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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! Thanks for a great website! I am really glad to have found a community of such helpful people. We have just started investigating immigration. I have contacted Stephen from Migration Outcome Australia as I saw him recommended here. He said I could possibly apply for a 189 or 190 visa. I also contacted New World Immigration, has anyone worked with them? They say I should apply for a 489 visa, what would the reason for that be? I would prefer a PR visa obviously, but just wondering why they didn't suggest that. Perhaps it is because on a 489 I can apply for PR and then be a
  2. Hi Ever since April this year I've been thinking to migrate but haven't put in a lot of effort yet except for reading. I am eligible for a 189 PR Visa as I'm a Mechanical Engineer with approximately 5 years experience in both Chemical and Power Generation industries. If I get the maximum points for the IELTS I will be having 70 points with the possibility to increase this to 75 next year April. The whole process of leaving everything behind like a decent job, properties and then most important your family is something that we still need to overcome. However ever
  3. I thought the following article / tool might be of interest... According to the most recent ABS data, the average Australian income is $60,892 per year. However, this number is pretty meaningless if you're trying to work out the mode or median: the wages at the very top and bottom invariably skew the results. If you really want to know how your income compares to the Australian average, you need to focus on people in similar circumstances to yourself. The WageSage website attempts to do the hard work for you: it limits the results to people who share your age, location and gen
  4. Knoesil

    Sydney worries

    Hi All My husband and I got permanent residence visas (subclass 189) in September this year (probably not relevant to this post). We will be arriving in Sydney on 22 January. I got a good job in Sydney cbd and is starting in February My husband has not yet started looking for a job. He is a mechanical/biomedical engineer. I'm feeling anxious that we will not be able to survive on only my salary. Can anyone who is already living in Sydney give me an indication of how much you pay for groceries for two people as well as utilities for two people. Our dogs will be coming over in April
  5. JJDLmoving

    Sales Manager Salary

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and i must say i love it - Such a wonderful source of information. This is my 1st post so i hope it is in the right place! Maybe someone that is in this industry or recruitment could help answer my questions. We are in the very early stages of applying for our 189 Visa. My wife is a kindergarten teacher and i am a sales and marketing manager. I was wandering what type of salaries we could expect to earn once we touch down, either in Sydney or Melbourne. We have been told that she can earn between $70k-$80k per year and i can exp
  6. neburr

    Consulting Salaries

    Hi Everyone I know that I am going out on a limb here, but can somebody out there help me . I am looking for a rough guide of sorts, for the salaries paid in the Consulting environment. I know that this differs substantially based on the industry, whether they are Private, or Big 4/5. To help matters, I want an indication of salaries amongst the Big 4/5 in the Forensic Consulting Industry. Even if these are not current, I am really looking for a ball park/guide . To the best of my knowledge I am keen to look at following specific levels: ManagerSenior ManagerAssociate DirectorDirector / Part
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