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Found 14 results

  1. Dear Forum Members I am hoping someone can help me out with some Vetassess questions. I am applying under the Environmental Research Scientist occupation. 1. I have a PhD degree (awarded in 2019) and a Masters degree (awarded in 2008). I have obviously included my degree certificates and transcripts for my postgraduate degrees on Vetassess. What is the requirement regarding listing undergraduate degrees if this is clear on the transcript I have submitted. The reason I am asking this question is because I have misplaced my actual certificates for my undergraduate degrees so I cannot list them individually on my vetassess application at this stage. 2. My PhD research was directly related to my main job responsibilities and all the work undertaken was during official hours in order to complete tasks required by my employer. I am able to show this with the evidence I have provided. When listing my PhD qualification - it asks for study mode. I was neither full-time or part-time so I chose OTHER from the drop down menu. As an explanation I included that it was "completed during work hours as part of my day to day responsibilities". Will vetassess have an issue with this? I was remunerated at my standard salary rate for this work done. Any advice from those who have been through this process before would be much appreciated :)
  2. HadEnoughofJuju

    Early Childhood Teachers

    Hi everyone, found this while I was trolling Seek for work. Thought it may be useful to someone who may need extra points through sponsorship. Check out this job on SEEK: Teacher early childhood - sponsorship visas - Australia from Randstad - Education - https://www.seek.com.au/job/36080726
  3. Lize87

    Psychology studies

    Good day everyone This is my first post to this forum and I'm looking forward to your responses. I'm currently practicing as a dietitian in South Africa, while studying at UNISA (long distance learning) for psychology. I'm only in my second year of studies now, and I'm thinking of immigrating to Australia within the next year or two. So here are my questions: 1) Will my 3 year certificate in psychology studies from UNISA be recognized in Australia? 2) What are my options in continuing my studies in Australia to become a registered psychologist? 3) What are my requirements and cost for further studying in Australia to become a psychologist? 4) Is there good job opportunities for psychology in Australia? Thank you so much, I will sincerely appreciate any advice as I would like to make an informed decision into this new and exciting realm.
  4. WayneAndMel

    Further studies in Oz?

    I was wondering if anyone here has had experience or knowledge in either of two respects pertaining to obtaining further qualifications while in Oz? First, are there any realistic options open to skilled immigrants around part time studies with Australian institutions similar to UNISA? By that question it would be whether a) they offer such courses, b) skilled immigrants could enjoy the same costs of tertiary education as citizens do and c) whether prior South African qualifications would help get one to at least get enough credit (or however they determine entrance) for one to be let in altogether even if starting from scratch? Otherwise, what about those who have studied through UNISA while in Oz? How did you find it and was it worthwhile/not worthwhile? Was it logistically feasible or was UNISA/the SA postal service an administrative issue? And to both approaches, can you also stagger the number of courses you'd do early on to be low; then scale up in subsequent terms as one's family settles down fully?
  5. kleynhansjan

    Afrikaans in Australia

    We have only been here in Australia for 9 months but I already feel that my Afrikaans is deteriorating. I would also love for my children to be able to speak Afrikaans. I can teach them everything that they need to know but would love for them to be able to complete some sort of examination to prove that they are fluent in "Die Taal". Are there any organization in Australia that offers some sort of formal tuition in Afrikaans?
  6. Hi All, We are new to the forum and we are about to submit our expression of interest letter and all of a sudden all these questions that we've been holding back on are bubbling to the surface. By God's grace we will hopefully land by end 2015. I'm worried about my eldest who is in grade 4 this year. Would any of you recommend extra English lessons prior to our departure? Or any extra classes to assist with the conversion from Afrikaans to English schooling? Please share any of your experiences? Thanks!
  7. This is a great initiative that I'm sure will be of use to South African teachers coming to Oz or Saffers with kids who have just started school or who will be starting school soon. It's a series of videos that offer these parents advice on modern teaching methods and what is expected of parents these days. So much has changed over the years and Australian has some different teaching methods like Montessori and the Walker method. My boy is 8 and find it quite different to when I was at school https://www.youtube.com/user/LearnEarly
  8. Much to my surprise and delight, I have had to enroll my now 4 year old for prep 2014. All of the state schools in our area are controlled by the Queensland Enrollment Management Plan; that is you have to live in the right catchment area. This may even boil down to the right address in the right street, they can even look up the number of the house to tell you if you are eligible or not. Registration for prep & high school for 2014 opened on 01 March! So to ensure that my little one secures one of the 90 places at the school that we favour (and which by our own stupidity is in a different catchment area) he has now been enrolled for 2014. (We transferred his older brother to the same school about 3 weeks ago but that is a different story) Good luck to all the parents out there hoping to find a place at the school that is right for your child!
  9. Ek wil graag by julle weet. Ons trek vanaf afrikaanse platteland na die stad, maar immigreer eers oor drie jaar. Plaas ek vir sus (tans Graad1 in Afrikaanse plattelandse skool) volgende jaar (Graad 2) in 'n Engelse skool in die stad of 'n Afrikaanse skool? Ek en hubby het gedink engels om vir die Aus aanpassing voorsiening te maak, maar ons kry sterk teenkanting van vriende en familie en onderwysers. Maar hulle weet nie van die immigrasie planne nie. Ek verstaan kinders in stad word eintlik tweetalig groot, maar sy gaan in elk geval ontwrig word in onderrig taal, so hoekom nie nou al nie? Ek wil graag 'n ingeligte besluit neem en soek raad asb. My werk verplaas my. Die kantore is in die Waterkloof omgewing. ** Dankie vir almal se opinies sover. Dit word ter harte geneem Navorsing tot dusver: http://www.yourparenting.co.za/child/learn/big-school/huistaal-skooltaal-watter-taal Ek stem saam dat onderrig in moedertaal beter is. Dit maak net sin, maar ek dink mens moet dit in perspektief sien. Hiermee bedoel ek itv emigrasie. En dit was aanvanklik die kriteria wat bepalend vir my besluit sou wees.
  10. Hi guys, when did you apply for schooling? Before leaving (online, etc) or after arrival? It seems such a rush to suss out schools and get applications in if one is arriving early Dec and school starts mid Jan... Also with catchment areas, what if you don't have a permanent place to rent yet? How did you all go about this? Thanks
  11. Hi I am hoping someone can give some advice on Ellenbrook Christian College and any other schools around The Vines and / or Ellenbrook. We are planning to be in Aus by January for our 5 year old to start school, and then also have a 2 year old and a 1 year old, so are looking at school for all 3 of them. Anyone with kids or firsthand info about Ellenbrook Christian College? Alternatively we also like Hillary's and are not sure which schools would be in that area and how they compare to Ellenbrook? Any suggestions / alternatives to investigate would be highly appreciated!! Thanks
  12. hi We are in the final stages of our visa,and will be moving to Perth. I would really appreciate if anyone could let us know which are the good schools in Perth to look at for my daughter,she is 5 years old. I would also like to know where you would suggest we start looking for a place to live/which areas? I would appreciate any info you may have thanks
  13. onefootout

    good schools in adelaide

    After 3 long years our visa application has finally been approved! We'll be relocating to adelaide and one of our primary concerns is schooling for the kids (currently 7yrs old and in grade 1 and 18 months old). Our eldest is in a fantastic private school at the moment(after having been moved at the end of his first from his private school where the standards were just not up to scratch). My understanding is that the education system in Oz is great so we're not too concerned about moving to a government school. We'll be visiting in Sept/Oct to validate the visas and would like to visit some of the schools to get a feel for them. My eldest is very active and fully immerses himself in all his extra murals taking part in anything from chess to lego to rugby. Lately he has taken an in interest in music and does guitar as one of his school lessons. We're looking for a school that is well rounded and offers a variety of activities so that our kids can try lots of different things to see where their talents and interests lie. Not sure if this is even the set up in the australian school system? Any suggestions or help on what to look for (or where) would be great. So far we're thinking Eastern suburbs??? Thanks a million.....
  14. AGenerationLost

    Research Participation Opportunity

    Hi For my HSC (equivalent to Matric) I am doing a major work in Society in Culture. As an Afrikaner immigrant to Australia, I find it fascinating to consider the opportunities I have in Australia - however, I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like had I stayed in South Africa. As such, the question for my major work is to find whether it is better for an Afrikaner child to immigrate to Australia or to remain in South Africa. Any assistance you can provide in the form of ideas (posted here or on my blog) or through taking one of my Questionnaires (from my blog) and returning it to me. My blog address is: www.agenerationlost.org Every voice counts and the more information I have, the more successful my project will be. Thank you very much for your assistance, I greatly appreciate your insights
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