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Found 6 results

  1. We're a fintech startup based in Manly - 12 people here and a team in Serbia. Working in banking data space. Looking to fill tech support/analyst/product owner type roles. message me if interested. starting asap. Lionel
  2. leeatedinburg

    Making the move

    Hi all We have gotten our visas and now starting to plan for the move. 1. Any tips or advice for us? 2. We have to small children aged 4 and 15 months, I have heard that child care is very expensive in Australia, what do most families do re work and looking after kids? Is it more viable to plan to stay home with the kids until they can start school and if so is there a developmental programme to make sure they are getting enough stimulation to prepare them for school. My oldest child has been in nursery school since she was 18 months old so am sure would be a big adjustment for her not being at school and with friends her age everyday. 3. We also have not decided yet if we should sell our house or rent and if we should cancel our policies in South Africa or keep paying them so we don`t get the penalties, any of you have advice about this. 4. My husband will be coming to Sydney first to find a job and then bring us over we will be basically be starting form scratch, what would you say the average outlay is for basic furniture and kitchen equipment in a house. 5. I am also super nervous as in SA i have my entire family for support and my amazing domestic worker who is like a second mother to my children and now when we come over we are going to be completely on our own, how is the adjustment to cleaning, looking after kids and being on your own, how do you cope and what impact does this have on a marriage? 6.Does Australia ever feel like home? Sorry lots to ask a lot on my mind and very nervous about this huge life change.
  3. Zaprime


    Hi, I'd love to grab a coffee with some of the other Joburg people who are also moving to Australia or looking at moving over in the next year. Anyone keen for coffee one weekend in early December?
  4. JJDLmoving

    Meet Up in JHB (for a cuppa)

    Hi everyone A friend and I are in the process of our application for Oz. We would like to meet some other peeps in JHB for a coffee so we can discuss some of the difficulties & excitements taking place in our lives with regards to migration. We find (as i am sure some of you do to) that friends and family that are not going through this process just don't quite understand. If you are keen to meet up one morning or afternoon in Northern / Eastern JHB please indicate below and private message me with your cell number and i will start a whatsapp group. Men, woman and couples welcome! Lets aim to meet either during the week or on a Sunday. Aiming for end March? Looking forward to meeting some of you!
  5. AussieBruce

    Settling in Albury / Wodonga

    Hi, If anybody is moving to Albury Wodonga, we can try and help with advice & settling in. Been here almost 8 years, and still loving it. Look us up at www.awsag.org.au
  6. We all need some inspiration when things get tough. Please post anything that helps you to get through the difficult times.
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