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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone. We are leaving for Sydney in 3 to 6 months time. We have started researching schools. We have 2 8 year old boys (twins) and a 5 year old boy. The twins are currently in grade 2 at St Stithians College. We were initially looking at private schools in Sydney, but it looks like we will struggle to get in - they have a similar situation to SA where you need to register your kids at birth in order to get a place! I will get them in the queue for now and hopefully they will get places later. For now, we need to look at public schools. I have no idea where to start (apart fr
  2. Hello everyone! We (2 Adults and 2 kids) are making our way to Canberra in about 4 months time , and we have a few questions about the Canberra city / surrounding area : Schools: Where are the good primary schools? Suburbs : Where are good family suburbs that have rentals of $400 - $500 pw ? Any suggestions / insight of the general area will be much appreciated! thanks
  3. Thestains

    Special needs schools

    Hi Forumites I've been browsing the forum for a while now & posted a comment or two to subjects that affect me. My challenge right now is trying to secure a special development school for my 17 year old son prior to us taking up our residence in July. Hubby & I have figured that a school has to be secured before we look for accommodation to ensure that we are in the school zone for successful enrollment. We have family in Sandhurst but decided that we'd prefer living closer to the city to fully experience the culture of Melbourne. Having said this, I've establ
  4. Hi there, We are busy looking at our options in moving over to Sydney and am interested in the following issues wrt schooling for our kids (9 & 12). 1. I know the school years roughly overlap with SA (Jan to Dec), but would moving during the course of the year be a major disadvantage for our kids? 2. If we were to apply to a school for our kids, what time of the year do schools handle applications and make their decisions? 3. Is there a monthly contribution to school fees and other costs like sport gear, books etc? I know each school would differ, but tryi
  5. Hi Everyone My family and I may come over on a 457 soon, so we are looking for good primary school for our eldest (soon to be year 1) in the Northern suburbs of Sydney. Any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks...
  6. Hi, I have looked at previous posts regarding recommended suburbs, but I am looking for more specific details, if possible. 1) What are good suburbs in Melbourne for a family with kids? We need to consider day care for now, but also schools very soon. I will be working in the CBD, Docklands region. @Mara, You say very nice things about Sunbury, but from Google Maps it looks like about 40mins both by car and train. Is this true for peak times as well? You had a very informative post where you listed Braybrook for example as an area to be avoided. Is this still applicable?
  7. IngiLiebenberg

    Questions for Canberra

    Hi there, I've posted some of these questions on another thread: Any advise - suggestions will be appreciated: Background: We have a PR175 visa. Did validation-trip March 2013 (went to Perth and Melbourne... didn't plan on Canberra - but looks like the SAP Government jobs there are good and more long term). Plan is to relocate end of the year, with my husband going over first (October 2015) and then our 2 girls (aged 12 & 13) will fly over with me once year at school is finished and house packed up. Going to take a 20ft container with basic stuff & sentimental furnitur
  8. Hi, Does anyone on the forum know the schools in Mandurah and more specifically Mandurah Catholic College? We are looking at moving in December and MCC appears to be a safe option as we are Catholic and all 3 of our kids can attend the same school. I have heard that public high schools are not an option so hence the private option. How does MCC compare to the other private schools in Mandurah? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi Everyone We are planning to arrive end of April in Adelaide. Hopefully hubby will then have organized us a rental as he will be going a month in advance . Hopefully also a job. My daughter is in grade 7 in South Africa, but I have read that year 7 is already high school? Is this correct? I was looking at Heathfield and Blackwood High schools any opinions? Does anyone have a daughter about the same age that have migrated that my daughter can correspond with. She is really not happy about the move. Sorry for the thousand questions. My sons are grade 2 and
  10. malikes09

    Finally starting this process!

    Hi everyone So my partner and I are finally starting the process to emigrate to Australia. We will be going on a work visa in his name with our 15 month old son. I've just gone through the 100 step process post and wow it's a lot. I'm so excited but it's very daunting as well. What we're trying to work out now is where we will stay when we get there. We will be moving to Melbourne. Can anyone recommend a process or company that will assist with finding a place to rent? My partner wants to go ahead of us and get a place organised but I really don't want him t
  11. Arriving in Sydney in 23 days and everything's feeling REALLY real. Still feel like I have 38477636221 things to do here first, which is stressful and overwhelming, but just trying to take it one day at a time. Two things in particular that are stressing me out, which I can't really do much about now: 1. Getting a rental 2. Getting my son (6) into a good public school Anyone have any words of advice for me on either of these two things? Thanks and SEE YOU SOON, SYDNEY!!!
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