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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone. We are leaving for Sydney in 3 to 6 months time. We have started researching schools. We have 2 8 year old boys (twins) and a 5 year old boy. The twins are currently in grade 2 at St Stithians College. We were initially looking at private schools in Sydney, but it looks like we will struggle to get in - they have a similar situation to SA where you need to register your kids at birth in order to get a place! I will get them in the queue for now and hopefully they will get places later. For now, we need to look at public schools. I have no idea where to start (apart fr
  2. We packed our bags and everything we owned. All things were a bit helter skelter and last minute and I cannot say well planned or properly thought through. We got on a plane on 26 November, landed in Melbourne midnight Sunday night. We stayed in a one bedroom flat on the fringes of the CDB for the first 12 days. I am glad we did that, because it made the city accessible. We spent the weekends exploring the city. Melbourne CBD is really great, my favourite part of the city. Having stayed in the city means we know the layout of the CBD and came to like it. I started working almost immedi
  3. Sabrin

    Mixed bag

    Couple of qlvaried questions for those who went on a 190 visa to nsw: 1. You don't need a job offer on this sub-class so assume most people go and then find work once there. How did you decide where to work / live? Not sure to look at school first, then area then commute then job. May be overthinking it. 2. Time of year: processing times 4-8 months. Ideally want to be there in Aug when 3rd term starts but any advice on going later in the year if visa comes in later? 3. Age: not sure if it's a real concern but always a worry in SA. Husband turned 47 this month. Experienced manage
  4. JaxBaker83

    Schools and Zoning

    Hi everyone Our 190 visas to South Australia were approved last week (yay), and things have moved very quickly- we are flying on the 2nd of November, in the hopes of trying to find a rental in a good school zone before December (we'll be staying in an airbnb until the end of Nov) Our twins will be starting reception year in Adelaide in January so we are hoping to get a nice rental for a good school zone, although we have no idea what area we are going to choose yet. I understand that the government schools are strictly zoned, and proof of residence is required upon
  5. Hi Everyone, Quick question... When we lived on the Gold Coast many years ago and it was just hubby and myself. We now have a job offer in Melbourne and looking to move back to Australia... this time with 2 kids. I have no idea about schooling/creche. Can you please give me some background on how things will work for us... Son is 6 turning 7 next year May so I assume he will go into grade 1 equivalent (how much is school for him?) Daughter is 3 turning 4 next year - she is currently in school everyday until 2pm. Is this called Kindie and is this where s
  6. Sassyninja


    Hi there. Can anyone help me? Am looking into school fees to get a better idea of cost of living for our family. If we move this year on our 189, my daughters will be 1 and 4. Our eldest can start kindergarten in 2017, but I cannot find what the fees would be for kindergarten? Thanks in advance!!
  7. kleynhansjan

    Afrikaans in Australia

    We have only been here in Australia for 9 months but I already feel that my Afrikaans is deteriorating. I would also love for my children to be able to speak Afrikaans. I can teach them everything that they need to know but would love for them to be able to complete some sort of examination to prove that they are fluent in "Die Taal". Are there any organization in Australia that offers some sort of formal tuition in Afrikaans?
  8. We're arriving in Canberra in 22 days time and have done some research into public schooling. It looks like most of the schools are pretty close to each other in terms of academic performance. I was just wondering about some of the other aspects of schooling. My son is 7 so will probably be going into year 1 or year 2. Some of the things we are worried about are : He is an extremely active kid and can't get enough sports so we are looking for a school that will offer him a decent range of sports to channel all of that energy constructively. He is already e
  9. Hi all, We are moving over to Sydney in April and have been offered an apartment in Lane Cove until we find a permanent home. We love Lane Cove however realistically we will most likely move a few suburbs further from the city in the hope of getting a bigger house. Our problem is that St Michaels Catholic Primary in Lane Cove is a very nice school and we will have a lease on the apartment but what will happen if we move out of Lane Cove in 6 months or more. Will we need to have our son change schools again? Thanks shaeden
  10. Hi All We're planning to move from Sydney's Eastern Suburbs to either ST IVES, CHERRYBROOK, WAHROONGA OR HORNSBY. One child in primary school and one in high school. Our son that''s in high school still struggles with the english language as he's only been in Aus a couple of months, thus our focus will be to find a GOOD PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL (due to financial constraint we cannot consider a private school) for him. I currently work in Mosman, thus PEAK TRAFFIC TO AND FROM MOSMAN will play a role and we would prefer a 3 bedroom house (that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to rent) in an area where th
  11. Jumping the gun a bit, but something the wife is keen on knowing. We are near the end of the process of receiving our visas. How do school grades in SA compare to school years in AUS. My son has just turned 7 and is in grade 1 and my daughter has just turned 9 in grade 3 ( birthday's a week apart) where would they fit in at school.
  12. Arrived in Brisbane few days ago and everything has gone smoothly. I will write a post about my experience, but I need help making a decision. Might be something only Brisbane locals can truly influence but I am all ears for the wisdom of others that don't know the two respective schools. Middle daughter is accepted to Lourdes Hill College and so is her younger sister (9yrs. - Yr. 4) at later stage. For this year I had applied at Sts. Peter and Pauls Catholic private school based on preference and ratings - but it was full - and even after several email request about a spot opening up (and s
  13. We moved to WA November 2013. Before we came, one of my greatest concerns were how the kids would cope academically as each one of them had to skip a year of school to fit into the right Australian year for the age. My kids aren't Einsteins, They did kind of average. Two of them have ADHD and the youngest missed the whole of grade 1. And in SA they were not yet reading or writing in pre-primary. We have now finished one term. My youngest son (Year2) wrote a little maths test in the first day of term one. It took him 25 minutes and he scored 13/50. On the first day of the second term, th
  14. Hi everybody We are planning to migrate to Sydney in January 2014, and I would like to know what the process is to enrol my child at a high school? Is it like in RSA where we have to enrol a long time in advance? Do we need a special letter or something from the Immigration department? Do we need anything from the current school? Can we do it online from here? Thanks Tersia
  15. This is a great initiative that I'm sure will be of use to South African teachers coming to Oz or Saffers with kids who have just started school or who will be starting school soon. It's a series of videos that offer these parents advice on modern teaching methods and what is expected of parents these days. So much has changed over the years and Australian has some different teaching methods like Montessori and the Walker method. My boy is 8 and find it quite different to when I was at school https://www.youtube.com/user/LearnEarly
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