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  1. Hello Everyone Any recommendations on which shipping company is cost effective and reliable from SA to Australia? And how much does it cost. I'm assuming the common container size to send over is 20ft. I will get some quotes, but recommendations will make the research easier. Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone! We are starting the process of the big move! It is so overwhelming to go through everything in the house that we have decided to take a container. But we are so unsure what to take... we realise Australia is pretty expensive...so we should pretty much take everything... What are peoples thoughts on taking the following: * Fridges * Washing machine * Dishwasher * Microwave * Various small appliances * Beds (Queen and 2 x single) * Dining and lounge furniture Also we were thinking of taking our car. Is it worth taking the car from South Africa and is there a lot of paperwork/admin around bringing a car in? Any advice on what to bring and how to be practical with the move will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. NastashaBrandsma

    Brand New Questions

    Hi everyone! So we are BRAND NEW to the immigration process. My husband and I have just paid for our Stage One (skills assessment and English tests) and I would like to touch on some general questions we have and will hopefully gain some knowledge from those in the know! Firstly, is it easy to purchase a car in Australia with absolutely no credit history? We would like to pay the car in cash, fully, and not pay it off monthly. Secondly, what is the honest opinion of taking a container over? We do have stunning furniture but there isn't anything that we have to have, we are ok to part with everything. Has anyone set up a house for 4 yet and what's the average cost to do so? Thirdly, and this weighs so heavily on my heart: our dogs. Is there a maximum amount of dogs you can have in Oz? We currently have 6 dogs, 4 inside small dogs and 2 outside big dogs. They are our babies but 2 are extremely skittish and I'm so stressed out that they won't make the flight. And, we currently have a massive property with ample space. Are there properties in Oz that can comfortably handle 6 dogs (please bear in mind that they are SPOILT!) This forum has already been so helpful and I look forward to any feedback! Thank you Nastasha
  4. Hello all. Our container was off-loaded in Sydney last Tuesday but we have heard nothing since then. I contacted Conroys yesterday and was told the standard "10 days for clearance and then it will be transferred to a different department for delivery". How long did everyone else wait? I would love my washing machine and my bed! (handwashing for 5 people......so much fun!)
  5. We are still deciding if we should use a moving cube or container to move our most sentimental things to Australia. Have anyone ever taken breakables over like photoframes with glass in front, glass salad bowls, decanters etc? Or is this not recommended? I am worried that all of it will just break. We got really nice glassware for our wedding as gifts and would really like to take this with us.
  6. Hi everyone! I've been very quiet, but we are now happily settled in Brisbane and loving it!!!! Our container has apparently arrived in Brisbane (what we've seen via tracking) but we only move into our unfurnished apartment on the 10th of Feb. Does anyone know how much they charge roughly for storage until we move in? Also, our apartment will be on the third floor...I know they charge extra for that...anyone know roughly how much?? We're trying to budget, everything seems to cost a lot more than you anticipate. Thanks!
  7. We are planning on sending our household goods from Durban to Melbourne end of November. We estimate that we would send about 17m of stuff. I was told that if they can fill a container the stuff will arrive faster and apparently they look around at other companies as well to fill a container thus helping both. I am going with Cargopac (but could be persuaded to go with someone else). I was wondering whether anyone else has half a container going to Melbourne in Nov/Dec/Jan. Maybe we can tell the companies about each other and ensure that our loads go sooner.
  8. Hi All, So we had two suppliers meet with us today, Bidulphs and Pickfords. Thursday is AG Frasers and Stuttafords. It appears from today's review that a 40ft container is an imminent need. Can you please let me know your past experiences and who you found the most cost effective, but also good with service delivery and time keeping on arrival. What costs should we be aware of? What hidden costs should we be aware of? What risks should we be aware of? Your help once again would be greatly appreciated.
  9. shannonc4

    Beds and their sizes

    Over the last few months, we have been sorting and rummaging through our and have been deliberating on whether or not to take our bed and linen. From what we have been told by family and friends who have gone over, we should not bother taking our bed or linen as the bed sizes in Aus are different. After thinking about this for awhile we decided to do some research as we did some mock on-line shopping the other day and found linen to be hellishly more expensive than RSA. We came to find that it is possible to take over your bed and linen from RSA. For an Australian Single, buy a South African Single For an Australian Double, buy a South African Double For an Australian Queen, buy a South African Queen Extra Length For an Australian Super King, buy a South African King Extra Length All sizes are in cm's, this is a combination of Wikipedia information and from online shops in both Australia and South Africa
  10. Hey all, We're moving to Melbourne in June and we're looking into the pros and cons of moving our two cars as well, versus buying there. Anyone moved cars successfully? Our main question would be whether we would be allowed to sell the one car soon after arrival. There is a restriction that you need to have owned your SA car in SA for more than 12 months. I guess this prevents you from buying new in SA prices, then moving them over, which would dent the Aussie car market. However, are there restrictions on how long you have before you can sell the cars on the Australian side? We're going to go with much more modest cars in Australia, but our SA cars are worth a good amount in the used market in Australia, so it almost makes sense to pay to have them taken over there; then sell them there. We have been quoted R75k for a single car in a single container, excluding duties, and around R160k for two cars together in a 40 foot container...
  11. We have a few items which just wouldn't squeeze into our main container... So I was wondering if there is anyone who is looking at doing a groupage container (our goodies are with a shipping company at the moment but they just can't seem to get enough to fill a container to send). Alternatively is there is anyone who has about a cubic meter to spare in their container which is bound for Adelaide?!
  12. Question: Has anyone done the packing of a container and then the actual shipping themselves? (i.e. not using an agent) We are looking to move towards the end of this year and need to start thinking about our moving. My Father In Law (FIL) is in shipping and more specifically stevedoring type work. He has most kindly offered that he (his company) will provide us with a 20 foot container (I will have to find out the cost of this) and pack it for us! Im very grateful but am a little worried as to what to do after that? I will quiz him a little more, but was wondering if anyone has actually done all the paperwork, arranging inspections etc all by themselves? Can one get just an agent to do this without them packing the container? What exactly happens once the container drives down the round (to the harbour I presume)? Your shared experiences would be most welcome.
  13. We are looking at shipping companies, and managed to shortlist it down to a few based on people's experiences and opinions on this site. We were almost settled on CargoPak when I read a few threads on how dreadful they were for Adelaide, specifically when sharing a container. We will not be sharing a container, and the thread is now quite a few years old, so possibly things have changed? I was hoping for some up-to-date honest opinions from people who have landed in Adelaide within the last year or 2, and if possible approximations of how long it took. (I believe it takes longer to Adelaide than the bigger cities). Thanks so much! Only 309 more sleeps!! Ros
  14. Hi All, I have seen several threads regarding suggested removal companies, but can anyone recommend a company that is Durban-based? We want to take a 6 meter (20ft) container. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  15. Neels

    What or what not info..

    The one common threat that can be found in almost all topics, replies and/or requests is the uncertainty by most people of what you can take or are not allowed to take and if you take it what if any will the cost implications be. During my "studies" to get some information regarding taking certain sporting equipment and a trailer in the container and shipping it to Melbourne, Australia, I found the website for FIDI... FIDI is the global alliance of professional international moving and relocation companies, specialised in moving household goods and personal effects from one country to another, from one continent to another, according to the best quality standards. On the FIDI website I found a PDF file (here attached as Australia-2.pdf) with info on Goods, Documents Required, Customs Prescriptions, Remarks. It answered most of my concerns regarding what or what not... I hope it comes in handy, and that it may help answer a few questions or uncertainties anybody might have. Australia-2.pdf
  16. Good day, I arrived in Brisbane about 3 weeks ago and are loving it. I realised that I have underestimated the weather and need to get 1 or 2 boxes send over with a few things. Therefore if anyone is sending a container over from Cape Town to Brisbane and has space for 1 or 2 boxes (+/- size: 39x43x52 cm), could you please contact me? I would contribute to your costs. Thank you. Liezel
  17. Hi guys Do any of you remember how long it took for your container to clear customs and be delivered to your house once it arrived in Aus? Our vessel docked on the 5th. The reason I need to know is that we are also coming to an end of our housesitting arrangement (14th), our house should be completely ready to move in by the 17th. So I hoped that the container would arrive then. We do have a friend that we can stay with in the meantime,,,,The official party line from the removal company is 10-14 days. I am just checking how realistic that is. Thanks
  18. The OOCL Panama arrived in Port Melbourne Dock on the 7th December 2013!! Beeeeuuuutiiiifulll!!! You 'Beauty! She came all the way from Singapore where our container was transferred over, then docked to Brisbane, then Sydney & finally in Melbourne.
  19. Hi there, this thread follows on from the previous one dedicated to the VISA application part of our process to move to Australia (http://www.saaustralia.org/index.php/topic/37767-never-expected-this-but-saw-it-coming-part-3-the-visa-application/page-1). In this thread we will journal/diarise the whole process of getting our behinds to Australia, before the 31 October 2013 deadline. Now is the time for our BIG ESCAPE
  20. I would highly recommend Cargopak for all those forumites researching which moving company to use. They are based in Durban but also work in Joburg/Pretoria areas. Their prices were similar to the other companies that I received quotes from. Dave is on site while your boxes are packed and the container is loaded and they were accurate to within 1 cubic metre. We took a 40 foot container which was about 90% full. In contrast, Magna Thomson said we would need a high volume 40 foot container! This might be the difference between a 20 foot and 40 foot for some people. I will update once our container arrives in December.
  21. My wife is currently on our LSD trip in Brisbane (has family there) and Darwin and she had a wonderful day on the Brisbane river. Tomorrow she is off to Darwin as we have a NT State sponsored Visa. I also got my quote from Bayley's for a 20ft container - R92k ..................... Ouch Anyone else shipped there recently as I know the Bayley's quotes are mostly in the region of R60-R65k.
  22. Hello, we are making the big move from S.A. to Australia in February next year. We have already received a quote from a shipping company - the price is R95000 for a 20foot container. Any advice on shipping companies, and does this price sound like too much? Which company did you use?
  23. Hi All Container Cost and Company from Cape Town to Oz...is this reasonable I have been quoted the following from Execu Move I have 2 questions, is Execu Move a reliable company, with a good service history? , and are these costs fair? 1) Shipment of household personal effects packed at residence brought to Execu-move warehouse and loaded into a groupage (shared container) for shipment and delivery to residence – BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA (Delivery within 50km of port) 15 CBM = ZAR 30 237.00 20 CBM = ZAR 38 832.00 2) Shipment of household and personal effects packed at residence into an exclusive use 20 foot / 6 meter container – shipped via Port Of Entry BRISBANE - for delivery to residence BRISBANE - AUSTRALIA 20CBM = ZAR 46 369.00 30CBM = ZAR 49 986.00 ps...CBM is cubic meter Thanks so much ShannonE
  24. For the life of me I'm not picking up anything!! I know of Stuttafords, but who else can anyone recommend? My brain is not working,nor am I finding what I need to through search this morning!! Thks!
  25. Hi all, I've done a quick search on the forum but haven't really found a thread. I'm sure there are discussions about this. Please direct me there or if you want discuss here. We're in the pre-loading the container stage. This means sorting out what to take, what to toss, what to sell... You know the drill. But I'm now hitting a wobbly when it comes to cleaning. I need to know to what extent are we cleaning everything. (1) Like do I go out and purchase a steam cleaning ... thingy-majig or do I use KleenGreen on everything. (2) Do I really re-varnish all the wooden handles on my tools and paint the hammer head with black enamel? (3) The bikes, do they need to be 'like new'? I was thinking a high (steam) preasure machine. The Camping trailer: The trailer will go for a certified cleaning job with x-chemicals and x-gazilion watts of power and should be ok to be loaded in the container after a last cleaning of the wheels and tires once in the container yard... (before loading) My biggie is the tent (95kg of it) that sits on top of the trailer. it has been used once since new. (4) Fumigation? who, where? If you have any experience with bringing a HUGE tent in to Oz, how did you do it, how did it go? (5) Last and very helpful if I can get ideas here: What in your consignment /container caused problems with Quarantine or Customs? Thanks in advance! (19 days... 7 hours and 20 min to take off. ) Here's our trailer: See that great big tent on top... how the heck does that get 'super' clean?
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