SARS income tax return

    I just want to know when, if ever, I can stop submitting tax returns to SARS. Or do I need to do this each year forever more? So a few details on my situation. I received my PR visa in 2012 and moved to Australia in 2015. I have no assets and no RA's in South Africa, just a single bank account with about R2000 in. (Should I close this bank account??) I'm at the final stages of getting Australian citizenship (citizenship test is in 2 months) After hearing about new tax laws in SA where you might have to pay double tax if you earn more than a million rand o
  3. Hi, Just in case any of you are in the same boat as I am: You're subject to an assurance audit after submitting your tax return (which can take up to one year!!!) , are due a refund, and you are planning on leaving SA and closing down all bank accounts before the SARS audit will be completed, you CAN apply to have your money paid into an overseas account once the audit is finalized. You need to email a written request for the refund to be made into a foreign account to one of the following people - jmentz@sars.gov.za or hsmitvantonder@sars.gov.za, and need to attach to that email the followin
  4. Hi, Can somebody please recommend a tax consultant based in JHB that knows SA / Australia tax system. We have been granted 189 visas. We may need to keep a business running in SA when we emigrate. We have questions on how this would potentially work in terms of double taxation / new tax laws coming in? Thank you
  5. Bob123

    SA tax residency status

    I have lived in Oz since 2008 (PR since 2016) and until last year I have done my SA taxes as SA tax residence in both countries, i.e I declared my foreign income in SA. I sold my home in SA in 2015 and bought a house in Oz. Currently I have a rental property, pension and RA's in SA. Since my primary residence is outside SA, visited SA only for holiday in the last 10 years (two weeks per year) and I have no intention of returning 1. Am I still a tax resident in SA? 2. Do I still have to declare my foreign income and foreign capital gains in SA or do I only declare my SA ba
  6. Mauro

    SARS Income Tax Address Details

    Hi, We have recently moved to Australia on a PR Visa and are busy completing our SA tax forms. I see that our tax forms on eFiling still have our South African Address and contact details and I was wondering if we should: Update them with our Australian details Update them to a relative in SA Just leave the address as it currently is My concern is that if we change it we may have to provide proof of this and it may be difficult from here, so I'm leaning towards option 3?
  7. Hi all, A general question in closing up affairs (including tax) in South Africa. We have sold our house in SA, but the 'capital gain' was under the threshold to pay any capital gains. My question is whether we need to disclose the sale of the house in our annual tax return to SARS or just leave it out as it falls under the threshold? Thanks
  8. Tradman

    Income from forex trading & tax

    Hi Everybody. I have a 2 part question. Firstly I live in SA and have a forex brokerage account in Australia and trade currency. This is my sole source of income. I would like to know if I need to pay SARS for the profit I make in that account or just what I draw from(into my FNB account) it to live.(This is what I've been doing until now). If I must pay CGT on the profit in the account, must I still pay tax on what I draw to live? Secondly, If I emigrate to Australia, the exact same question as above applies. Thank you for your time and responses in advance.
  9. Hello, My father-in-law has to pay a SARS income tax bill of R2000.00. They do not have any SA bank accounts. I spoke to SARS and they gave me 19 digit payment reference : TaxfilenumberT00000000 Bank Account : SARS-FOR-999 and SWIFT Address: FIRNZAJJ The problem is when I go onto ANZ internet bank they can't accept a bank account with - . Any guidance on how to make this payment please let me know... Thanks in advance Terence
  10. Hello all. I have been in Aus almost 2 years now. June will be 2 years on a PR visa. I cashed out my pension and brought that over. No problem. Paid my tax in SA and paid into my AUS bank (what was left anyway after the Zuma conversion rate). Question is, at what point will I be taxed in Australia by ATO? Is there a concessionary amount one can bring over when emigrating and for how long will that apply? Thanks all. Not talking huge money here by the way, maybe $ 40 K (over and above what I brought previously).
  11. Mara

    Tax Tables Australia

    Thought these tables may be of interest to some of you! Rates and Thresholds September 2016.pdf
  12. Hi all, I need some more advice. I recently relocated to Australia, Melbourne. I am looking for a tax specialist/accountant that could assist me with my taxes and general money matters. If anyone can recommend or suggest a person/people/organisation it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jaco *Edited to include more information
  13. IngiLiebenberg

    Questions for Canberra

    Hi there, I've posted some of these questions on another thread: Any advise - suggestions will be appreciated: Background: We have a PR175 visa. Did validation-trip March 2013 (went to Perth and Melbourne... didn't plan on Canberra - but looks like the SAP Government jobs there are good and more long term). Plan is to relocate end of the year, with my husband going over first (October 2015) and then our 2 girls (aged 12 & 13) will fly over with me once year at school is finished and house packed up. Going to take a 20ft container with basic stuff & sentimental furnitur
  14. RosFam

    Tax Clearance Certificates in SA

    Hi all - i haven't been to the forum in some time but I am starting to get a little frustrated about the length of time it has taken to get tax clearance certificated sorted out so i can get the rest of our money out of Africa. I have been using a bank until this time but the service has become spotty and the result is that i have had huge delays in getting this money out. Can anyone recommend a company in SA that can get tax clearance certificates sorted quickly with the minimal of fuss. Any help is appreciated.. Thanks -Alan
  15. Has anyone had experience getting n inheritance paid to Australia from SA? I'm having difficulty with this as I didn't inform the reserve bank of my emigration & so the bank won't pay the money to my Aussie bank account. Does anyone know of a good consultant who could help me move the money out & guide me through this process?
  16. Barbie

    489 Tax

    Hi Everyone I hope there is someone out there who is a tax fundy. We are in Australia on a 489 Visa and I have just been offered a job. GREAT!!! Now I need to apply for a Tax File Number. According to the ATO website it appears that I can tick the block of residence in Australia for tax purposes, even though it is not considered so by other government agencies. They say you need to apply the resides test. See the web link below. https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/International-tax-for-individuals/Work-out-your-tax-residency/Residency-tests/?anchor=P90_7464#P90_7464 If you disagree with this,
  17. Hi lovely people, We are leaving to go to Australia in a month on Visa 189 but the one thing I'm not sure of is what do we have to do about tax on this side before we go? Tax returns? Tax clearance certificate? I can do my efiling for 1 March 2014 - 28 February 2015 from 1 July 2015 I think, but do I just do the efiling for the last few months next year from overseas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jo
  18. Hi All A bit of background: My wife and I are looking to immigrate to Australia by the end of the year. We started the process in November 2014 (TOEFL Exam) and got invited to apply for the 189 Visa towards the end of January 2015. Application submitted a week later and Medicals and Police clearance submitted by 12 March 2015. We are both CA’s and in our late 20’s. I would like to get my ducks in a row before we move and have prepared a timetable (typical accountant) as to when certain aspects of the process need to start to enable us to have fully ‘emigrated’ (Financial and Tax), sold up our
  19. An article that may be of interest to some of yous: http://today.moneyweb.co.za/article?id=802173#.VK95GNKUd1Z
  20. eitai2001

    Tax Confusion

    Hi Guys I have been reading through the forum, and it appears from the advice I should NOT submit the SARS IT21(a) because it means I formally emigrate and my bank accounts will become restricted use. So I have no problem with that, I don't have any RA's to withdraw, only some money below the forex limit anyway. However, I would like to go about changing my status with SARS to non-resident for tax purposes. In fact, I technically will fail both residency tests for the current Tax year due to my intentions having changed, and the fact I will not have been in the country for more than 91 days in
  21. IT’S a matter of time SA Trust beneficiaries living in australia will be harshly treated AS TAX CHEATs WARNS the ATO. “Project do it” may be your come out of jail card DO IT before 19/12/2014 = formally emigrate now and wrap up your sa trust soonest The ATO (the Australian Taxation Office) recently announced and published significant PROJECT DO IT information on the tax amnesty on the foreign asset amnesty options available. Albeit that it is aimed at taxpayers with funds in tax havens, they acknowledge tax treaty country immigrants to Australia may also benefit i.e. South African emigrants w
  22. Hi Does anyone have experience with paying tax in Australia on rental income earned in South Africa ? I am planning to keep a property in SA and rent it out. Does the converted ZAR income simply form part of your Aus$ income that you report in Aus ? Would appreciate your help.
  23. I'm pretty confused about this. Here is a timeline. 2013-03 - Earned ZAR and paid tax to SARS (Also had rental income and expenses) 2013-04 - Earned ZAR and paid tax to SARS (Also had rental income and expenses) 2013-05 - Earned ZAR and paid tax to SARS (Also had rental income and expenses) 2013-06 - Earned ZAR and paid tax to SARS (Also had rental income and expenses)2013-07 - Earned ZAR and paid tax to SARS (Also had rental income and expenses)2013-08 - Earned ZAR and paid tax to SARS (Also had rental income and expenses, Also received additional rental income for our 2nd house)2013-09 - Mig
  24. So we've been in Brisbane for just over a year, and we have to submit our first Australian Tax Return. I have no clue where to begin or what is needed. Can anyone here recommend or put me in contact with a good (but affordable) Tax Accountant in Brisbane (or is someone here perhaps one)?. Someone who will understand our unique situation, and has experience with migrants. We emigrated financially through Cashkows, and are de-registered from SARS. Thanx
  25. Hi guys, I just have a brief question in relation to taxation on a 457 Visa. I am the primary applicant and my wife is the secondary applicant on my Visa application. And I just want to find out if she will be taxed the same as myself. Thanks Sean
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