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  1. Hi All, We will be looking to move across to Brisbane as a family, already obtained our 189 visas; however still need to apply for the 101 visa after our girl number 2 arrives in June and are looking to make the move across in late October this year. We are not sure about areas; whether being north of Brisbane is better than being south. Mum will be at home with the girls initially until the new duckling is able to attend nursery. We both work in the ICT industry and would ideally be looking for areas with good transport links into the CBD. We will be renting for the beginning, but
  2. IslandStyle

    Brisbane Suburbs

    Hi, we're a family of 4 with 2 young children and considering moving interstate and are looking to settle North of Brisbane. I would gladly appreciate any feedback on the pros/cons of any of the following suburbs: Everton Park, Everton Hills, Arana Hills, McDowall, Bridgeman Downs, Albany Creek, Bunya, Aspley. I'm mostly interested in getting an idea of the character of each suburb, whether it has a community feeling to it, how busy or quiet it is, what travel times to and from the city typically look like and whether people living there are overall happy with the area.
  3. Any recommendations for appliance stores in Brissie. My short term rental doesnt have a fridge so I am looking at buying a bar fridge in the mean time.
  4. Hi, We're considering a move to the Chelmer/Graceville/Sherwood region for the new school year. The houses we like mostly fall into the catchment areas for either Sherwood State School, or Graceville state school. Our children will be in year 2 and prep. Any feedback on either of these schools would be greatly appreciated, as well as the suburbs themselves.
  5. My experiences - hope this helps you and thanks to everyone that have helped me on the forum. We are now official permanent residents of Oz as of August 2017 (me, wife and kids (4&6yo)) We received our 189 in June and were given till august to activate. Our activation trip was 16 full days & 3 cities (Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane). We stayed at airbnb's in all cities. First tip - when renting a car (we used budget) it is $50 per day for insurance if you don't want to pay the $4500 excess if the car is in an accident (eina). This was not something we budgeted
  6. There are two offices that issue visas, Brisbane and Adelaide. This is where your visa submission is reviewed by the case officer. The problem is that there don't seem to be any visas being granted by the Brisbane office. Up until last month the split was fairly even between the 2 offices, however on the myimmitracker website out of the 52 189 visas granted this month only 1 of them was from the Brisbane office and that was back on 5 April. People are asking the same question on other websites and forums so it is definitely a trend. I know that there have been staff cuts but surely
  7. We've finally got an eta for moving to Brisbane - mid-Jan 2018. To say we're excited and relieved to finally have the date in sight, is an understatement. We're starting to go through the motions of making to-do lists (sell, pack, do, etc). The idea currently is to pack up the house and send our belongings ahead with an estimated delivery for beginning Feb, we figure it'll be easier to camp out here, as we know our neighbours and can lend stuff more easily on this side to tide us over. Hopefully we'll be able to find a rental by Feb, and can enrol the children at a relevant sc
  8. Hi everybody. My "aged" mother (73yo) has recently joined us in Brisbane on an "Aged Parent" Visa. I was wondering whether there are any families with parents having recently arrived (or long term already) and are looking to meet up and share their experiences and just get together for a "coffee klatsch"? Oliver
  9. Hi everyone! I've been very quiet, but we are now happily settled in Brisbane and loving it!!!! Our container has apparently arrived in Brisbane (what we've seen via tracking) but we only move into our unfurnished apartment on the 10th of Feb. Does anyone know how much they charge roughly for storage until we move in? Also, our apartment will be on the third floor...I know they charge extra for that...anyone know roughly how much?? We're trying to budget, everything seems to cost a lot more than you anticipate. Thanks!
  10. Good Day all, Are there any good Factory outlet stores? we have travelled in the USA and found - Factory Stores - they tend to be older stock, reject stock or stock that didnt move. The Pricing was fantastic and the value was really good too. Do they have this in Brisbane? please can you let us know some of the URLs? TIA
  11. At this stage our plan is to end up in Brisbane, mostly because we have a very good friend that we met on Contiki a couple of years ago that is willing to take us in for the first month or two. So far I really like Mango Hill, what other suburbs can you guys recommend?
  12. Our customer in Brisbane is looking for a book-keeper with Sage Pastel Evolution experience (not Pastel Partner). Please PM me or e-mail: sales@usagebusiness.com
  13. Is anyone relocating from the Cape Town area to Queensland, Australia. I immigrated few years ago and having just sold my house have about 2 Cubic meters of hobby items that I need to find some space to bring over. I can also provide a lot of common sense advice having been through the process. Thanks in advance for any offers.
  14. I know it can be difficult to find a house to rent when you 1st move to Australia!! I have a brand new townhouse available for rent in Brisbane, in Rochdale estate(http://www.rochedaleestates.com.au), about 17kms from the CBD. If you are interested have look on this site http://littlerealestate.com.au/listing/?listing_id=36181 for detail about the property or you can contact me at fahaas@tpg.com.au.
  15. Cuandv

    Off to Brisbane

    So I guess I have to start this journal thing. Seen that this is the first journal I have written, I don't expect "Author" quality and 10/10 grammar. Also, Quite a bit has happened already so I will need to sit tonight and start from the beginning and write. Looking at the other blogs, I didn't see much regards people going over on a 457 visa. I am hoping, with this journal, to help in this regard Oh well, lets see how this goes from tonight and would appreciate questions, comments and stories about what we shouldn't be doing.
  16. Hi guys, From those of you that have already been through this, what's your opinion on the first couple of days arriving in Brisbane? Here's what we thought: Seeing that we are selling most of our stuff and sending a small cube to arrive about 4 weeks after we arrive, I thought we should stay somewhere where we can get breakfast at least or easy dinners the first two nights upon arrival. We are 2 adults, 2 kids and an infant - so this does make it a bit tricky and costly. Thereafter I thought booking AirBnB for two weeks to give us time to find a rental. I will be worki
  17. Caycee

    Brisbane schools

    Hi there, We are deciding between settling in Brisbane or Goldcoast. I found another post really helpful about the better state primary schools in Goldcoast. Hoping someone here would be able to give me an indication of some state primary schools in Brisbane that have a really good name. Thanks in advance Caycee
  18. Hi everyone, I see Qantas is having a sale on their flights at the moment when you fly as a minimum of 2 pax return, very exciting since it covers the period we want to use to activate our visas - Feb 2016. You have to fly in and out of the same airport - we're travelling to Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and are considering flying in/out of Brisbane. We're a family of 4 (kids are pretty well behaved for their age when it comes to sitting still and travelling but are young and I think the flight will be very long for them, they will be aged 3 1/2 and 5 when we travel). Our trip will be for
  19. Hi Forumites, I am quite far down the process with a Canadian company that is setting up a legal entity in Brisbane, Australia. I have not completed my EOI yet as I am waiting for February to increase my points after I retake the IELTS. However, I recently found out they will be making me an offer in January if all goes to plan. Most of the questions and topics in here are for people applying for visas without a job offer. I am fairly certain I have to apply for the 186 Employer Nomination Scheme after the company has nominated me - https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/186-#, but I
  20. riaanpdaddy

    Almost Canada, now Australia

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick introduction. We have started the process of applying to Australia this week. We actually went through the whole process to go to Canada... ... but subsequently we got cold feet - literally, I think our feet will be too cold in Canaidia. So we have turned our sights towards sunny Australia, specifically, and hopefully - Brisbane. Thanks for the great forum, already we have found so much great information and we hope to contribute. If anyone wants to know the process of applying to Canada, then feel free to ask - we went through the whole process (including an agent s
  21. Moose2014

    SA -> UK -> AUS?

    Hi all, My husband and I moved the UK just over a year ago and the grey is just too much for us. Having grownup in Durban I want that same lifestyle for my family and so the great trek to Aus begins. We're really excited but still early days. Wonder if there is anyone who has been through similar? We're focusing IELTS now and then skills assessment. My husband is a vet so we will apply under his name. Any other vets out there?
  22. Juanbessinger

    Visual Art Teacher - Trying not to Panic :)

    Hi Everyone, So the wife, 2 kids and I are arriving in Brisbane on 30 December and are of course hugely excited....but obviously we're a little worried as well. I am a High School Visual Art Teacher (Provisionally Registered with QCT) and I've also been Head of Sport. But it seems like there really aren't many art jobs around, if any at all!!! I've also taught English (TEFL) in Taiwan for a year (after varsity) and I'm now beginning to think that it may be the way forward to teach English at that level.... My wife is also a Primary school teacher and is currently in the process of Teacher Regi
  23. Good day, I arrived in Brisbane about 3 weeks ago and are loving it. I realised that I have underestimated the weather and need to get 1 or 2 boxes send over with a few things. Therefore if anyone is sending a container over from Cape Town to Brisbane and has space for 1 or 2 boxes (+/- size: 39x43x52 cm), could you please contact me? I would contribute to your costs. Thank you. Liezel
  24. Caz

    Brisbane's Bible Belt

    http://www.couriermail.com.au/questnews/east/southside-international-church-applies-for-3-million-upgrade-of-its-sunnybank-hills-facilities/story-fni9r0lo-1227237434884 BRISBANE’S southside is keeping the faith, with the city’s “Bible Belt” experiencing a groundswell in congregation numbers. Southside International Church at Sunnybank Hills has lodged a development application with Brisbane City Council for a $3 million upgrade of its facilities at Beenleigh Rd. The proposal includes the construction of a 1054sq m worship centre and an ­extension to the church’s ­existing training centre. Reve
  25. Arrived in Brisbane few days ago and everything has gone smoothly. I will write a post about my experience, but I need help making a decision. Might be something only Brisbane locals can truly influence but I am all ears for the wisdom of others that don't know the two respective schools. Middle daughter is accepted to Lourdes Hill College and so is her younger sister (9yrs. - Yr. 4) at later stage. For this year I had applied at Sts. Peter and Pauls Catholic private school based on preference and ratings - but it was full - and even after several email request about a spot opening up (and s
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