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  1. Happy New Year to all. I would like to ask for advice. Im really not sure what to do anymore. I received an invite on 3/01/17 but a friend said I made a mistake on my EOI when i recorded all my work experience as yes on the question, " Is this employment related to the nominated occupation". The ACS had assessed me for equiv 5.5years meaning they shaved 2.5yrs of work experience. So i ticked yes for all 8years since i thought they are asking if it's only related to what i am applying for (developer). So my friend said what is deemed relevant is what the ACS considered to be relevant on their letter, that is, in my case the 5.5years and not all 8years. Please advice, if I go ahead with the visa lodging, will I be refused?or I should wait for the invitation to lapse then correct it. Note: If i had only ticked yes to the 5.5 yrs considered by ACS, i would still be good at 65 points but i was invited with 70 points I would appreciate your advice. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi Everyone Just wandering if the August 2019 EOI draw has taken place. Has ANYONE received and invite yet? Many thanks.
  3. Hi all, I submitted my EOI for a 189/190 application during December 2018. My ANZCO code is for external auditor (221213). My 482 sponsor indicated that they will submit their application for accountant (general) (221111) and recommended I also update my skills assessment from 221213 to 221111. I am in the process of doing this with CAAnz. Question: Can I just update my existing EOI for 221213 with the new occupation number being 221111 when I receive the updated skills assessment, or should I submit a new EOI. I would obviously prefer to retain the previous one since its been in the queue now since December 2018, but concerned that an update to the specific occupation, may cause issues with the Department later on?
  4. Hi all, History: I hold a Degree of Bachelor of Technology (Civil), completed in July 2018. Qualification and work experience assessment: I would like to use my National Diploma for the Qualification and Work Experience assessment, through VETASSESS. The reason being that I have 3-4 years work experience since graduating my ND and thus I'd be awarded the 5 points. EOI: Whence submitting my EOI, I would like to state my Degree as highest qualification to claim the 15 points. Question: Can I do the above? (Claim 5 points under ND work experience, but then claim the 15 points for my degree.) I believe the processes are independent of one another and even if I haven't assessed my degree the case officer assigned to my EOI would perform his/her own due diligence when awarding points. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. All the best with your journeys! Regards.
  5. Hello Is it possible to update the EOI without moving to the back of the queue? It's for the extra 5 points from another year's work done and dusted. It's been months, we really don't wish to move to the back right now Thank you very much :D!
  6. Good morning, I have a silly question, which I assume has been answered before. I've submitted an EOI for the 189, if I submit a new EOI for the 190 visa, will my 189 application be affected in any way i.e. date of effect moved to today? I just want to double and triple check as I've been on the waiting list a while and I don't want to start anew again. Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone. We have submitted our EOI for 189 and 190 NSW around October and November 2017 and the wait is honestly the absolute worst. Can anyone please tell me how long it took to receive their invitation to apply from the date of submitting EOI? More specifically if you received your 190 NSW ITA or if you are an Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General) and how long it took for you to receive your ITA. Thanks in Advanced
  8. What is the situation around invitation times for a 190 visa? The SkillSelect website doesn't appear to be up to date as it still says the current invitation round is in March and the next invitation round will be on 4 April. I launched a 190 visa for NSW with 70 points (75 with SS) early April. Does anyone (agents) on here have estimated waiting times for an EOI with 70 points? Or is it more likely that I'll only get an invitation after June?
  9. Hello We submitter our EOI on the 24th of October this year for a 189 Visa. So far we haven't heard a single thing. I was just wondering if this is normal?? Does submitting it mean we can just watch the draw's every two weeks and wait for an email that approves us? I'm a little lost on the process ... Thanks.
  10. Hi everyone, Thanks for the informative and friendly forum! I'm hoping someone can advise me on the following: I'm ready to lodge my EOI for 189 / 190 with electronic engineer as occupation, so need at least 65 points (also for 190 sponsorship). I'm certain of 60 (age, english, degree) and need to claim at least 5 for work experience. I already have my english test result and a positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia, BUT I had opted not to have work experience assessed by EA at the time. My work experience is complicated as some is from 2007/8, some while employed at university (not academic role, but in a tech spinout project), some while finishing a masters part time, some software dev etc, therefore hard to predict how much will be deemed 'relevant'. I reckon I have up to 5.5y, but have read some horror stories about this, with obvious risk of visa being denied due to 'over claiming' in EOI. Now, my plan is as follows: Lodge the EOI with 65 so long to get in line, then apply to EA for work experience assessment (wait up to 8wks) and based on the outcome, either 1. leave the EOI as is (3-5y), 2. update to 70pts (>5y) 3. withdraw (<3y) and wait for my wife's nursing registration and skills assessment (~6months) for extra 5p. Now, I realise it's a big no-no to lodge an EOI while the skills assesment is still pending, but as far as I can tell this isn't a problem with experience assessment so what I'm proposing should be OK. Any thoughts / similar experiences / suggestions? Thanks for your time, Karel
  11. HI everyone On the 1st page of the EOI it asks if the applicant is a citizen of any other countries. My wife has a french passport and she is the applicant. Obviously we have to say yes! but what are the implications? WIll we need to get french police clearance??? I am the additional / secondary applicant and i have a german passport. Would the same apply to me? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. JJ
  12. Hi Everybody, Quick question. According to my skills assessment, I can claim 4 of the past 6 years in my current position. When completing the EOI, where do I indicate that I only claim 4 years? There is a section to specify employment. For each section you specify whether it is related to your chosen occupation. If you choose related, it says that this will award points. Do I need to split this employment into 2 years not claiming and 4 years claiming?
  13. Morning, hoping somebody can provide some insight please, not sure I am understanding this process.... We submitted an EOI on 2 August with my hubby as main applicant with 70 points. His birthday is coming up before the next EOI invitation round, putting him in the next age category, 5 points less, thus 65 points. From the website (http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Skil/3-august-2016-round-results), if I understand it correctly, accountants are now selected from 20 June 2016 with minimum 70 points. This is still 3 August's data, but new data is not yet available. Does this mean we missed it now? Should we work on Plan B to get back to 70 points? I can have my skills accredited and write the English exam for the 5 spousal points. Thoughts? Experience?
  14. Hi All, our agent is taking the piss at the moment and is taking forever to review documents that don't need to be reviewed. IELTS passed with 7+ and Skills assessment passed successfully. Is it a problem if we submit the EOI now, and they also submit an EOI? the next round is next week, and cannot afford to miss another round. we have 65 points for the 189. Regards
  15. Hi I am about to submit the supporting documents for 190 NSW State Sponsorship and have an URGENT question...!!! They ask "Do you have any dependents?" so does this apply to a Partner/Spouse or only Children? Thank you Dependent Question - State Sponsorship.docx
  16. Hi all Firstly I want to thank every one on this forum for freely sharing information that have made step 1 a breeze for me. I just received my Positive Skills Assessment from Engineering Australia. It came out as I hoped it would, where they recognize all my years experience, allowing me 15 points, and recognizing my qualification as equivalent to a 4 year Bachelor Degree, allowing me to claim 15 points there as well. So I will be lodging with 65 points. I think I will be on the skillselect system by the February invitation rounds. I now have a few questions. 1) the EA letter says my occupation is Engineering Technologist, with ANZCO Code 233914. It is on the SOL. However my Bachelors Degree and experience is in Mining Engineering, and wanted a 189 as Mining Engineer (Excluding Petroleum) which is also on the SOL. Should I lodge as Engineering Technologist, as the letter says, or as Mining Engineer? 2) Do I need to have ready the documents of dependants, who are the secondary applicants in this case? i.e. passports, birth certificates, etc? My wife doesn't have a birth certificate, but has a passport. can that cover? 3) Can I go ahead and apply for the dreaded Police Clearance Certificate before receiving an invite, or do I need to wait for the invite, or for when a CO is assigned after invite? 4) Can I go ahead and do medicals before invite or do I need to wait for invite or start application? Thanks.
  17. cutecutter

    EOI lodged!

    Hi everyone!! This is my first time posting.. We have just lodged our EOI, Civil engineer with 60 points. (189 visa). Is this the part where the anxiety and impatience starts?? How long do you guys recon we are going to wait to receive an invite? I know 60 points is not that much but crossing fingers!!
  18. Hi, I have submitted Expression of Interest (EOI)yesterday. Is anyone out there who submitted EOI after 18th Dec which was the last invitation round for the year. What is the 1st date of invitation round for next year ?
  19. Hi All, So at the moment I have a lot going on for me, all VERY positive and exciting. I have been working as a Systems Analyst for the past few years and my skills assessment was also successful in this category. I have recently been made an offer of employment for a really wonderful company as an ICT Business Analyst and I am excited to start this new venture. I read a few comments on the page stating that one should not stop "living" here in SA because you are applying for a VISA so I jumped at this opportunity as it is going to give me new experiences and exposure in a company I have always wanted to work for ( and they have offices in Aus). Before being told that I was successful for this job I had already submitted my EOI and to date have not yet received an invitation. I have a few concerns now and would like some advise from those who may have had the same experience or the agents on this page. 1. Will I have to change my EOI on 1 Sept ( My new start date) and will this change my EOI submission date to 1 September? 2. If I am changing job titles to another ANSCO code will this impact me at all, as they are in the same category in any case? 3. Can I update my new job information now ( add an end date to my current employment and the start date of new employment) - this seems dishonest and I cannot take chances... I also have the option of applying for the 190 Visa for NSW, when are the invites for these VISA's sent? Thanks in advance, Tashy
  20. neethlingdutoit

    New Member

    Hi All, I have been following this forum for a couple of years from the moment my wife and I decided to get the process started to immigrate to Aus. We started our application process in February 2013 and obtained our Skills assessment in September 2013 and IELTS in the same year as well. We relocated twice since then in South Africa to follow job opportunities with our application in the back of our minds. We knew that my Skills Assessment will expire in the beginning of September 2015 and needed to get our EOI and application in as soon as possible. I lodged EOI on 20th June 2015 on SOL 26131 classification and was invited to apply yesterday. I don't have any burning questions at the moment. Just wanted to let you guys know what my time line for EOI looked like and introduced myself. Now on with the application process!
  21. Hi guys, Just got a very good e-mail this morning. ICAA has given me a positive assessment and deem my ND and BTech to be equal to an Aus BA. Also they deem all of my work experience submitted as suitable. So that being said would like to ask for some of your thoughts and help with the points I would be able to claim on the EOI (because I really DON'T want to over claim or stuff it up some other way). I think that I would be able to claim points as follows: Age - 30 (I only turn 33 in October) English - 10 (I got at least 7's across the board in IELTS) Qualifications - 15 (Degree equal to Aus BA as per ICAA assessment) Work Experience - 15 (9 years from 01/01/2006 to date as per ICAA assessment) Total = 70 It would be great to be able to claim the 70, but I feel very apprehensive about this because don't know if the person that will decide on my application will have the same outlook on this as I do on the points. Any help would be of great guys (as always ) Cheers
  22. I'm fizzing with excitement! My husband has just called to say he received notification of his EOI being approved :-) :-) I know it's not the visa yet, but it really feels like the first massive approval from the country that we're hoping to call home one day. We were both surprised, he has 60 points as the main applicant and he'd booked and paid to rewrite IELTS this coming weekend to increase his score (much to his disgust, now he's practically whooping with excitement haha) - I think he's so relieved that he doesn't have to rewrite the blasted thing, not sure if it's his prayers that were answered, or mine :-) So now, onto the next step, applying for the actual visa. I just wanted to share this excitement with folks who understand what this means, and share some hope with those in the same boat - we're doing this visa thing without an agent and only 60 points - it seems attainable now! Good luck to everyone going through this!!
  23. Hi folks, My husband has submitted his EOI for a PR189 with the score he obtained for the IELTS he did in October, but is considering doing the IELTS again to obtain a better score, so that he can increase his points on the EOI (he loses 5 points at his next birthday). He's asked me to pose the following question: if he sits for the IELTS again, and gets a worse score than the first test, does he have to use the latest IELTS score and update his EOI, or can he use the best score, whichever test that came from? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi Everyone, I hope you're having an amazing week! I'm thrilled to say that we finally received our final unabridged birth certificate 2 weeks ago (6 months after applying); and this morning, my husband's positive skills assessment arrived in the post - woohoo! Now we can finally apply for the EOI with all documents in place for this stage. I'm wanting to submit the EOI but want to make absolutely sure I don't make any mistakes, as we're not working through an agent. Please advise on the following: My husband's skills assessment from Engineers Australia states that his "...qualification meets the current academic requirement for standing as a Professional Engineer (Skill level 1) in Australia....", and "Your above qualification has been assessed as broadly comparable to an Australian Bachelor degree for the purposes of awarding points for qualifications under the General Skilled Migration Points test." My question refers: http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/189.aspx - in the section for points based on Qualifications, which of the following does he qualify for: At least a bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or other degree of a recognised standard 15 OR An award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation 10 Your help is much appreciated!
  25. Hi All, Hoping for some advice. I will be getting my Skills Assessment tomorrow from Aus finally. So I now will have my PCC, my Birth Certificate, all other docs will be certified and the Skills Assessment, the only thing I will be outstanding is my Unabridged Birth Certificate which I applied for on the 12th September. Should I submit my EOI now or should I wait till I have my Unabridged Birth Certificate? Thanks in advance. Cheers Paul
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