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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, Well, we've been here in Brisbane for just over 3 weeks, here are my observations so far: 1. There is a general familiarity about the place. We'd never been to Aus before, yet it felt like home. It may have helped that I am from Durban. The cars, road signs, roads, scenery, all felt similar to home. 2. Subburbs can be very mixed: very smart houses, next door to a dump, next door to grazing cows. 3. I've read many people say there isn't much class distinction. There is. There are gigantic houses beautifully kept and rundown properties with cars rusting in the gardens. You'll need to thoroughly check out a neighborhood before moving there. 4. People aren't very pedantic about the speed limit, especially during peak traffic. I set my cruise control to the speed limit,100km/h, then move to the slow lane while everyone passes me. 5. Pedestrians have right of way. They just walk at pedestrian crossings, you'd better stop! 6. Everyone I've dealt with has been friendly, courteous and hard working. It is so refreshing. 7. Brisbane CBD is incredible. Clean, neat, just a pleasant place to be. I sat at the river and had coffee between interviews, it was the strangest sensation to relax in a city. 8. In some places you're permitted to do u-turns, it felt strange doing it 9. No security in high rise buildings! I walked in the door, straight into the lift and up to the office. 10. To buy I car I needed a bank cheque. I imagined half a day of phonecalls and talking to managers. Reality was the person working the teller printed it out for me. It took literally 10 minutes, mainly because of the 5 minute queue. 11. "No worries" means "it's a pleasure" and "You're alright" means "don't worry". Saying an ordinary sentence with a question type tone gets confusing. That's it for now. We've bought our cars, sorted out all admin, I found work and start tomorrow, all in 3 weeks! I hope everyone else is doing well, and I'll check in again soon to see how you've all been doing.
  2. Hi guys We need to break lease due to our work circumstances changing. We have a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom fully furnished pet friendly house for rent at $300 per week in Rockingham - commute to Perth with train 45 minutes max. The owners are asking $475 per week but we are willing to substitute the $300 with $175 to get them their $475 per week. The rent includes all utilities as well as garden services. The unit is the perfect house to start out in Perth to have something to go to on arrival whilst you wait for your container to arrive. It's close to public transport, shopping centres, schools a café strip and a short 2km cycle or walk to the beach. The owners are ex South African and very supportive people. References won't be required and a $1000 bond/deposit will secure instead of your normal 4 weeks bond/deposit plus first two weeks rent. It's very difficult to find pet friendly fully furnished houses in Perth and we were very lucky to get this one. If you are arriving between 24 July and 24 September let me know deidrevw@gmail.com and I'll get you in touch with Jenny and Neil. You can view the house here: http://www.ozhouserental.com/aussieanchorage.htm but I have made an add for the house to try and find someone as well here http://www.rent.com.au/property-house-cooloongup-6168-1849935
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