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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all am asking for some assistance please. In South Africa i am a registered counselor and I need to find out what my qualifications are equivalent to in Australia. Anyone on this group immigrate as a registered counselor an what are the steps I need to be able to work as a counselor in Australia? Battling to find advise so any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi everyone! We recently received our 189 visas, flight tickets are booked to Melbourne in May. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where we can find a room to rent in the area it will be appreciated (it's just hubby and I with our suitcases)? Also, if anyone knows of any work in the area, we would be extremely grateful. Hubby has red seal trade for instrumentation and has been working in a petrochemical plant and coal mine the last couple of years, but willing to do any job really. We also don't mind moving to a more regional area (will go where ever
  3. Hi All, This is my first post to the forum. My wife and I have been pondering for a good few years (Since 2011) on whether we should pack up and go or stay and pray that things will get better in SA. Our first child was born in June 2017 and that forced us to have a longer term perspective and to reflect (yet again) on our life strategy and options. I am not going to go into all the reasons as to why we have come to this decision (those have been discussed ad nauseam in many threads), what is more important is that we have made the decision we are moving to Brisbane in
  4. HI all I am looking for advice please, We have our visa`s and are making plans to move ASAP, In SA I am registered as a registered Counselor with the HPCSA, I have a honors degree in psychology and a post grad in Trauma counselling and accredited as a registered counselor under our board. My question is how do I find out what I and able to work as In Australia or what type of work I would be considered for, would I need to get my qualifications assessed by the Psychology board to be able to work? I have over 12 years of counseling and management experience. Any advice or guidelines would be hu
  5. Good day everyone, My husband was told by fellow students when writing his IELTS test that they went to Australia for a few weeks to attend interviews. They were blessed to get job offers and even sponsored visas. Apart from contacting HR Departments from say mining companies can anyone maybe give advice on how to actually arrange for a few interviews so that it can be worthwhile going over before having an approved work visa?
  6. Large and Medium Format Printing Industry: You will perform fault finding, preventative maintenance work and help on new installations on a variety of printing machines at various customer sites in NSW, Australia. Including but not limited to: • Ongoing preventative maintenance in the field • Fault finding and emergency breakdown service of equipment • Fast response to customer service calls • Telephone assistance to customers • Assist with the installation and commissioning new equipment • Some interstate and international travel may be needed. Skills and
  7. Hi Ever since April this year I've been thinking to migrate but haven't put in a lot of effort yet except for reading. I am eligible for a 189 PR Visa as I'm a Mechanical Engineer with approximately 5 years experience in both Chemical and Power Generation industries. If I get the maximum points for the IELTS I will be having 70 points with the possibility to increase this to 75 next year April. The whole process of leaving everything behind like a decent job, properties and then most important your family is something that we still need to overcome. However ever
  8. Sabrin

    Mixed bag

    Couple of qlvaried questions for those who went on a 190 visa to nsw: 1. You don't need a job offer on this sub-class so assume most people go and then find work once there. How did you decide where to work / live? Not sure to look at school first, then area then commute then job. May be overthinking it. 2. Time of year: processing times 4-8 months. Ideally want to be there in Aug when 3rd term starts but any advice on going later in the year if visa comes in later? 3. Age: not sure if it's a real concern but always a worry in SA. Husband turned 47 this month. Experienced manage
  9. Mariushvisser

    Looking for work in Sydney

    Hi All I am currently living in Sydney and have a permanent Residence Visa. I have 13 years IT experience. I am looking for work, be it part time, full time and would consider doing casual work in other fields as well. If anyone knows any positions available I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you
  10. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to find out, does having a TAFE Certificate IV in your current field count for something when looking for a job in Australia? i.e Would it increase your chances of finding a job? I am currently considering enrolling for such a course at Open Colleges (online) and was wanting to hear if it would be worth it.
  11. We currently have a full time position available in Southport, Gold Coast. Position: Contracts Administrator (no previous contracts admin experience required) Very busy position with a wide variety of tasks. Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.00 pm. On the job training provided. Overwhelming at first but they understand that it takes between 4 and 6 months to be fully trained. I started 5 months ago and enjoy it a lot! yes, I too thought that I would never remember everything, but it suddenly started falling into place after 4 months. If yo
  12. Hi All We currently have various positions available across the world but I'll restrain this post to Australia and New Zealand only. If you go to the main search, you will also see jobs from Johannesburg, and about 43 other cities across the world including America, Asia, Europe etc Jobs will change over time, but these links should navigate you to what is currently available whenever you click on them. I'm not a recruiter, please do not contact me in this regard, follow the online application instructions. We do have an employee referral program whereb
  13. Good day All. So, we are making the big move to Sydney on 22 January 2017. I work in the SharePoint space and my wife is an actuarial analyst at the moment. So we are looking for jobs and doing all the research for accommodation and how to actually settle in and start a life on that side. We have booked accommodation in a little place in dee why for the first 2 weeks of arriving in Sydney but we need to get more permanent accommodation thereafter and we obviously have a limited budget. If any advice can be given on how and where is a good place to start looking, it would really
  14. Hi, We have only recently decided to go to Australia. I am still wrapping my head around all the different visas and requirements of each. From my limited reading I am seeing that "everybody" goes over without a job, and only starts looking while they are there. This seems very risky to me? I am in the IT field, is this a riskier field or is the demand higher than normal for IT professionals?
  15. Sassyninja

    IT Job Lead Time??

    Hi guys How long did it take you to find a job in IT? And where are you? Thanks in advance!
  16. I am currently a Junior software developer in South Africa(1 year experience, 24 years old) with my Bsc. Computer science and Mathematics and Bsc(Hons) Mathematics from University of the Witwatersrand. I was just wondering how I go about looking for work in Australia, how to apply for those jobs, any tests I should take and how to get out of South Africa before it's too late. I have no debt to South Africa(still staying with folks), and no obligations to pay off before leaving. I'm currently also saving money, which I assume you need to have a certain amount saved in order to get a visa? any
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