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Found 6 results

  1. I thought I'd share with other people who are heading over to Hobart in the next while some learnings about getting your rental application approved. It is really tough with up to 50 people swarming onto a good property at one time. We received 2 approvals and asked the agents why. This is what they had to say: Our references from the agent that sold our property in SA was good and was on a letterhead (they say they get scribbles on pieces of paper). We had photo's of our property that we we sold before coming over. It showed we took care of our property We had a picture of our family, nice and friendly We had a settlement letter from the government (which you can get immediately via email, when you arrive. Email skilled@migration.tas.gov.au and ask for the settlement letter) We sent our application ahead of the viewing with a note saying we really loved the property and want to get a head start and we will definitely be at the viewing - this put us top of mind with the agent. We were very friendly when we phoned them to tell them we have sent in an application and are very interested. - They disqualify difficult people, because they manage the properties and need to deal with you on an ongoing basis. There you go. Some further tips from my side. Hang around at the viewing. They only give you 10 minutes, but try to wait till last and strike up a friendly conversation about the property, the owner and ask advice about what their opinion is of a good application. People love to share their knowledge. I also found out it is illegal to offer rent in advance, so we couldn't do it. It doesn't seem to be a game changer for them in any case. Make sure you know the catchment area of schools for your kids, so you can make an informed decision, unless you are going private. It's still good to have options though. Lastly, it truly is a tough rental market and there are some shocker properties out there. So try to line up a few viewings, they call them inspections ahead of time, so that the day you arrive, you can start to view properties and not waste a couple of days. And so, today we signed after 2 weeks of hunting and now we are going to become locals of Blackmans bay.
  2. I know it can be difficult to find a house to rent when you 1st move to Australia!! I have a brand new townhouse available for rent in Brisbane, in Rochdale estate(http://www.rochedaleestates.com.au), about 17kms from the CBD. If you are interested have look on this site http://littlerealestate.com.au/listing/?listing_id=36181 for detail about the property or you can contact me at fahaas@tpg.com.au.
  3. RozinOz

    Tenant Do's and Dont's

    Hi. As I am new to the Sydney rental market, please can someone enlighten me as to whether I am allowed to knock paintings, pictures, mirrors etc. into the walls. In South Africa, this was fine as long as you 'puttied' up the hole when moving out. I believe that in Sydney you are not allowed to knock any nails into the wall, which means that you will have bare walls for as long as you are renting??
  4. Bams

    2 weeks in and...

    We have officially been in Australia for two weeks today and I am absolutely LOVING it!!! A brief list of what we have accomplished in the two weeks, no order what so ever: - Activated our bank account - Registered with medilink - Registered with centrelink - Had an appointment with VIC roads - Bought Myki cards for public transport - Registered for our TFN numbers - Arranged hospital cover - Went to see a rugby match - Attended our first Afrikaans church service - Completed a 8km charity walk on Mother's day - Got lots of cards and stuff in the post (still getting used to that one) - My daughter received her first package from granny in SA - Took my daughter to the doctor to get her immunization up to date - My daughter started school and she's loving it! - Secured a rental (got our keys today and container arrives on Friday) - Applied for MANY jobs online Listing them like this, helps me to see all that we have accomplished. It may only be two weeks, but it feels like home. Now, to just move in on Friday and then get that all important jobs...
  5. HadEnoughofJuju

    Not sure how but we did it.

    Hello everyone. This is one post I am soooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! happy to be able to make. We did it, we actually landed that illusive rental. A bit of background first. We initially decided to settle down here in Maroochydore but after being here 2 days and bumping into some Saffa's and their Aussie friend we sort of decided to go exploring a bit further north and see what's out there. One of the major reasons for making this move to Australia was for the sake of our child's education and future so why would we want to put her in an OK state school when we could put her in a great state school. Unfortunately the problem with the great state schools is they are zoned for specific areas. We drove up to Noosa and had a bit of a look around and looked at all the state schools in the area and after speaking to some people that live their settled on Peregian Springs state school. Unfortunately this means that we need to live in either Peregian Springs or Peregian Beach areas and the rental market their is tough. There are very few places for rent and a ton of people looking to get in there so that they can send the kids to Peregian Springs SS. I will admit we have been very blessed and I feel that this was just meant to be. We approached all the agents in both the Peregian Springs and Beach areas, got copies of their rental lists and started organising viewings. It's a good idea to know what you want before going into a rental agency because if you don't they just shove a list in your hand and point you in the direction of www.realestate.com.au which is not very helpful. We lined up 2 viewings for Thursday, 2 for Friday, 2 for Monday and 1 for Tuesday. Unfortunately you have to fall in with the set viewing times because the agents have to show the houses to as many people in as short a space of time as possible and they only work from 8:30 to 4:30 and reluctantly do viewings by appointment only on Saturdays. It's also a very good idea to phone at least an hour before the viewing to confirm your attendance because we had 2 viewings that were cancelled a couple of hours before they were meant to start. It can be very annoying if you have a long way to drive to the viewing. In total we saw 7 houses in the respective areas and applied for 2 of them which were about a block apart from one another in Peregian Springs. I was kind of thinking today that we were placing a lot of faith in only applying for 2 of the properties and that we should be more stressed and lining up more viewings and doing more applying but for some reason I was completely relaxed (which is totally out of character for me). We applied for the 1 rental on Monday (4 bed, 2 bath, double lock up garage @ $450 per week) and one rental on Tuesday (3 bed, 2 bath, double lock up garage @ $430 per week). Both agents told us 48 to 72 hours for a response so I settled for the fact that we would only hear if we had been approved on Monday and that it would be another couple of days before we could enrol Jessie in the school. We were in Coles and as Murphy would have it after babysitting the phone the whole day, waiting for the phone call which I didn't think we would get today anyway, I left the phone in the car. Yeah you guessed it, the agent phoned and left a message to call her back. Not having any airtime on the phone I decided to go to Aldi's to get sugar and pop into the agents office which is across the road to find out why they had called. Well the rental we applied for on Tuesday was the rental that we ended up getting. It's got everything we wanted in a house, it's in the catchment area of the school we have chosen and it's the cheaper of the 2 rentals. We didn't even wait for the owner of the other house to make a decision we just withdrew the application and confirmed an appointment for tomorrow (actually today for me now) at 9:00 to sign the lease agreement and then it's off to the school to enrol our daughter. So far things have just worked out which gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and just confirms for me the fact that we have done the right thing and we are heading in the right direction. We even beat what seemed like impossible odds. There were only 3 places available in Peregian Springs (the rest were all in Peregian Beach, an older area and further from the school). We only applied for 2 of them in Peregian Springs because the third one is only available in the second week of June and we have to be out of this place on 4 May and the 2 rentals we applied for had at least 5 other applicants each (the same 5 applicants for both) and all the other applicants were locals with Jobs. Now tell me this is not meant to be. We are set to get the keys on 3 May and make the move on 3 and 4 May because we are going to have to do 2 trips to get all the stuff we now have to the new house.
  6. Hi all, We've finally arrived and having some trouble finding a place to rent due to the fact that we don't have a rental history. Will hopefully get there. My husband is working in Richlands and we don't want to live to far from there, but the general areas around there doesn't seem so nice. We are looking at springfield lakes but hear that a lot of people travel from the gold coast every day. Any recommendations of good areas to stay in? Tx
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