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Found 11 results

  1. I did my ACS July 2016, they gave me 4 years experience from March 2012. So will I now have 5 years experience or do I need to do another ACS assessment?
  2. HI Everyone Can someone please confirm if AITSL still have a web address where you can check the status of your assessment for migration application? The address i have found on this forum does not exist. Many thanks. Jared
  3. Hi Everyone, Has Aitsl removed the site to check your status of the application for a qualification assessment for migration? Please can someone let me know. Assessment been in for 11 weeks and no word from them yet!!! Thank you. Jared
  4. Hi All Well after 8 weeks, I have just received my results from the ICAA with a negative assessment. They have assessed my Law degree as well as both my Honors and Masters degrees (M.Comm.) as at least comparable to an Australian undergraduate level qualification. However, they have given me a negative assessment as they are of the view that I have not passed Management Accounting (Core) and at least Finance, Economics, Accounting systems or Quantitative methods in either of my degrees. This In spite of the fact that my degree history explicitly states that I have completed Finance, Management Accounting & Economics. My questions are: Has anyone experience this before? Do I now need to repay the fee for a re-assessment? What do I do if they are adamant that they are not accepting my credentials?
  5. Hi All, I am completing my plumbing practical assessment on 12 Nov in Cpt and would appreciate any insight and tips from those of you who have already completed this. I'd like to understand what to expect ie. a breakdown of the day, although I've been provided candidate info from Vetassess, as well as any insight on difficulty levels and whether the practical tasks are 'timed'? Also, what are the quality of tools provided? Is there a practical as well as Q&A assessment? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi We have to change our approach from wanting to go over on a 457 visa to going on a 189... skilled independant. We now have to get all our supporting documentation in order, which we mostly have, except for the IELTS, my official assessment and our baby's passport. Should I have my assessment done before I book the IELTS? Or should I do the IELTS before the assessment? I know the assessment can take 12 weeks to process and the IELTS is only valid for a certain number of months (how long?), so I'm not sure what the best approach is here. Advice will be much appreciated TIA!
  7. Hi, I submitted all relevant docs, etc. for my ACS assessment on the 12th Aug, and at the time, there was a notice saying I could expect feedback within 8-12 weeks. It was then later changed to 12 weeks. The 12 weeks are up today and my status is "Stage 4 - still with assessor" on the site - it had skipped "Stage 3 - request for additional docs" as I assume everything was in order. Is this normal that they may not have contacted me at all at this point in time? Sorry for the paranoia but just worried. Thank you.
  8. Hi all, I was looking at other angles since I'm a web/interactive media/UX/graphic designer type-person, and while I'm not a full-time author, I have been published before and did land a job (before the recession) that involved full-time writing and copyediting(in addition to here-and-there website work for the same company) which I did for over a year. Once the recession hit though, the project got canned and I was retrenched. My question is: I don't have a degree in writing or english or art or-ok let me stop here - I don't have a degree at ALL - never mind the artistic/creative stuff. I've just always written and sometimes people liked it enough to publish it So, I can't think I'm alone in this side of things - with the creative occupations? there must be artists and authors and musicians who have been self-taught and have some kind of experience without necessarily having qualifications at a bachelor degree level or having worked full time in a related field? I tried to look this up but the vetassess site just states work experience and education requirements. If I've been doing a different day job and writing in my spare time - I'm guessing that doesn't actually qualify as working experience? Plus the no-degree thing obviously. Has anyone ever applied for one of these - is there a way around the degree + full time experience? I'm just thinking - there are a lot of authors who were first published while still working completely different day jobs. It doesn't negate that they are authors, it just means they are not ONLY authors, surely? I'm confuzzed. Any help/thoughts/advise greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  9. Hi there everyone! Has anyone (teachers) had their assessment done through AITSL? How long did it take? They say it takes 10 weeks, want to know if anyone received theirs earlier? Thank you Rika-Marie
  10. It seems to me that the skills assessment is by far the longest and most tiresome part of the entire PR process!!! Is it?? All I seem to be doing is hurry up and ...............wait! Shoo.
  11. Hi there, We are struggling to find the correct assessment authority for my wife's degrees. She has a M.SC (specializing in nutrition). Her most correct job description would be a Nutritionist but because it is not the best known field in the world it is frequently compared to a Dietician, or even to some short courses. She is primarily working on product development (formulas etc) and also the regulatory field. We will be applying with my degree as the primary, but would also like to earn points with hers if possible. It would also surely make it easier for her to find work, if her degrees have already been assessed. Does anyone have any recommendation of which authority we could try? Otherwise we might have to go the shotgun approach and send them all an email and hopefully one of them will bite. Otherwise, does anyone have any experience of going across without having assessed one of your qualifications? Does it make it a lot harder finding employment? Thanks in advance!
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