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Found 20 results

  1. OnYellowBrickRd

    Read before you rent

    This is just a word of advice to potential tenants who wish to rent in Australia. When considering accommodation in Australia while moving from South Africa, many people hope to apply for rentals without seeing the property first. This is not legal, but rental agencies bypass this requirement by offering potential tenants a "site unseen agreement". In this agreement the tenant agrees to accept a property despite not having viewed it. BEWARE: Once you have signed the lease for a property YOU ARE LIABLE FOR RENT until the agents can find someone to take over the property from you (whether you actually take occupancy of the property or not). THERE IS NO COOLING OFF PERIOD and even the RTA agrees that once you have signed the lease, there is nothing they can do. We have been caught by this as we were offered site unseen because the agents were not able to arrange a viewing for us in a timely manner. After seeing the property we realised that it was completely unsuitable for our family and we applied to break the lease the very next morning. A month after the fact we have been paying rent for 2 weeks (since commencement of the lease period) for a property that we are not living in. We have appealed to the owner who has basically said, "I'm sorry, but so it goes." In short: DON'T SIGN a lease unless you, or someone you know well, has actually viewed the property. Property advertisements can be deceiving and paying rent for 2 places at the same time is not a good idea!
  2. Hi Everyone I have 2 furnished properties that I rent out privately to immigrants (when they first come over, or for guests visiting). One is in Butler, Perth and the other in Clarkson, Perth - both close to train lines. Prices vary on number of occupants, length of stay etc, but generally starts at $85 per night plus cleaning fee, with minimum 1 week stay. More details here: www.perthfurnishedhousing.com We came over 7 years ago and I know how hard it can be, especially waiting for a container to arrive!
  3. Pensies

    LSD Trip Accommodation

    Hi All, I am looking for accommodation for 11 days odd in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Sunbury , Ballarat or near the coast. As long as clean and decent and a good rate. We are looking for round about 26 June 2016 to 7 July 2016. 2 Adults and 2 kids (15 and 10). LSD Trip. Thanks.
  4. malikes09

    Finally starting this process!

    Hi everyone So my partner and I are finally starting the process to emigrate to Australia. We will be going on a work visa in his name with our 15 month old son. I've just gone through the 100 step process post and wow it's a lot. I'm so excited but it's very daunting as well. What we're trying to work out now is where we will stay when we get there. We will be moving to Melbourne. Can anyone recommend a process or company that will assist with finding a place to rent? My partner wants to go ahead of us and get a place organised but I really don't want him to be away from our son for very long so the more we can arrange while we are still here, the better. We are aiming to leave in June this year if all goes according to plan. Also, how does the process work for schools there? Here we have to apply years beforehand. Is there a site somewhere with a list of schools? Sorry if any of these questions are silly. Any other tips, info, advice is also welcome! Thanks and good luck to everyone doing this! P.S one last thing- we are going as de facto partners. We live together and have our son but we are not married. Any advice or anything that we need to be aware of that could cause problems in terms of the 457 visa?
  5. Coming to Adelaide for a look see? Need a spot to stay for a few days or weeks? I have a room to let in my home with a queen size bed, couch, desk and tallboy. 1 min walk to train station and only 6kms to CBD. PM me for more info. Happy to share any tips and advice about this great city. Moo
  6. Hi all We booked and paid for an air bnb place in Perth for our LSD trip in December, but now can't get hold of the person renting their house to reconfirm. Has anyone had this sort of hassle and managed to sort it out? We have contacted airbnb and it seems they only step in if you can't get the person 3 days before your booking. Surely that's too close? I don't want to land in Perth on 24 December without accommodation! Thanks
  7. Hi everyone It looks like we might be making our first trip back to SA - after 6 years! We are going to be spending some time in Cape Town in July of 2015. Thought it would be worth asking if anyone on here has contacts (or are themselves) in possession of a house (and possibly even a car) in Cape Town that is empty around that time that we can do rental on. We can either pay or perhaps do a house swap for an LSD visit - we have a lovely 4 bedroom home in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane. Send me a note on here if interested. Thanks team
  8. Chapter one: The Application: I am starting a new thread to detail our LSD trip planning and experiences. We normally don't like to pre-book our holidays to much, cause we like the flexibility to change our plans if it makes sense. As this is not a holiday trip only, but to determine the life style and try in get to know Australia a bit better. I am well aware of previous threads that you can't make a 100% comparison of what it is really like living in a city permanent, as time of year, weather and various other influences can alter your experiences or perceptions. Current thinking is to travel to Perth, Melbourne, Sidney and up to Brisbane. If time allows would like to maybe go up to Cairns to go and dive Great Barrier reef. Would like to stay in areas that one would live in and then take public transport to city to get a feel for it. So any ideas most welcome, it would go into the thinking pot. So far: Tickets are booked at R24585, return JHB Perth. Two adults. End of April to end of May 2014 Now for accommodation and transport, but not to be booked. What would accommodation availability be like during that time in the above
  9. NewFutureAhoy

    Accommodation in Canberra

    Hi there! I have been offered a job in Canberra! So super happy. Could someone assist us as to whom I should contact to get somewhere to stay initially?
  10. Hi guys If anyone is coming to Brisbane in April 2014, either for a LSD or arriving permanently, and need somewhere to stay - get hold of me. We can probably organise a really mutually beneficial arrangement. We have a four bedroom house in Brisbane's northern suburbs - not close to a train station but a very short walk to the bus stop that goes right into the city. You can even have use of the car! PM if interested. Dates are 5 April to 21 April. Cheers
  11. Good day all, I have a question regarding possible lodging in Sydney. I'm a single 31 y/o guy that intends to move over to Aus in March/April 2014 on my own. We are all aware of the difficulty and cost of accommodation in Aus in general and I was wondering if there are possibly any families out there that might be willing to take someone like me in for lodging for the first month or two after my arrival? Maybe some of you guys are renting or owning a property with a garden flat or a room with a separate entrance and would like to earn a few extra dollars and hopefully save me a few dollars the first couple of months. I understand that most people would be concerned with character issues etc but I am more than willing to prove my good character if anyone is interested in helping me out. I also know that this is a bit premature as I'm looking at March/April 2014 for my move but I thought I'd just ask to see if this is a possibility. Also has anyone else managed to make similar arrangements and how did it work out? Hope to hear from you guys!!
  12. Hi there, this thread follows on from the previous one dedicated to the VISA application part of our process to move to Australia (http://www.saaustralia.org/index.php/topic/37767-never-expected-this-but-saw-it-coming-part-3-the-visa-application/page-1). In this thread we will journal/diarise the whole process of getting our behinds to Australia, before the 31 October 2013 deadline. Now is the time for our BIG ESCAPE
  13. MandC

    Things are falling into place

    We were lucky enough that a good friend of ours has a furnished apartment available that he said we could rent from him from end September. Its at a very reasonable price and in Tenneriffe right next to the Brisbane river. That at least is one major thing less to worry about. Now we just need to find jobs to pay for the apartment, lol. Two weeks left before we fly out. We'll stay with family for the first two weeks, and then we'll find some temporary holiday accommodation until the apartment opens.
  14. BonnieBecker

    Moving to Brisbane - July 2013

    Hello all I am new to the forum, but loving every post that I read as I find everything so informative. My husband and I have recently obtained our 175 visas and have just booked our flights from East London to Brisbane (arriving on 22 July 2013). I was wondering if anyone (experienced in this) can suggest a plan of action for accommodation? We are planning on bringing a few things over, bed, tv, husband's tools (he is a Diesel Mechanic). Should we find a self-catering type place for two weeks and then try and rent a place from the 1 August 2013? If so, can anyone suggest a website or rental agent or something to find short term and long term accommodation? I am an English Teacher and, as I have already mentioned, my husband is a Diesel Mechanic. We have placed our cvs on SEEK.com.au - are there any other recruitment agencies that one would recommend?Thank you Bonnie
  15. I was just wondering if anyone (Fish maybe) has ever been to or heard of the Brisbane Holiday Village. It's situated in Eight Mile Planes south of Brisbane and by the looks of things is a self contained holiday accommodation facility much like Sun City here. Any comments on both the area or the accommodation would be much appreciated. http://www.brisbaneholidayvillage.com.au/
  16. Hi all We are progressing steadily in our visa application and, by the looks of it, will be receiving the visa shortly My biggest concern for the coming journey is the time between arrival and securing a job and rental. Obviously we will start job hunting before we go, but I do not know how long it will be before I (or we) find employment, and accommodation is my biggest concern . I have read that short-term accommodation is a lot more expensive than rentals. The idea is therefore to secure a rental as soon as possible, but this will depend on where (and how soon) I can find a job and a school for our 5-year-old. In the interim we will have to stay in the cheapest accommodation possible. We are planning to (hopefully) settle in the Tweed Shire (North East coast of NSW just south of the Gold Coast and QLD border). We will try to time the arrival of our container in Australia about a month after we arrive. Funds are severely limited, so we are prepared to make do with the bare minimum until we find employment. Hubby's even considering a caravan . Can any of the resident Aussies please comment on where to start looking for (very) cheap accommodation. At this stage a place with beds (to recover from jetlag), a fridge (and a microwave oven) will suffice. Thanks
  17. Hi, Can you please assist with suggestions on temp furnished accommodation in Perth for Jan 2013? Thanks!
  18. Hi all We have received our EOI invitation and our paperwork is being processed . It is time, therefore, for us to start planning our "Groot Trek" even though we will only be able to leave at the end of 2013 . If you can give advice on accommodation between selling in RSA and securing a rental or property in Australia, PLEASE share . Here are our concerns: If we put the house on the market too soon, we'll need accommodation here until we leave (at this stage, living in our house that we bought 12 years ago is the cheapest option, as renting - even a smaller place - is much more expensive). If we don't sell the house, we cannot afford the air tickets or the move . While we are still in RSA we would like to save as much money as we can, as we do not know how long it will take for us to find work in Aus once we arrive there. We are not too picky on the type of accommodation (my hubby says he's prepared to live in a rental caravan if needs be) but obviously a semi-furnished establishment (stove, beds and fridge) will be required until we have found a rental and our container arrives in Aus. Still not sure what we are going to do here . I know this sounds a bit pathetic on my part, but have only moved once: from my parents' house into my hubby's 40km away. I have never even packed a moving truck or boxes !! BTW we are hoping to end up on the Gold Coast Thanks for the advice.
  19. Hi there all Newbie to this site and found that there are excellent postings on this site. So I am looking forward to getting some pearls of wisdom from you all. Hubby and I have our skilled visas in our passports and busy preparing, I suppose as best as one can for the big move to Perth. We are currently living in Weltevreden Park and wondering if there are maybe any other SAFFAS out this way also busy preparing for the big move. Perhaps a coffee and a chat could be arranged to find out how we can assist each other. Hubby will go first around end of June. Please send some tips and pearls of wisdom! Much appreciated and looking forward to hearing from you all out there. Regards Tes
  20. Hi Guys After a whirlwind visit, arriving Melbourne then Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and back to Melbourne in two weeks, the decision is made. We are moving to Perth !! What a stunning city. I expect our visa to be finalised in the next 2 months so we are looking at furnished rental accommodation in Perth for two to three months whilst we wait for the container to arrive and to give us time to look for a more permanent rental. Can anyone pass on any advise as to where to start looking, ie websites, contacts etc. and what we can expect to pay. Thanks
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