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Found 21 results

  1. I thought I'd share with other people who are heading over to Hobart in the next while some learnings about getting your rental application approved. It is really tough with up to 50 people swarming onto a good property at one time. We received 2 approvals and asked the agents why. This is what they had to say: Our references from the agent that sold our property in SA was good and was on a letterhead (they say they get scribbles on pieces of paper). We had photo's of our property that we we sold before coming over. It showed we took care of our property We had a picture of our family, nice and friendly We had a settlement letter from the government (which you can get immediately via email, when you arrive. Email skilled@migration.tas.gov.au and ask for the settlement letter) We sent our application ahead of the viewing with a note saying we really loved the property and want to get a head start and we will definitely be at the viewing - this put us top of mind with the agent. We were very friendly when we phoned them to tell them we have sent in an application and are very interested. - They disqualify difficult people, because they manage the properties and need to deal with you on an ongoing basis. There you go. Some further tips from my side. Hang around at the viewing. They only give you 10 minutes, but try to wait till last and strike up a friendly conversation about the property, the owner and ask advice about what their opinion is of a good application. People love to share their knowledge. I also found out it is illegal to offer rent in advance, so we couldn't do it. It doesn't seem to be a game changer for them in any case. Make sure you know the catchment area of schools for your kids, so you can make an informed decision, unless you are going private. It's still good to have options though. Lastly, it truly is a tough rental market and there are some shocker properties out there. So try to line up a few viewings, they call them inspections ahead of time, so that the day you arrive, you can start to view properties and not waste a couple of days. And so, today we signed after 2 weeks of hunting and now we are going to become locals of Blackmans bay.
  2. Hi All, This is my first post to the forum. My wife and I have been pondering for a good few years (Since 2011) on whether we should pack up and go or stay and pray that things will get better in SA. Our first child was born in June 2017 and that forced us to have a longer term perspective and to reflect (yet again) on our life strategy and options. I am not going to go into all the reasons as to why we have come to this decision (those have been discussed ad nauseam in many threads), what is more important is that we have made the decision we are moving to Brisbane in early 2019. My wife is a civil engineer and has been very fortunate to secure a job with a large multi-national consulting company that is assisting us with a visa (482) and relocation. At the moment we are in the process of preparing all the documentation that is required for the visa (Deloitte is assisting with the application). I am an Industrial Engineer and I have been working in the Supply Chain space for Large FMCG companies with experience in Continuous Improvement (as a Six Sigma Black Belt), Inventory optimisation, Supply Chain Network Modelling, Sales & Operational Planning, Factory Logistics, Analytics, Reporting and compiling business cases for strategic projects. I also completed my Mba this year with Wits Business School. I have been actively looking and applying for Jobs on Seek and LinkedIn but have had no response (not even an email) as yet. I am thus seeking advice from people that have made the move as to what the best approach should be to secure a job. My wife's income should be enough for us to get by but I also want to and need to work. Please let me know if you know any specific agents I can contact in Brisbane are if I should take a different approach. Are my chances better of finding something after we have landed? Secondly, I have put together the following budget and I am looking for any feedback on if I am over/underestimating costs: Expenses Item Per Week Description Rent $ 500 Looking to live in a 2 bedroom flat close to the CBD Household $ 150 Electricity, Gas, Water, Internet, Mobile Phones, Netflix Daycare $ 300 I estimate $100 per day but deducted the subsidy if both parents are working. Healthcare $ 105 Comprehensive cover with extras for 2 adults and a baby (1.5 years) Cars+Fuel/Travel $ 100 We will buy a car cash for leisure and use mainly public transport for work Groceries $ 300 Dining $ 100 Once a week in an average restaurant Recreation $ 100 Weekend spending for entertainment Misc $ 200 Anything not already specified Total $ 1,855 Thank you in advance for any information you are willing to share. Kind Regards Z Prinsloo
  3. Hi, Is it possible to apply for a visa to work in Australia with a BCOMPT Degree (Accounting Science Degree in Financial Accounting- CA Stream) I will be graduating in Mid 2019 and if so will i be able to get a job in the competitive job market? I am currently working at Barloworld as a senior acccounts controller,however from what iv heard the experience prior to your degree is not applicable. Will my partner be able to get a job? If he has a BTECH in Architecture and registered with SACAP as a professional member? Please advise! Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Barnes

    Teacher Immigration

    Hey everyone, I am in the starting process of immigrating to go work in Australia. I am as Aussies would call a Secondary Teacher and I am having difficulty figuring out where to start with my process. I do not have sufficient funds to travel to Australia on my own, so I need a school there to sponsor/nominate me? 1. Is it possible to be sponsored by a school? 2. If a school is able to sponsor me, what is my first step to being sponsored? 3. What Visa would I apply for to be sponsored? Kind regards Bianca
  5. Hi All, My wife and I have been chatting about various ways of speeding up the process. I would like to ask your opinions on taking out a personal loan in order to immigrate. Does anyone have first-hand experience or at least know anyone who has done it that way? I believe that we would still need an SA bank account with enough money to pay the debit orders each month. Our intention is to pay the loan off ASAP from Oz using AUS$. Our plan going forward is to save as much money as we can this year to pay for the admin stuff (IELTS, Medicals, My assessment with EA, police clearance etc.) to get the ball rolling and then use the loan to pay the way to get over to Oz/subsidise the balance required. (We're obviously not keen to take out a personal loan and have debt in SA when we leave, but if it means getting into Oz sooner, we're willing to do it!) Any information would be appreciated. Many thanks, BMDJ
  6. Hi All, Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! My wife is a physiotherapist and I am an engineering technologist (Civil engineering: water). Are there any physio's out there that have done the assessment with AHPRA? We believe that it is a lengthy and expensive process - apparently, my wife would need to go to Aus for the second part of the process (Practicals) as well (my wife is currently researching the assessment and registration). We have therefore been advised to look at entering Aus on my occupation and my wife does temporary work (possibly as a physio assistant) whilst she does her assessment and registration. Does anyone know what type of work she may be able to secure? A bit of other information - 1) We are looking to settle in Adelaide (we are a young family and like the idea of a smaller city!), but Melbourne is still also an option. (Personally, I think Brisbane looks amazing, but my wife is keen to try for the south as the first option as its a little cooler!) 2) We would have to enter SA on a 189 Visa as our occupations will not be sponsored by SA. We are also thinking that maybe we should try a 190 Visa (Victoria). Does anyone know the probability that we would be accepted on either of those visas to the respective territories? (I should achieve 60 points with proficient English - Takes the stress of trying to achieve superior English, however, I will try!) Maybe someone else has another entry option that we can investigate? 3) We are trying to minimise trips to Aus prior to the big move (For monetary reasons!) so we are prepared to do as much (remotely) as we can and then sink or swim as we set foot on Aussie soil for the first time when we immigrate! Many thanks, in advance, for the assistance! Cheers
  7. Angelasmash

    Immigration Agents

    Hi I am looking into immigrating to Australia and would like to find a good agent to help us. Can anyone recommend a great one that they have used and that has secured a visa for them? Many thanks
  8. MyAusJourneyIB

    Long Road to Aus

    Anyone else on this forum who needs to complete their studies in order for their work experience to be recognised for the Skills Assessment? I've been a Business Analyst since November of 2007 and have done a few short courses but do not have a degree of any sort and I have been advised by a Migration Agent that I need to get an equivalent to an Advanced Diploma which I am currently busy with, for the last year. I honestly didn't think it was going to be as hard as it's been but I guess as the saying goes.... nothing good comes easy. So I thought it would be nice to make contact for other people who are on the same journey as us, just for a little motivation and keeping out eye on the goal. Sometimes it gets really demotivating but then I remind myself of how good it's going to feel to do the pajama dance I so often read about. Here is to the many of us have been working so hard towards getting to Australia. 2017 - Goals with no actions are just dreams. "If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must begin by lifting stones today." - African Proverb
  9. Hi all, So our flights have been booked through IOM to Melbourne. So we fly into Sydney then catch a connecting flight 1:30 after landing. Will we make this domestic flight. We are traveling with 2 toddlers 3.5years old and luggage consisting of only clothes and a few electronics? Thanks a mil
  10. The Title just about says it all. Living in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, where the pace of life is relaxed and easy, I'm just wondering who is actually coming to this great part of Australia in the New Year???
  11. Hi Everyone, I was referred to this forum by a friend and I must say its lovely to see everyone helping one another! I am a Biokineticist, which apparently is an exercise physiologist in Auz. As a result of this, I will be the main applicant. However, I have to go through quite an accreditation process to be able to practice in AUZ. Does anyone know if this affects the likelihood of getting a positive skills assessment or affects the VISA application in anyway? I also have spoken to Reuven at migrate2oz and Andrew Kerr at network migration and they have both given us different advice. As a result, I am feeling very overwhelmed and confused.... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you
  12. Anikanje

    Not to sure where to start?!?

    Hi Guys, I am new to this site, my manager passed this link to me. I am currently in AU and have been a citizen for 5 years. For me coming over was a no-brainer. I am working on getting my sister here. I know this is going to sound demented but I have no idea where to start :-S Here is a few questions I have: 1) I need to give her the pros and cons - only problem is I am so biased I cant give objective info - my biased is based on I LOVE AUSTRALIA and I miss my family so much (dont have no money for da visit) and will just about do anything to get them here. 2) I was already married for a 2 years to an Aussie before coming over, my process was wham bam thank you mam en amper 10 jaar terug. I have no idea what she needs. 3) She is recently divorced and has 2 dependant kids, would they need a letter from the dad - please note kids dont want any connection with the dad, not sure if helps at all. 4) I dont even know if that is all I need to know - I am not exactly known for having my sh!t together.
  13. Hi everyone I remember seeing a "list of 100 things to do ahead of your immigration date" checklist somewhere. Can anyone share a link? September rolling ever nearer
  14. Well, my wife and I have now been in Canberra for a few weeks. We landed in Sydney on the 22nd of January, and drove through on the morning of the 23rd - with an incredibly early start owing to jetlag which after 11000km is no joke! I also highly recommend driving in to the ACT, it's a light drive (3 hours) and offers up beautiful scenery you would otherwise miss entirely. Upon arrival, we had set up to stay at the Ibis Canberra (old Formula 1) until the end of January, with a hire car until then too, to allow us time to settle in and find our roots. The key was to get employed, homed, and buy some odds and ends we'll need (we sold everything to start from scratch). Thanks to an incredibly first world system, we were able to have our bank accounts and medicare done on the day we drove in; we had our dogs licenced, our bus passes done and by the end of Saturday 24th, we had applied for a home to rent. Within the next week, we'd found employment, secured the home, bought some inexpensive Salvos (Salvation Army) furniture and some cheap goods to set up a little home for ourselves and managed to fit in some incredible Australia Day celebrations through the long weekend. There is far too much to include in a quick little post, but sufficit to say - Canberra is amazing. It's most definitely not a stuffy public servant town, or a quiet sleepy village. It's a bustling metropolis filled with incredible culture, AMAZING food and coffee, incredibly variety, tremendous shopping experiences - all interspersed amongst a wide open vista of green trees, open plains and beautiful views. Canberra offers you everything you need - what you choose to get out of it is entirely up to you. I've found the people to be amongst the most friendly and helpful that I've ever come across in the world. The service has been 2nd to none, whether with call centre operators, cashiers, waiters, or even the guys down at the tip. There are a lot of things to get used to, coming from SA, like the ways the estate agents work (use the websites and book inspections yourself - they just do the paperwork) - and PARKING! Oh the parking! Recycling is huge and the refuse system is a new adjustment because they do it properly - and we're not used to that. It's an amazing, wonderful place filled with opportunity. It's all up to you whether or not you're willing to find it. Our dogs also finally joined us earlier this week - a tremendously smooth process (PetPort were fantastic on the SA side, and the Eastern Creek quarantine facility was lovely.). The dog parks are wonderful and our pups are having a wonderful time adjusting to the clean air and amazing smells. I can go on and on - but thought I should share some good news about Canberra, in reality - now that we finally arrived and particularly because this community doesn't get nearly enough praise as it should deserve.
  15. Hi again everyone Reading the posts on this forum really has been eye-opening. With my husband having an Aussie passport and citizenship, it's always been a possibility for us to emigrate, but with family planning their own move and an increase in close-to-home crime, it's really now becoming our reality. One of the things that my husband and I were talking about was the issue of adjusting to life outside of South Africa. We live well here - we don't want for much. Except, of course, for peace of mind in terms of our children's freedom and safety in their own country. And that, at this stage and for the long term, is our priority. We're busy applying for our standard docs: birth certificates, renewed passports etc, completing the Immi account info. We have businesses to tie up, a home to sell and a law degree to convert etc, so the process is still going to be around another year or so. What I want to ask in this post is: 1. What have you found to be the most difficult thing about your move? 2. What have you found to be the easiest thing about your move? 3. Is there anything you wish you'd done differently prior to or during your move? 4. What would be your top 5 tips for a family of 4 who are planning their move, to make it go as smooth as possible? 5. Where would you say is the best place to live (this is personal opinion, obviously) and why? Thanks so much!
  16. Hi there Ozies and future Ozies, We are a family of 4 and wanting to move to Australia from South Africa. Just wanting to know if anyone has any tips and steps on how to go about doing this and applying etc. All the help we can get will be much appreciated!
  17. HadEnoughofJuju

    Living the dream.

    I was asked again today, why Maroochydore so I figured I would post my thoughts on this process and how we got to choose the place we did. So far, after receiving the visa, we have changed or plans and final destination 3 times for various reasons. This has made me realise that no matter how well you plan things they have a way of changing and making you rethink your priorities. We got to the point where we asked ourselves "what is our main motivation for emigrating to Australia?" Although there were several reasons, the one that cropped up the most was our child, her future and safety. This little fact made us change our entire way of thinking in the end. If we are doing this for her then our main priority when we get to Australia is to make sure that she gets settled and sorted as soon as possible. Having this as a departure point changed our plans considerably. Instead of looking for a house, then work and then a school we have now chosen a school first (based on the limited info we have to go on) hoping it will be the best for her and I figure an average to good school in Australia is far better than an average to good school in South Africa. We will then find a rental in the catchment area and start looking for jobs after that. We will eventually be ok with the transition but the thing that worries us the most at this point is "will our daughter be OK?" (In my head I know she will be but we still feel that we need to try and make this transition as easy as possible for her). When we were asked "why Maroochydore?" My response to that was because we can. We have been blessed with a 189 PR visa (which I like to equate to the golden tickets that Willy Wonka handed out) which means Australia is quite literally our oyster. We have never been there so we have no preconceived ideas about where to stay. All we know is we would like to be relatively close to our friends in Brisbane (and in Aussie terms a 1 hour 45 min drive is close) and we want to live on the coast in a small town because we are tired of the city. Maroochydore fitted that profile quite nicely so we chose it. Now all we have to do is make it work. I am tired of seeing all the people around me living their dreams and doing things I only wish I could. It's our turn now and we are going to make it work. I want to be happy and I want my family to be happy. If for some reason Maroochydore doesn't work out then we move and find a place that will. I have personally had enough of trying to be the number 1 rat in the rat race of life. It's time to slow down and enjoy the ride with my family. I think that our biggest problem as humans is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of not having enough, fear of failure. I have said this several times here on the forum and I will say it again. Failure is NOT the end, it's merely the beginning of another opportunity to achieve the same goals, using a different approach. I challenge you all to step outside of the box and start thinking of things with a different perspective and instead of fearing the unknown, take up the challenge and do something you wouldn't normally do. And please (this is the disclaimer part) I'm not suggesting that you go out and quit your jobs to take up surfing professionally. I am merely suggesting that you do something that is outside of your normal routine and possibly even your comfort zone. I have changed my approach to the whole idea of giving up everything in South Africa to start all over from scratch. We are in the fortunate position of being able to have a "do over" and as strange as that may seem to most people it's actually the opportunity of a lifetime. In 22 days we leave South Africa to start our "do over" and for some inexplicable reason I am quite calm and at peace with the whole idea and I am looking forward to the adventure. To those of you still trying to decide where it is you want to settle or which state you should pick (and I'm talking mainly to those who can). Go with you heart and make the decision based on what the most important motivating factor was to leave South Africa. For those of you who are limited by your visa's in terms of where you can live and work, see that as an opportunity to explore and find somewhere to settle once you have PR, citizenship or a different visa that allows you to move and make that part of your goals and dreams and focus you efforts on achieving that. As sad as this sounds, everyone that has a visa (no matter what sub-class that visa is) you have a back door to get out of a country that is fast declining and may never recover from where it is headed. My heart aches for those that don't have the opportunities that we do. Take it, use it and make the best of it, they don't come around every day.
  18. hello, I am currently based (stuck, it seems) in South Africa, and in recent months there have been certain personal developments (I have met an Australian woman) that basically have me really, really wanting to get to Australia, and on a longer basis than a tourist visa would allow. I have two big problems: I have never completed my schooling, leaving with a standard 7 (grade 9) certificate, and I've been doing menial jobs ever since, therefore I don't have what could be considered an appreciated skill. Perhaps the only thing that might be a mitigating factor is that I more or less know how to bake, though I have no certificates to prove it. And while it may be true that I would be willing to scrub pots and mop floors for 96 hours a week, I realise that it's probably not going to be the deal that gets me in to Australia, all that says is that I am bordering on desperate and I would be willing to work. I would appreciate any advice, tips, help - whatever, and it would be graciously accepted. Whether or not it makes any difference at all: I have two cousins, both I think are based in Brisbane, and another somewhere in New Zealand. please forgive my almost pathetic and unqualified desperation, and thank you very much for your time Just
  19. Hi, I'm currently a student, looking to immigrate to Australia. What I would like to do, is go over and get a job on a Working Holiday Visa, to help me establish myself at first. Then later on apply for for a permanent resident and after a few years get my citizenship. Is this the correct way of doing this and at all possible? If not, is there a similar way? I would really appreciate some guidance, as I'm totally lost. Note: I'm currently studying for a few certifications to get a job and will continue to study later on in Australia to get my degree. I would first like to settle in and have a stable job to pay for my expenses. Any help would greatly be appreciated! Kind Regards
  20. Hi My fiancé and I are just starting our visa application process and are wanting to get an immigration agent to assist us but have heard some borrow stories and want someone who we can trust. Could anybody suggest a good agency to work through and give us an idea of what the total cost would be? Thanks
  21. Hi. I was born in South Africa but came to Australia almost six years ago. Currently I am doing an HSC Society and Culture Personal Interest Project on whether or not immigration to Australia is better for an Afrikaner child than living in post-apartheid South Africa. As such a child, who immigrated to Australia, I often wonder where if perhaps I would have been better off remaining in South Africa. I would love to know what you think, if you have any particular insights and whether you think Australia or South Africa is a better place to bring up Afrikaner children. Other than commenting on this topic, you could complete one of my questionnaires (at www.agenerationlost.org) which will be used as more formal research. Every opinion counts and will help make my project a huge success. Thank you very much, in advance Note: HSC is the Higher School Certificate, equivalent to Matric in South Africa.
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