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Found 17 results

  1. Hope this is not off-topic! We became Australian Citizens then moved back to RSA for work reasons. We are now looking at returning to Australia after 5 years away and wondering if I can take my 4x4 back to Australia with me, and what duties/taxes I would be required to pay. Any ideas?
  2. Hi guys, I have searched the forum but can't seem to find an answer. So we are off in July and ideally need to buy a car in the first week or so, as we have two toddlers and are not going to be staying close to the train line for my wife to get to work, so I will need to drop her off at the station in the morning. Obviously a private car sale will be a better value-for-money option as they are generally lower mileage vehicles at about 30% cheaper than dealerships. My question is what would the pro's vs cons be for going the private sale route? What documents are needed to buy a car and what do
  3. I have advertised our Mitsubishi ASX on Gumtree and Autotrader to no avail, used Facebook for shares, dropped the price quite a bit and tried webuycars who are offering us next to nothing. I have to sell our car within this week. What is the best way to get rid of the car quickly?
  4. WayneAndMel


    Hi all, are the prices of vehicles the same in all territories or is it better to purchase in one place and drive to another should we not be staying in that territory? Thanks
  5. Hey all, We're moving to Melbourne in June and we're looking into the pros and cons of moving our two cars as well, versus buying there. Anyone moved cars successfully? Our main question would be whether we would be allowed to sell the one car soon after arrival. There is a restriction that you need to have owned your SA car in SA for more than 12 months. I guess this prevents you from buying new in SA prices, then moving them over, which would dent the Aussie car market. However, are there restrictions on how long you have before you can sell the cars on the Australian
  6. Any advice on buying a car in Aus? We're looking to purchase a new vehicle, and I've read that it's a good idea to build a credit history and buy the vehicle on credit - is this correct? I would prefer to buy it cash but can see the value in this approach. What is the best way to finance a vehicle - through the dealer, or going direct to a bank? What about finding a good deal? Is it best to deal with the dealer - Nissan, Toyota, etc - or go through a broker? Thanks.
  7. Hi Our family of four will be immigrating to Australia from PE, SA this Jun/Jul and one of the things I was considering along with our move was to take my car with us. I believe importing your motor vehicle with you to Australia is a very complex and costly issue. My car (BMW X5) doesn't have any sentimental value, but it is paid for and still has a number of years left in it. I have found info on line outlining probable 10% duty and 10% GST, but are there other hidden costs involved? Is there someone who has done this that can give me some advice on whether or not to bother? Cheers Graeme
  8. Hi everyone It looks like we might be making our first trip back to SA - after 6 years! We are going to be spending some time in Cape Town in July of 2015. Thought it would be worth asking if anyone on here has contacts (or are themselves) in possession of a house (and possibly even a car) in Cape Town that is empty around that time that we can do rental on. We can either pay or perhaps do a house swap for an LSD visit - we have a lovely 4 bedroom home in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane. Send me a note on here if interested. Thanks team
  9. 2003 Mitsubishi Magna ES in great condition. Burgundy. 3.5l V6 automatic. 156000km, low kilometers for its age. 4 airbags, electric cloth seats, cold automatic aircon. Cruise control. Large boot. Regularly serviced and very reliable. 2 brand new tires, other 2 tires 50%. 6 months rego. Asking $3500 neg More pics on request. PM me if you are interested.
  10. HadEnoughofJuju

    Car on the Sunny Coast for sale.

    Before I put the car up for sale on the net I figured I would offer it here just in case someone is interested. Kia Sportage, 2006 good condition with 150000 km's. Rego valid until October 2014. No RWC. $7000.00 PM me if you are interested. Also includes a 100000km 5 year warranty which can be transferred to the new owner.
  11. Has anyone been able to rent a car without having a credit card? We are battling. Using a taxi for everything is really going to cost a lot of money in the beginning.
  12. Hi All, so we are arriving in Sept 2013 and will need a family small'ish SUV....what would you recommend for less than AUD30 000....new or 1 year old I have researched Holden Captiva 7&5, Ford Kuga, VW tiguan (bit expensive), Jeep Compass (seem good value) and Kia Sportage. We want to do a bit of camping and some off roading - but not hectic. Tell me your experiences with these or other similar SUV....
  13. Hi We would like to take our car and motorcycle with us when we emmigrate from South Africa to Australia. Can anyone please give me some advice as to what procedures to follow, what documents to complete and what the associated costs are? Thanks!
  14. Hi all, just joined. Got my visa last week, applied in January. Spouse visa. 20 days in total very surprised at the speed Starting to get organised to move, so just a quick question, what paper work etc. do you need to buy a car on arrival. We plan to land in Brisbane mid year. Thanks very much
  15. Hope I am not duplicating another post! My eyes are starting to squint and I have lost all control of the search facility, so I am risking duplication. Does anyone out there know what the procedure would be to take a Vintage car to Oz as part of your "Groot Trek"?
  16. My dear husband just adores 2nd hand cars and has had a v dry spell since our wedding 4 years ago. He is so looking forward to browsing the vehicle market and making that purchase. But we need some advice on where to look for good 2nd hand cars and any tips that you might have, would be greatly appreciated. Also-- what documents will be required in order to do a purchasing transaction? Thanks!!! :-)
  17. Hi all, We decided that it makes sense for us to go and live in South Africa again for a time - business and personal reasons. We are moving at the end of October 2012 after 4 great years in Australia (Adelaide and Perth) where we have met many wonderful people and made life long friends. I have already sold our other vehicle to a dealer here in Mindarie, and the Pajero is available on 31 Oct 2012. It has always been a pleasure to drive and took our family on many great adventures in Australia. If anyone is aware of someone that would be interested in a Pajero with low mileage at a very reaso
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