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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, I recently came across this forum and wish I had found it a lot sooner! There are some great advice on here! I have submitted my 190 visa application, but have a slight issue, my mom's place of birth as well as her year of birth is incorrect on my birth certificate. I assumed that home affairs had made the mistake and requested a vault copy of my birth certificate so that it can be rectified. Unfortunately it was my dad who had incorrectly completed my birth register. I have also completed and submitted form 80, where I submitted my mother's correct information. I have also submitted my unabridged birth certificate, which contains the incorrect info. Has anyone had a similar issue? And how did you resolve it? I have been told that it will take up to a year to correct my birth register... Thanks dad 🙂! Should I inform the department of the mistake and will they insist on the corrected birth certificate before they process my visa? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi Everyone, I am hoping that someone can help us please, we applied for our unabridged certificates and received an SMS that mine is ready for collection but my wife's one was still outstanding, today she received an SMS saying: please visit office of application to complete DHA24 and DHA288 forms. How and what is these forms for and will this add even more time to our waiting. we are only waiting to receive the unabridged certificate and then we can hear from our CO. Any help would be appreciated. Kind Regards,
  3. I recently registered the birth of my daughter, and made a stupid mistake on the application form. I put my wife's place of birth as Pietermaritzburg, but it should have been Durban. Now, my daughter's UBC has a minor error. Do you think the error is significant enough to create a problem with our 189 visa application? Should I just point it out to the case officer and see what he says? TIA
  4. Hi again, I was wondering if anyone has used a company to expedite an unabridged BC application? I have been in touch with GMTM mid December but honestly, their service has been :censored:. I know of BunnyHop but was wondering if there were others? I need to get on this ASAP! Cheers
  5. Hi all This sounds tremendously wasteful, but I'm considering working extra hours/pulling strings to get some spare cash to pay for a queuing service to arrange our unabridged birth certificates for us. They are RIDICULOUSLY expensive, but the thought of trekking to Randburg Home Affairs and staring at those belligerent faces makes me "naar" I'm also not sure how long the queues take. I have visions of myself queuing for three hours and then having to leave to fetch kids before I get to the front! It seems they are no longer open on a Saturday either, according to their website. So, in a nutshell, it would save a lot of time and frustration, however I'm concerned about how legit these guys are... Has anyone made use of one? Are they trustworthy? If you were happy with the service, please would you make a recommendation. I have one quote so far - just over R1000 for each certificate (!!) so another option would be great. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I have two questions from my brother in law that I hope you can help with. His de facto partner has a british birth certificate, and she wants to know whether she still needs to write the IELTS if she applies as a brit? And also, will it be a problem that she has a british birth certificate, and he has an sa birth certificate, and they are applying as de facto? Thank you in advance!
  7. Nikita93

    Full length birth certificate?

    Hi guys Busy with our application - going over on hubby's skills (IT) and going for permanent visa. I thought I had all the paperwork completed by home affairs - but now it appears we need a full length birth certificate? Do you know if this is just for our daughter (she is 9) or for us as well? We have our IDs and new passports issued already. Any info will be helpful and I'm off to scour this site for any answers in this regard I may have missed. Thank you kindly Cam
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