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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Everyone, We are in Canberra and will be applying for permanent residence sometime up ahead. We will need South African police clearance certificates. Has anyone done this from Australia? If so, what process did you follow? Is there an agency that does this for you? I would also like an idea of how long the process takes when doing it from Australia. Many thanks...
  2. Good Morning Everyone I wanted to get some advice from the experts i.e. people that have gone through the process of getting SA police clearance whilst in Australia and would greatly appreciate any answers/comments to my questions. 1. Busy getting ducks in a row for Employer Sponsored PR application and one requirement is a South African police clearance certificate. We do have South African Police Clearance certificates that we got for our original 457 visa. These are however dated more than 2 years ago now and although we have only been back to SA for a holiday during that time it would seem that to be safe we should arrange new clearance certificates in case the existing ones are not acceptable. Has anyone else used SA police clearance certificates that have technically expired and had any issues ?. 2. We still have a lead time of around 2 and a half months before we are hoping to submit our application so we would like to get the ball rolling A.S.A.P. so that the application is not delayed waiting for the South African police clearance. 3. Getting fingerprints done in Australia ... Can we go to any police station in Australia to get the fingerprints done and, if so, do we need to use the SA police form or will the Australian police have their own form we must use ?. Indications are that there is no charge for this ... 4. Research is pointing towards a couple of organisations that assist with SA police clearance and if anyone has used those listed below or can suggest any other reputable organisation your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Ones found are as follows : www.southafricanpoliceclearance.com www.ellexpress.co.za www.nevetecpoliceclearance.co.za Whilst the internet can be a very useful place there are no doubt people that would try and scam others hence why any previous experience/suggestions are most welcome. Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated and thanks to everyone on the forum for all the good advice freely given. Cheers.
  3. We are in the process of applying for our citizenship and need to obtain police clearance certificates from South Africa. We are using Doc Assist to help us obtain the clearance certificates, but need to send them the various documents via courier. Can anyone recommend a reliable courier service to send documents from Adelaide to Pretoria?
  4. Does anybody have a suggested way to get police clearance.? We did our prints this weekend and have the documents ready to go, but don't feel comfortable just posting it off to Pretoria? Is the a way to do it using a courier who will drop off and collect them. At this stage trying to save a few rand using the postal service, then waiting for the certificate to possibly pitch up in my post box in an undetermined amount of time feels dodgy , I would rather pay somebody to do do the delivering and collecting . I also have to do a Botswana police clearance and feel the same way? Has anybody used a courier instead? and if so , who and how did it go? - Also what was the time line.? Thank you.
  5. Hi I would appreciate some advice. I have a police clearance certificate dated 7 July 2016. I am leaving South Africa on 1 December (thus within 6 months) on a 457 visa to Australia. Once in Australia, I will submit my skills assessment with the goal of lodging a permanent visa application between July 2017 and November 2017. This means our medicals can still be used, since they will be less than 12 months old. I want to know whether I need to get a new police clearance certificate now (or at least just apply and let someone else fetch it for me.) Or will the one I got in July be valid. It was within its 6 months validity when I left the country. Or will they not look at it that way. My time to get things done is running out, and it would be nice not to do this if not needed. Regards Anneke
  6. Holy cow! I'm a bit shocked. The police in South Australia want to charge me $120 per set of fingerprints We need 3 sets Is this normal or am I doing it wrong? On the plus side, it's for citizenship Cheers Erik
  7. Morning All I have a question relating to Overseas Police Clearance When uploading your visa documents they only list Australian and Overseas Police/Character Clearance Checks and info. My wife worked in the USA on Special Needs Camps for no more than 5 months at a time over a period of 3 years, so would my wife need to get a Police Clearance from the USA? Thank you kindly
  8. Hello Forumites, from glorious Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast! Its been quite a while since I last posted anything, but suffice to say that Ms Orphan and I are having a wonderful time with our family and grandkids, and are thoroughly enjoying every minute of being in this incredible country . I am also pleased to see that the 143 Contributory Parent Visa blogs are still going strong, and that there are many more oldies taking the plunge! For those brave souls....hang in there, its worth it! And now for my questions...... Can anyone out there advise us on the process of applying out of Australia for a South African Police Clearance Certificate, and Unabridged Birth Certificate. These are for my son who is currently with us, and needs to apply for a visa to stay on in this country. In terms of the Birth certificate, I have been on to the SA High Commission website, and have gained the impression that one must personally present oneself in Canberra. Is this true? Or can one send them notarized copies of documents, fingerprints etc, from where you live in Australia. And what of the PCC. Does one do it through the SA Embassy as well, or can one send in the documentation and fingerprints directly to Pretoria? And finally, is there any value going through SA agents that specialize in expediting the processing of such documents? Really appreciate your help fellas!
  9. I have read on the government website that you need a Police Clearance Certificate if you want to apply for citizenship, but have spent more than 9 months in another country, during your Australian residency period. I have also heard that is somewhat cumbersome to get an RSA PCC from Australia. Here is our situation: we activated our PR visas mid June last year, then we came back to RSA, and we are doing our final move mid May. So that would be an 11 month gap. What I would like to know (from anyone who's done this or something similar): Should we apply for PCCs now, before we leave, and just take them along and keep them till the time comes? Or does the PCC have to cover the entire period outside Australia, to the day, in order to be valid? (in which case we will have to do it from Australia, or on our first visit back home)
  10. Hi, We had a friend collect our police clearance certificates last Thursday which we were very please to have completed in 1 week. When we fetched them, I opened the envelope only to find they had gotten my Title wrong. I was listed as ms and not mr. I have now phoned the Criminal Records Dept in Pretoria, which informed me that I need to email a copy of the document and a copy of my ID book to the email address provided on the form. Has anyone else had an issue like this? Is this how you went about correcting it? I have had no response via email, so Im sitting hoping they will process my request and contact me to collect the corrected one. Thanks in advance for advice. Kind Regards, Dyllon
  11. Hi All I was wondering if anyone has ever applied for police clearance from the USA and if so what their experience was. We have not posted for a while - life has gotten in the way, but basically we have applied for a 489 to the NT and have been assigned a case officer, we have been given an extension on my medical due to the fact that I am now 5 months Pregnant. But they have not given us an extension on the other docs. We have submitted all docs EXCEPT the USA/FBI police clearance. We need this as we lived in the USA for 2 years (2004 - 2006) We applied for these in January, only to realise to my horror that the processing time is 12 - 14 weeks (OMG!!!) I just received mine and they have rejected my fingerprints. We are still waiting for the outcome of my husband's. I knew (silly me should have done something then) when I did them at the police station that she was not taking enough care and that the weren't great. I also have a history of shallow prints. So now I have to start the whole process again from the beginning, which means besides anything else we will miss our deadline with the case officer ( we have asked for an extension - holding thumbs) So my questions are these: Has anyone ever applied for FBI/USA police Clearance? Where (in South Africa) did you have your fingerprints taken? Or have you had fingerprints taken for other reasons by private companies/police stations (in KZN preferably but can travel if necessary) and you found them to be competent? Any help would be greatly appreciated - I am really nervous of going back to the police station and redoing them only to be told in 3 months (after the large courier expense) that that are not good enough again. Thanks for reading Lisa
  12. Hi everyone So sorry if this has been answered before - this website has such a lot of information in it and my search function must not be working properly. We are arriving 18 January on a subclass 457. I don't want to take the chance to wait 2 years before applying for PR (subclass 186), so we are likely to go the "Direct Entry" stream and start applying for PR within a few months after we arrive (too scared they change the rules for my occupation!). I would obviously need to submit a police clearance at the time of the 186 application (strangely it was not required for the 457!). We applied for our in January 2014 and got them by about April 2014 (if I remember correctly). I am tempted to just apply for new police clearances before we leave (SAPS can post them to my parents here in Cape Town), then at least we have relatively newer PCCs than the ones obtained in April 2014? Not sure for how long DIBP considers PCCs to be valid for, as the website just requests these without putting a time to them? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much
  13. Hi everyone. Forgive me if this has been asked multiple times, but I havent seemed to find the answer any where. I have just lodged my Police Clearance forms in Pretoria, and was wondering what peoples experience has been in how long it took for them to recieve their certificate. Ive heard it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months? thanks for your help! Dani
  14. Hi All, Need some advice please. We are currently in Australia on a 457 Visa, and have applied for a independent 189 visa, submitted the application the day before yesterday. My police clearance certificate was issued on 22/10/2012, that exactly a year ago and 1 week ago. We have been in Australia since 06/03/2013 and have not left the country at all. I have attached my current Police clearance, the one that is a year and 1 week old to the application, do you think they will reject the police clearance? Should I rather start applying for a new one now?
  15. This was posted by sn agent on Aussikanners. Maybe one of the agents here can ratify this. [26/10/2013 13:37] Police checks: if you do not have the actual certificate at time of lodging your visa application, you MUST attach evidence that it has been requested, otherwise the time of application criteria is not satisfied & your visa can be refused. Federal court decision of Anand v Minister for Immigration & Citizenship [2013] FCA 1050 (16 October 2013)
  16. Hi Everyone So today, on this momentus day the 25 July 2013 - our Visa Application has been lodged with the Australian Government. (That would be the RSMS 187). Our agent, Hilda, at Ausvisaspecialists, has been great. Our house and cars are sold. Our goods are in storage, ready to be containerised. We have all the documents required. Today we went for our xrays and next week for the medicals. Now, we can do nothing other than wait. For how long, we have no idea. But we are ready to go as soon as the visa is approved. Just a handy tip for those who dont know - when you apply for police clearance - please ask them to include your MAIDEN name as well as your married name (and any previous surnames due to divorce). We had to re-do mine. Hold thumbs with us for a quick approval!
  17. Hi Everyone, I have been asked by my agent to send our police clearance documentation to Pretoria (from Durban) and I was wondering which courier to use? Any advice is welcome. Thanks!
  18. this question has probably already been answered somewhere the citizenship application require police clearances can i use the ones i got as part of my PR application - or is there a 'time limit' to these i hope i dont have to apply for a SA clearance one again? e
  19. Following on from my previous post (). Unlike my previous two posts, this one will follow the journal style Date entries 15 October 2012 Our agent representative Rene has asked us to provide her with the other certified documentation like our marriage and birth certificates, ID's and proof or residence. She started with filling in the VISA application online, but this was already beginning to be slow due to the massive influx of applications on the DIAC site. She also advised us to apply for our police clearances while we wait for the forms to be submitted and the case officer to be assigned, this was mainly based on the long expected turn-around time expected from SAPS. 16 October 2012 We arranged to have our finger prints taken at Silverton Police Station and pay our R59 per person application fee for the Police Clearance Certificates (PCC's). The process was messy indeed, seriously doubted anybody could see any details in those fingerprints as they looked very smudged to me. 18 October 2012 I decided to take the PCC forms, finger print form and receipt of payments through the SAPS Criminal Records Centre/Client Support Centre in Pretoria (Schoeman street), since they where literally 3 block away from where I worked. Got there, expected a massive queue... not at all. Got winked closer by the person behind the counter. He took my details, all the documentation and then gave me a reference card with the request number and said to me, phone this number in 3 weeks time to check, they should be done by then. Surprise number 1 1 November 2012 Finally get a notification in the post box that my long awaited IELTS TRF has arrived at my local post office. We've been waiting for this for almost a month since 5 October 2012. My wife collected the document on my behalf from the post office, scanned the TRF and mailed it through to our agent representative Rene. My wife also just checks the online PCC status web site and discovers our PCC's are done and ready for collection. Surprise 2, only 2 weeks? That's almost unlike SAPS 2 November 2012 Took my reference card, walked to the SAPS CRC/CSC and collected the two PCC's. Checked them out before leaving, 100%, no issues or mistakes. That afternoon, scanned and mailed through to our agent representative Rene. 5 November 2012 Our agent representative Rene has informed us our VISA applications are complete, she's struggling to access the payment section to make the payment to DIAC to get the ball rolling. 8 November 2012 Rene has phoned me and got my credit card details. Afterwards she confirms the payment is done, also forwarded the onscreen receipt from the system. AU$3060... OUCH!!!! O well, necessary evil. Just waiting for the confirmation email, should be received by no later than 15 November.
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