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Found 19 results

  1. Hello everyone! We (2 Adults and 2 kids) are making our way to Canberra in about 4 months time , and we have a few questions about the Canberra city / surrounding area : Schools: Where are the good primary schools? Suburbs : Where are good family suburbs that have rentals of $400 - $500 pw ? Any suggestions / insight of the general area will be much appreciated! thanks
  2. NickiD

    Child's Passport Renewal

    I have had to renew one of my children's passports since arriving in Sydney. I filled in the form, paid the fee and posted it off to Canberra. I since received an email from the SAHC saying that I needed to also complete the BI-529 and email it back to them. This form is "DETERMINATION OF CITIZENSHIP STATUS" and am I unsure of how to correctly complete the form. My son(s), husband and I were all born in SA, having emigrated in August 2015. I'm not sure how to answer the questions posed to all three of us that ask: "If you were absent from South Africa state - (a) Date(s) of
  3. Hi Everyone, We have been in Melbourne for a few days now and hope to convert our drivers licences at Vic roads on Monday. I see there is a Fee of $18,50. If we convert to Victorian licences and move to Canberra, what will the implications be - does anyone have advice? (Their website doesn't seem as clear as Vicroads) How long can i stay an interstate driver and do I have to convert? - Is there a cost associated? Is it better to convert now to Victoria and then again in a month or so? Should I just drive on my RSA license and convert
  4. MarieM

    Newbie to Canberra

    Hi all, I've been living in Timor-Leste for the past 3 years, where I met me a nice Aussie Diplomat - so I'm following the man over the waters back to Canberra. We've been back and forth 4 times this past year and going again in December for a few weeks - mostly to go stock the house we just bought in Canberra - and the official move is 10 Feb. How many SA's in Canberra? Probably not too many - not the place I thought I'd be moving to, if I ever moved to Australia! Haha So, my partner-visa is due for final processing by April, and until then I get to amuse myself
  5. Jasper

    7 months in...

    It seems the Canberra community forum needs a bit of love, and I remember how useful it was for me in the planning phase to look back on people's opinions and thoughts as they've gone through it, and how things go in the initial months. So I thought I should jump back in and give an update - mine being the last one from just a few weeks in - now over 7 months in. My wife and I arrived at the end of January, in Canberra. Where I quickly got started at a job I found on arrival, while my wife still searched through February and most of March. She was eventually employed through meeting people a
  6. Well, my wife and I have now been in Canberra for a few weeks. We landed in Sydney on the 22nd of January, and drove through on the morning of the 23rd - with an incredibly early start owing to jetlag which after 11000km is no joke! I also highly recommend driving in to the ACT, it's a light drive (3 hours) and offers up beautiful scenery you would otherwise miss entirely. Upon arrival, we had set up to stay at the Ibis Canberra (old Formula 1) until the end of January, with a hire car until then too, to allow us time to settle in and find our roots. The key was to get employed, homed, and buy
  7. Hi Everyone! I am a clinical trial research pharmacist. Got VETASSESS approval, but now I need a job offer from Canberra (according to my migration agent- are they not supposed to be linked to recruiting agents too?). Any advice is welcome :-)
  8. Toitjie

    My first job in Australia

    I thought it might be a good idea to split this from my journal, as finding a job must be the nr 1 stressor after actually getting the visa! I told a friend yesterday that waiting for the visa, we all think our lives are in limbo, but after this period in Australia, waiting to land a job, I realised that waiting for the visa was nothing, my life went on, I had a job to go to. Here I was literally living in limbo, waiting for a job, seeing my bank balance decrease daily and calculating how much longer I can survive before we had to take more drastic action and start looking at Sydney or Melbour
  9. Hi My in-laws are returning to SA and have a number to things to sell. This would suite a couple or small family starting out in Canberra. The items include: Double bed + headboard Bedside tables dressing table 2 x 2 seater couch TV home theatre 5.1 low TV unit Fridge/freezer washing machine Tumble dryer. You can pay in rands before your leave and we will accept any reasonable offer. Please message me if you interested and I can provide picture Thanks T
  10. Hi All, can any one tell me whats it like living in Canberra? Is it good place for the kids. Thinking of moving their but coming from the uk. We have never been to Oz but know someone that lives there that can help us with renting a house and all the genaral stuff that newbies needs to do ones they inter the country. Is ACT a state by itself or does it fall under NSW? Merry Christmas
  11. Glenno


    Hi All, We are aiming to move to Canberra in January 2014 and I was just wondering how easy or not it is to find work? My wife is a beauty therapist and my background is Sales and Client Service. I will be quite happy to take on work from any decent company and am not to phased about finding any specific job. But I would just like to find out what your experience has been in finding a job on arriving in Canberra? (i.e how long did it take?, did you have to go for loads of interviews etc?) thanks a mill.
  12. Hi Folks, I thought I'd do a short introduction having just joined the forum and amidst the process of this whirlwind! We're a young couple, just starting out our lives together with our dog and heading on to bigger and brighter things - that being the hope of Canberra. Mid-2012 we decided to start looking into immigration in earnest, and I contacted a number of Migration agents to make enquiries. After much back and forth, we realised that it would be impossible to pay the costs of the Migration Agent as well as everything else, and then be able to afford food when we arrived! So, with som
  13. Jasper

    The Road to Canberra

    As part of the process of relieving the stress and strains from the process, perhaps the concept of Journaling wouldn't be altogether a bad idea. I must admit I've never been one for the idea of a journal, nor considered myself one to put my feelings on paper, or bits and bytes for that matter. But lets, shall we? In Chapter 1 of what may potentially be a series of posts on our road to Canberra, we'll see the origin story of our intrepid explorers - who for the sake of the narrative I'll refer to in 3rd person. Nothing more than a literary device for a lazy writer and will most likely slip in
  14. Hi again all So I've been trying to pull a budget together based on expected salaries and expenses. I've used all the resources I could find on the interweb to try and get this as accurate as possible...now I'd like to draw on the experience of the Canberran contingent of SAAus to give me your opinions on where I need to tweak my expectations. Next to each income/expense I've added the source however if you think I'm off the marke please let me know. As it stands, we'll have loads more disposable income in Canberra than we do at the moment in UK doing exactly the same jobs. And that includes a
  15. Annabel

    Anyone moving to Canberra? ACT

    My husband has been offered a position in Brisbane, which he has accepted. We will have to break our lease for our home in Amaroo. If anyone is interested, please PM me. Its a lovely two storey 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, spacious townhouse with a manageable garden. - Double lock up garage with internal access - Separate toilet upstairs and powder room downstairs - Large living, dining and family rooms ... - Small rear courtyard - Balcony, walk-in robe and ensuite off main bedroom $460pw. The agent is Sue Grant from Elders, who accepted our application without us having employment. I know so many p
  16. Hi all, It's been a long time since I visited the forum. How are you all? Life in Canberra is fabulous and we're now getting into our 6th year in Aus. Now I know that most of the people on this forum have kids - sorry, this post isn't for you. This post is for the few of us who, by choice, don't have/want kids. Mr Mupersan & I would love to meet other couples (or singles) who are child free by choice. I've started a fb group, so please join and as soon as we have a few members, I'll organise an event - drinks/coffee/bbq/dinner. Link to the fb group Child Free By Choice - Canberra:
  17. I have been meaning to write about our journey for a while, but I was not sure where to begin or what people wanted read. All I can say is that we are so happy and have met up with many of the amazing people from this forum! So firstly thank you everyone for making our journey that little bit easier. The night before we left SA we decided to go out to Spur one last time to celebrate with family. Big mistake. Both our girls (4yrs & 7yrs) threw up all night long. They were so sick and we wondered if we would ever get on the flight. At 11am they were exhausted and sleeping and had no energy t
  18. claudiodr

    A quick(ish) hello

    Hi everyone I just wanted to introduce myself, explain our story; and hopefully get your input on the dreaded process of applying for a visa! My wife and I are jo'burgers living in the UK (30min outside London). We migrated straight after getting our qualifications back in 2007 but after 6 years of mud, mould and sun-less summers we've decided to take the plunge, pack up and start over in Aus. It was a tough decision, my brothers are both in the UK and my folks returned to Portugal after 50 odd years in Africa to be closer to the kids...and now we're moving half way around the world again! Als
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