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Found 6 results

  1. Jasper

    7 months in...

    It seems the Canberra community forum needs a bit of love, and I remember how useful it was for me in the planning phase to look back on people's opinions and thoughts as they've gone through it, and how things go in the initial months. So I thought I should jump back in and give an update - mine being the last one from just a few weeks in - now over 7 months in. My wife and I arrived at the end of January, in Canberra. Where I quickly got started at a job I found on arrival, while my wife still searched through February and most of March. She was eventually employed through meeting people a
  2. Well, my wife and I have now been in Canberra for a few weeks. We landed in Sydney on the 22nd of January, and drove through on the morning of the 23rd - with an incredibly early start owing to jetlag which after 11000km is no joke! I also highly recommend driving in to the ACT, it's a light drive (3 hours) and offers up beautiful scenery you would otherwise miss entirely. Upon arrival, we had set up to stay at the Ibis Canberra (old Formula 1) until the end of January, with a hire car until then too, to allow us time to settle in and find our roots. The key was to get employed, homed, and buy
  3. Hi Team, We are in a bit of a predicament... Here are the facts: I have received an ACT state sponsorship on the 11th of July 2014. According to the CO, I have 30 days to lodge my EOI. Then once the visa invitation is issued, i will have 60 days to apply for the 190 visa. She also mentioned that ACT nomination will expire after 90 days. Here is the problem: I require a further 5 points to qualify for a 190 visa, which i am planning to make up with a higher IELTS score. I have booked my new IELTS exam BUT they only had a spot on the 16 of August 2014 with an expected date for releasing my resul
  4. I don't feel like working this morning so thought I'd pull a post together offering you info and tips for a 190 SS application. I've not completed the application and don't profess to be an expert, these are simply my opinions, suggestions and recommendations - If this helps anyone even a bit then I'm happy. I am using an agent and what I'd say is if you can afford it, do it! Can it be done without an agent, probably; however there are many pitfalls, the process is hugely time consuming and stressful and if you need to focus on work, selling houses, ordering shipping containers then I believe
  5. Hi again all So I've been trying to pull a budget together based on expected salaries and expenses. I've used all the resources I could find on the interweb to try and get this as accurate as possible...now I'd like to draw on the experience of the Canberran contingent of SAAus to give me your opinions on where I need to tweak my expectations. Next to each income/expense I've added the source however if you think I'm off the marke please let me know. As it stands, we'll have loads more disposable income in Canberra than we do at the moment in UK doing exactly the same jobs. And that includes a
  6. Hi all Can anyone tell me what the process is once you receive the ‘Visa Approved’ email? What I’d like to understand is; once the approval comes through, what is the process to actually physically get the visa in your passport and how long does it take from the day you get the email to the day you have the passport including visa, in your hand? Thanks C
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