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  1. Hi, I hope you don't mind an Aussie posting in this forum, but I have a house I have rented for the last 13yrs to 7 successive South African Families (including 2 brothers). The house is in Hallett Cove SA, where you'll find lots of other South Africans and a lifestyle everyone seems to enjoy. So details about the house: 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 toilet. 2 bedrooms with built in cupboards. Space for parking 2 cars off street. It is on a sloping block facing the sea, and has sea "glimpses". It has efficient heating & cooling. I have the electricity and gas accounts in my name, which makes i
  2. South African Braai & Picnic Where: Morialta Conservation Park, Stradbroke Rd (near the kids play area) When: Sunday 10th December Time: 12pm onwards Bring: Picnic blanket / chairs / gaebo / cool drinks & snacks For more info see the South Africans in Adelaide facebook page.
  3. Our customer is looking for a book-keeper with Sage Evolution (not Partner) experience. 1st choice is to be based in Adelaide as this is where their HQ is, or alternatively as it is cloud based, Sydney is another option as this is where their Accountants are based. Please send your CV for attention: Isabella at: bizcare@usagebusiness.com
  4. JaxBaker83

    Schools and Zoning

    Hi everyone Our 190 visas to South Australia were approved last week (yay), and things have moved very quickly- we are flying on the 2nd of November, in the hopes of trying to find a rental in a good school zone before December (we'll be staying in an airbnb until the end of Nov) Our twins will be starting reception year in Adelaide in January so we are hoping to get a nice rental for a good school zone, although we have no idea what area we are going to choose yet. I understand that the government schools are strictly zoned, and proof of residence is required upon
  5. Hi almal ! Ek was 2013 laas op die forum, en het gedink ek sal hierdie lysie plaas vir almal in Adelaide ! Admin, kan ons hom dalk pin ? Dr Andries de Villiers Marion Domain Ph: 8375 7000 Dr Isobel Botha Reynella Family Care 3/216 Old South Road, Old Reynella SA 5161 Ph: 8321 9099 Dr Zoe Sing Hyde Park Medical Centre 88 King William Rd Adelaide SA Ph: 8373 3337 Dr Coen Strydom Belair Family Health Centre 459 Belair Road Belair SA 5052 Ph: 8278 8900 Dr Werner Stockhoff Nor
  6. KenMich

    IT Jobs in Adelaide

    I am in need of some job contacts in the Adelaide area and maybe some tips on catching the attention of some potential employers. I'm coming over on a 489 and have a wide variety of skills. Over the years I worked as a Unix System administrator, Network administrator, Assistant IT Manager and Project Manager before I started working for myself. I completed a MCSE on NT4 many years ago. I am Molex certified as well. My most recent skills involve Wireless point to point links and AP's. I have a lot of experience with the Ubiquiti and Tenda wireless products. I also have many years
  7. Hi all, House to rent to new arrivals or settled South Africans. 3 Bedroom 1 bathroom house in Hallett Cove, South Australia. (between Christie beach and Brighton beach) Moving out mid July 2016. 6 blocks from shopping center, about 3 blocks from school and some glimpses of the sea. Great landlord! Please let us know if interested. Please see this post for full details.
  8. I thought I should create a new topic... My husband and I are coming for our first LSD trip in March. We need to accept state sponsorship so Adelaide our only option. Surprisingly, it wasn't one of our options at first, but the more research we have done, the more it is becoming our first choice :-). We are hoping to see about 3 schools (Brighton, Hallett Cove & ???) - our daughter is 4 years old, explore the various areas, perhaps meet with a head hunting agency, etc. Suggestions for our LSD trip would be very welcome. We envisage ourselves actually moving in about 3 ye
  9. Charne

    Chronicles of the Adelady

    And so I start recording my thoughts and feelings regarding the big move. Please excuse the partial paranoia in my journal- in real life hide these concerns quite well. We were granted our 489 visa on the 12th of October 2015 and booked our flights shortly after. D-Day is 4 April 2015. 84 Sleepies. At this point my biggest concern is our initial accommodation. A fellow Facebook forumite PMed my partner to offer us accommodation after hearing that we were in need of accommodation. She sent us pictures, described the layout of her house and provided u
  10. Hi all. So after all the tests have been taken, forms have been filled, qualifications assessed, money paid, patience tried, tears cried....we are down to 21 days until we begin the biggest most exciting adventure of our lives thus far...16 June 2016. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our journey this far, this forum has carried us through a very emotional and challenging time and we appreciate all of your advice and support. Although I feel we are well researched and well prepared, one cannot help but be rattled by the fact that you are entering into a whole
  11. Hello, Has anyone lived or looked at living in Marino, Adelaide and how did you find it? We are looking at possibly staying in that area with our two boys, one who is starting reception year at school next year. So we would also have to consider schools. Would we be eligible for schools in neighboring suburbs, like Hallet Cove? would love to hear what your opinion is of the area. Thank you!
  12. Madrunnermw


    Hi All, 189 Visa in hand, validated in June 15. Tickets booked to Adelaide for December 16 and an exciting year ahead to wrap up life in Central Africa, it's time to move on. Interested in running, boating and the odd fishing line!
  13. We are looking at shipping companies, and managed to shortlist it down to a few based on people's experiences and opinions on this site. We were almost settled on CargoPak when I read a few threads on how dreadful they were for Adelaide, specifically when sharing a container. We will not be sharing a container, and the thread is now quite a few years old, so possibly things have changed? I was hoping for some up-to-date honest opinions from people who have landed in Adelaide within the last year or 2, and if possible approximations of how long it took. (I believe it takes longer to Adelaide th
  14. Hi Everyone We are planning to arrive end of April in Adelaide. Hopefully hubby will then have organized us a rental as he will be going a month in advance . Hopefully also a job. My daughter is in grade 7 in South Africa, but I have read that year 7 is already high school? Is this correct? I was looking at Heathfield and Blackwood High schools any opinions? Does anyone have a daughter about the same age that have migrated that my daughter can correspond with. She is really not happy about the move. Sorry for the thousand questions. My sons are grade 2 and
  15. Coming to Adelaide for a look see? Need a spot to stay for a few days or weeks? I have a room to let in my home with a queen size bed, couch, desk and tallboy. 1 min walk to train station and only 6kms to CBD. PM me for more info. Happy to share any tips and advice about this great city. Moo
  16. BineMelanie

    On our way to Adelaide

    Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm a Business Analyst and am a mom to 3 children, age 12, 8 and 7. My husband is an IT Manager. We decided 2 years ago to start the process and eventually lodged the application in September 2015. We got confirmation that our visa was granted on the 20th Jan. We applied for a state sponsorship so we are going to Adelaide and the plan is to land around April 2016. I have trolled thru most of the post and the advice going thru the process have been a great help. We joined a get together in Pretoria last year and that helped a lot to he
  17. Hi So today I received my invitation to apply for my 189 VISA, really stoked! My wife and I are going to take an LSD trip to Australia in August this year, and are checking out 4 cities: Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. We would like to check out the suburbs while we are in Adelaide, can anyone recommend the best areas to check out for a family of 4? Thanks a lot!
  18. Hi guys I am looking for a room to rent for a couple. This will be a short term rental (about three months). Just till we are on our feet. I will be coming over on a skilled visa (190) and will be working in the IT industry. We are both decent people who will be making the big move to Australia at the end of this month (30 July). If anyone knows of someone renting a room out please contact me with details Kind Regards
  19. gordon28

    What is life like in Adelaide?

    Hi Guys Since we got sponsorship for South Australia under the state sponsorship scheme, we will be spending two years in Adelaide before moving on the other cities (if we even decide to move) I was wondering if anyone could give me tips or share their story of Adelaide with me. We are a couple aged 29 and 35, working in IT and retail respectively. Currently we are living in Bloemfontein so we are used to the small city life. What are the people like there, and is there enough to keep one entertained?
  20. We have landed in Adelaide. ROUGH night with baby on RSA time (and me and the wife). Lots of admin to do today. Will fill in the details when I have time to write. Hope to get some second hand car shopping in before I have to start on Monday at the job.
  21. Hi all, If you are coming out soon and need a place to rent. We have one until February. We are in Port Noarlunga. Its close to the beach and shopping centre. Has 3 bedrooms and a study. If you are interested, pm me. Price is $285 per week. It is not fully furnished but we have a few things we can help with. Also if you dont want to make a commitment to a 6 or 12 month rental, this would be perfect for you. Otherwise you could renew in February.
  22. Erik

    3 weeks in Adelaide

    G’day all We have been in Adelaide for three weeks and here’s a rundown of events as they may or may not have happened. Knowing we have a kid that is an absolute terror at night (I don’t think I’ve slept for 7 and a half months), we decided to dose him and dose him good! We called the doc and he prescribed an antihistamine to give to him to help him sleep. The trip from Johannesburg to Sydney was a breeze! He slept better than he ever slept, only waking to eat and then back to bed. Bassinets in the airplane are a miracle and I would recommend them if you have a small baby. The flight from Sydn
  23. My family and I had the privilege of doing a LSD trip to Adelaide last month. Below my notes. I hope this will be of benefit to others going through the same roller coaster ride of preparing and planning the big move! FLIGHT - direct flight with Qantas - Jhb - Sydney - Adelaide - good service - cost R54k return for family of five Considerations - emigration flight book one way via IOM - buy TomTom/Garmin chip in Aus and use google maps GENERAL - LSD was worthwhile! - old houses, few modernised - traffic very relaxed - mostly driving at 60km/h - most work centralised around CBD square mile Con
  24. Hi Adelaidians When we land in Adelaide in Sept, we want to try and buy a car as soon as possible to at least have one to do the stuff that will just be easier with a car (also easier with a baby). Is there an area of Adelaide that is known for used car dealerships? Like I know in Johannesburg, you just drive down Main Reef Road and you will see stacks of used car dealerships. Is there such an area in Adelaide? Also, what do you need to buy cash. Do you need to have a SA drivers license or will my RSA license do? Do you need to take out insurance before you drive of the lot, the way I had to i
  25. Plane tickets booked for a LSD trip to Adelaide for first two weeks in July. We received a state sponsorship from South Australia and our 190 visa application is just about done. I would appreciate any advice on: a) must do's on a LSD trip places of interest to see in Adelaide c) any recommendations on where to stay PS This is my first post of a topic - info on this site has been extremely helpful to us!
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