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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, We decided last night to immigrate to Australia. My partner and I are both chartered accountants and I will move within my firm (i.e. TSS visa). I received an offer from my company for AUD 137,000 p.a. My partner will resign from his current job and will have to look for something when we arrive (expected April/May 2019 depending on visa process). Looking to the folk in Sydney, how comfortable would a life in Sydney be compared to SA? I know this is subjective, but if we spent AUD4,000 to 6,000 p/m on rent (want to cut back on travel time), it does not really leave a lot of room for other necessities if your monthly salary is about AUD 7,000 for the first few months until my partner finds something in Sydney. Compared to SA, the offer in Sydney is about 1,7 times my current salary and I have read that to maintain the same quality of life, you require about double your current salary. Is this a good rule of thumb? We are happy to dip into savings, but obviously do not want to be worse off in Sydney compared to Jozi. Any thoughts from anyone out there?
  2. Hi All, This is my first post to the forum. My wife and I have been pondering for a good few years (Since 2011) on whether we should pack up and go or stay and pray that things will get better in SA. Our first child was born in June 2017 and that forced us to have a longer term perspective and to reflect (yet again) on our life strategy and options. I am not going to go into all the reasons as to why we have come to this decision (those have been discussed ad nauseam in many threads), what is more important is that we have made the decision we are moving to Brisbane in early 2019. My wife is a civil engineer and has been very fortunate to secure a job with a large multi-national consulting company that is assisting us with a visa (482) and relocation. At the moment we are in the process of preparing all the documentation that is required for the visa (Deloitte is assisting with the application). I am an Industrial Engineer and I have been working in the Supply Chain space for Large FMCG companies with experience in Continuous Improvement (as a Six Sigma Black Belt), Inventory optimisation, Supply Chain Network Modelling, Sales & Operational Planning, Factory Logistics, Analytics, Reporting and compiling business cases for strategic projects. I also completed my Mba this year with Wits Business School. I have been actively looking and applying for Jobs on Seek and LinkedIn but have had no response (not even an email) as yet. I am thus seeking advice from people that have made the move as to what the best approach should be to secure a job. My wife's income should be enough for us to get by but I also want to and need to work. Please let me know if you know any specific agents I can contact in Brisbane are if I should take a different approach. Are my chances better of finding something after we have landed? Secondly, I have put together the following budget and I am looking for any feedback on if I am over/underestimating costs: Expenses Item Per Week Description Rent $ 500 Looking to live in a 2 bedroom flat close to the CBD Household $ 150 Electricity, Gas, Water, Internet, Mobile Phones, Netflix Daycare $ 300 I estimate $100 per day but deducted the subsidy if both parents are working. Healthcare $ 105 Comprehensive cover with extras for 2 adults and a baby (1.5 years) Cars+Fuel/Travel $ 100 We will buy a car cash for leisure and use mainly public transport for work Groceries $ 300 Dining $ 100 Once a week in an average restaurant Recreation $ 100 Weekend spending for entertainment Misc $ 200 Anything not already specified Total $ 1,855 Thank you in advance for any information you are willing to share. Kind Regards Z Prinsloo
  3. I have just done a new updated budget, I trust you will find it helpful. As budgets can be very specific for the area that you live in and the State that you live in, please note that this budget is for us living in Sunbury, Victoria. SAAustralia Budget.xlsx
  4. Wessmuts

    Let’s get going

    Good day we are in the process of finalising visa applications, but we already have a signed job offer so it is jusy a matter of time. My concern is the salary. I will not be working at first and my husband is on a package of 175k per year plus perks totalling 320 including 30k super. Is this enough to live well in Rockhampton on the Capricorn coast? I have looked at some of the budgets online here but still cannot get a feel for what is a good income for 2 people. I understand it depends a number of factors and I am prepared to take a lifestyle knock but I am just not sure how rough it will be.
  5. The recent post about having a baby in the public system got me thinking and I remember how daunting it was to move to a new country not having the local knowledge of how things work and what is available to you. Although I've been in Australia long enough to actually have that sought after little book, I am still learning about all things baby related as I am a first time mum. Unfortunately it was too late for me to utilise some of the things as I did not know about it soon enough. I'm based in FNQ and as usual things differ from state to state and even from town to town but you should have something similar in your community. If you know of any more programs please add them to the list as I am currently on maternity leave so saving $$$ is a must. The things I love so far and most are free (all of this is based on my experiences so please keep that in mind): Bounty Bags. These bags are by far the best promotional bags I have ever received. They have 3 different bags. Mother to be bag, New mother bag and the nest steps bag that is either for a boy or a girl. Just do a google search and you will find the distribution points. For me the 3rd bag is the best. My local Community Health Centre. Some of the available weekly programs. The new parents group. I absolutely loved this group. It is a 8 week program and you will cover topics about feeding, sleeping, oral hygiene. One week we had an occupational therapist talking and showing what you can do to help your baby's development. They also don't force their views on you. For instance when they covered feeding it was not all about breast is best. The most covered topic that week was actually solids, then formula and then breastfeeding. To be honest most of the time was spend socialising. You can join anytime but I would suggest to phone up and ask about the next start date. Our group still do weekly meet ups. Newborn Drop In Clinic - I never used this as we had at home visits and my LO was a premmie so we also had hospital follow ups with a paediatrician. Well Baby Drop in Clinic for baby 8 weeks and older - see note below Immunisation Drop in Clinic - I have used this clinic once but I would suggest going to your local GP as it is on first come first serve bases and we waited for about 45 minutes. Even though the GP I used was not a bulk billing doctor I did not pay for this appointment. Local Early Years Centre. Some of the available weekly programs. ABC Music and Me - A program promoting early literacy Play and Grow - Early learning play experiences Infant Massage - 5 week program. I would have loved this but you have to book and I missed the latest one and for the next one my LO will be too old as the baby must be pre crawling Move baby Move - Explore, grow and play Bring your Baby to the Movies - for this one you must pay $10 but for me it is money well worth spending. Up here it is run by Event Cinemas. They show some of the latest block busters a few weeks after opening. The lights are only dimmed and the sound is not so loud. They even have a parking space for your pram. Mumbalates. It is sponsored by our regional council. Its a free weekly workout event for mums and their bubs. Local Library. They have weekly events but it is at a different library every week. We have the following at our closest local library once a month. Storytime, baby rhyme time, Lego mania. Local play grounds. I am amazed by the variety and quality of the equipment Swimming. A few schools have Water Familiarisation classes for young babies. It's a short class at a very reduced rate. At one of the schools it was actually free. Unfortunately I did not know about this and my LO was to old for the free class. I will start the normal swimming lessons next year. Other money saving tips I love a good pamper but sadly can not afford it any more. Look for training colleges. The service will be provided by a student but at a fraction of the cost. Our local beauty academy is open on a weekend and so is daddy daycare All the big department stores have a clearance section. Bargain hunting is now a new hobby of mine. I would love to hear your experiences and tips. At the moment my paid parental leave is finished and I only have to go back to work March next year but I am considering not going back at all and we are doing a test run to see how it goes with only one income and a child. So far so good but I still have some of my leave $$$ as we did not spend all of it each payment cycle.
  6. Firstly, many thanks to everyone who posts regularly on these pages - it's been a massive help so far. I have accepted an offer to transfer to Sydney with my current company. Signed the final contract yesterday, so early days in the process. I'll be heading over with my wife and two kids, both under 2 years old. I've done a lot of reading / research, but I would like to make doubly-sure I'm not missing any monthly expenses / hidden costs that we may incur living in Sydney. Some of the costs - especially for housing - are a bit scary... After deductions - Super, Health Insurance (for me), Life Insurance (for me), Taxes - we should have about AU$ 6,500 per month in our budget. Is this enough for a family of 4? We live a fairly modest lifestyle. My office is in the heart of the CBD and we're keen on the North Shore suburbs - Lindfield, Chatswood, St Ives, etc. Here are the items I have in budget - anything obvious that I'm missing? It would be great to get an idea of monthly expenditure from any families living in Sydney currently. Rent Mobile phones Internet Transport - Public Vehicle Petrol Vehicle Tax Insurance - Vehicle Insurance - Health (family) Insurance - House contents Electricity Gas Water & Council Tax Groceries Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone I recently found this link which has a nice summary of the spending habtits of Australians. It displays Aussie spending habits by different state; spending categories (beauty, groceries, travel, etc.); lifestyle stages (single, couple, married with children, etc.); etc. I found it really useful and it might help you understand better where your money would go to once you move over https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/managing-your-money/budgeting/spending/australian-spending-habits

    Brisvegas Baby

    So after waiting for our visas for nearly two years, we decided to take the big jump an leap into our new adventure... Me, having parents in Mackay was a HUGE help as you can imagine, and we knew my hubby would get a job quickly!! He's the bomb man!!! People would love to have him work for them!!....... well so I thought.!! Three months later and 116 jobs which he applied for online!! YES, ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN!!!! he got only two interviews and never got those jobs, as he had no experience in that field!! wow talk about a stressful time!!! Anyway he finally got an amazing position in Brisbane (literally last night) which we are too excited about, we have a one year old,,, so now I need advise, do we move into the city or do we go on the outskirts??? We love the beach and would love to be close to the Gold Coast, But my husbands work is in Central Brisbane, I don't even know where to start, and we need to be in Brisbane on MONDAY.... eeekkkk!!!! Please help with some advise, on the city, costs of living, any helpful tips at all Is it really cheaper to be on the outskirts???
  9. Hi again all So I've been trying to pull a budget together based on expected salaries and expenses. I've used all the resources I could find on the interweb to try and get this as accurate as possible...now I'd like to draw on the experience of the Canberran contingent of SAAus to give me your opinions on where I need to tweak my expectations. Next to each income/expense I've added the source however if you think I'm off the marke please let me know. As it stands, we'll have loads more disposable income in Canberra than we do at the moment in UK doing exactly the same jobs. And that includes a house with a garden and free sunshine! Seems too good to be true...can you let me know if it is please:-) BUDGET Description Ave Source Income Marketing Manager salary $5,104 $80,000pa - http://www.payscale.com/research/AU/Job=Marketing_Manager/Salary#by_State (nett - http://www.paycalculator.com.au/) Exec Sec salary $4,010 $60,000pa - http://www.payscale.com/research/AU/Job=Executive_Assistant/Salary#by_State (nett - http://www.paycalculator.com.au/) Expenditure - 2 people Home rent -$2,200 http://www.allhomes.com.au/ Council Rates -$133 http://www.justlanded.com/english/Australia/Australia-Guide/Money/Cost-of-Living (Took the total annual and split over 12 months) Water -$74 Water usage -$35 Contents insurance -$35 Electricity -$139 Gas -$61 Transport - Public -$225 https://www.transport.act.gov.au/myway/fares.html#Adult Groceries -$140 http://www.justlanded.com/english/Australia/Australia-Guide/Money/Cost-of-Living Mobile -$130 https://onlineshop.telstra.com.au/ Internet $50 http://www.telstra.com.au/internet/home-broadband-bigpond-elite-plans/ TV -$109 https://www.foxtel.com.au/shop/packages-and-deals/?execution=e1s1 Entertainment -$2,500 Finger in the air! Holiday savings -$1,000 Finger in the air! Life savings -$2,000 Finger in the air! Nett $383 A SURPLUS…SURELY NOT! Hope the pasted table came out ok! C
  10. Hi Does anyone have an excel spreadsheet that they use for monthly budgeting purposes. Im not talking about a budget planner - more a rough budget of what they are spending on per week/month basis in Aus. I searched the forum and found 2 (1 was a budget planner, and the second was a budget with costings for food) I am looking for something more along the line of the second option, but with things like Telephone/internet costs , life insurance, private medical aid etc all thrown in. I.e. What are the average monthly expenses that I would need to cater for - so I can have a reference point to create my own spreadsheet I do understand this is dependent per state , and per household (size of family) and lifestyle - but it would at least point me in the right direction to see what aspects I would need to consider. Currently the things I would expect are: Rental / Mortgage payment Electricity / Gas / Water / Strata fees Telephone Line / Internet Bundle Cellphone contracts Life Insurance Private Medical fees School fees Entertainment fees Food the usual type of things - anybody got their budgets that they are willing to share with me You can also PM me if you do not want to post it in open forum or whatever Thanks
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