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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, We received an invitation to apply on Friday 10/06 and applied on Sunday the 11th. I'm wondering what the general timing for sponsorship approval is for NSW currently? Thank you!
  2. planningahead

    NSW Road Rules Refresher Videos

    Hi all I've found these vids that's a nice refresher of road rules for NSW drivers.... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL4evDjFo88t4pK2qmmoEIVlO9ef2SBMh
  3. Hi This morning we got our Visa Invite and State Sponsorship approval after submitting our 190 State Sponsorship Nomination application on the 29th July 2016!! I cant believe how quickly things went!! Now we need to get all our documents together so we can lodge our Visa through SkillSelect but i wanted to know if anyone knows the details of the process from here? • Once i click on the "Apply Visa" tab on SkillSelect then what happens? Will this delay our application if we don't submit all the documents etc right away? • When and how do we create t
  4. Hi This is for all who have applied or are currently busy with their 190 State Sponsorship for NSW (or any other states) I know that the times differ from the stated 12 weeks but could those who have been approved their sponsorship after the state nominated sponsorship invite please advise on how long and for what skill and also what points you each had. It would be ideal if those who are Early Childhood Teachers as that is my wife's skillset but anyone else please advise as Immitracker is not updated and there aren't many under Early Childhood Teacher eithe
  5. Hi All Just some info and a little history so apologies for the lengthy details but we haven't really had anyone to talk to that understands our situation and frustration... My wife is an Early Childhood Teacher and the main applicant and i will be joining as her partner. We made the decision to look at Immigration in July 2015 and started by getting in contact with an agent who was referred through a Facebook group. We negotiated our fee, paid a deposit and things seemed to look good but then things took a turn when our agent wasn't resp
  6. Hi I am about to submit the supporting documents for 190 NSW State Sponsorship and have an URGENT question...!!! They ask "Do you have any dependents?" so does this apply to a Partner/Spouse or only Children? Thank you Dependent Question - State Sponsorship.docx
  7. Hi all, We are moving over to Sydney in April and have been offered an apartment in Lane Cove until we find a permanent home. We love Lane Cove however realistically we will most likely move a few suburbs further from the city in the hope of getting a bigger house. Our problem is that St Michaels Catholic Primary in Lane Cove is a very nice school and we will have a lease on the apartment but what will happen if we move out of Lane Cove in 6 months or more. Will we need to have our son change schools again? Thanks shaeden
  8. Hi I am kind of new to the site. Well I have been reading what people have had to say about Aus while we were waiting for paper work and approvals to come through. So we finally have the Engineers Australia’s approval! And my boyfriend’s qualification has been approved. We are applying for a 190 visa and now need to decide on a state. So I have previously seen that Victoria and NSW were giving out the most invites for the 190 visa. This is a blessing, as we want to bring our dog along and the two quarantine stations are in Sydney and Melbourne. So I am opting for Victoria (for no real reason)
  9. OubaasDik

    A trip to Gunning NSW

    I was bored, and I have a new (for me) car so I went for a spin to Goulburn, Yass, and back to Canberra, and I popped in to see Gunning (with a name that starts with "Gun", I had to - now for Gundaroo as well)- population 280 as the sign at the entrance says - where someone has stuck a "1" over the "0" - so maybe someone had a kid or something. I didn't take many photos, but I went past the school and HAD to stop and click. As you can see it was a beautiful day - at that stage it was about 12 deg, but the sun was out. First two are photos of the admin building from different points and then th
  10. AshB

    Durbanites moving to NSW

    Hi there , are any Durbanites or fellow South Africans moving to the NSW state in the next fews months . As we have never set foot in Australia before we just want to find out where will be the best place to settle on a temporary basis until we find jobs - we are both accountants and have been accredited with ICAA. Which wil be the convenient/best schools for my kid son who is moving onto grade 10 & daughter onto grade 3.I believe the Hills area have most SAs .
  11. Hi guys, I have a couple of questions regarding state nomination applications and SkillSelect... I am applying to the NSW next week for state nomination, and according to The Trade and Invest website, http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visa-and-migration/skilled-sponsored-migration "...Register on SkillSelectYou must advise us of your DIAC SkillSelect EOI Reference Number within 90 calendar days from the date of your nomination or your nomination will lapse...." To my understanding - I can apply for nomination without an EOI number, and after I receive the nomination approval
  12. Dear forum members, I think it is good news to be asking questions about insurance - means that I have now gathered "stuff" to have insured Well, it sounds impressive, but about a toaster, fridge and washing machine is what needs to be insured for now. The biggest question is about Car Insurance - not perfectly sure how and where to go form here. * Sold 2 cars back home and bought a new Toyota - funny thing, can buy a new one for cheaper than a good second hand one - go figure. Will pick it up on Sat 16Feb. Looked at some adverts about insurance and looked at Allianz (seems expensive) - also
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