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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All My wife and I are teachers in QLD and we're looking to make the move to WA, probably at the end of this year if things work out. I know it's still early in the year in terms schools' recruitment processes etc. but I thought it a good idea to get the ball rolling ASAP. Ideally we'd like to be in either Perth or at a school/schools outside of Perth (more than happy to live and work 1 - 2 hours away in a smaller location) I'm a secondary teacher with English, Humanities (History/Geog) and HPE. I've had senior sec experience here in QLD and I am currently the school's sports co-ordinator. My wife is a primary teacher and can teach anything from years 3-6. She also has some experience in the middle school (Years 7-9). We're both Permanent Residents. We're not necessarily looking to work at the same school, but would welcome the prospect if it came along. We're also not fussy at all in terms of what type of school we teach in, although Christian or faith based education is something we are most familiar with here in Aus. Ideally we'd like to find a job (for at least one of us) before leaving QLD and thus any advice/contacts/leads etc in terms of finding employment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  2. Hallo everyone! I am a teacher and I'm applying Western Australian Sponsorship. We really want to go to Perth but we have to select 2 other regions too. Which one's would you suggest: Christmas and Cocos Island; Gascoyne; Goldfields Esperance; Great Southern; Mid West; Peel; South West or Wheat Belt. I've reseached Perth but none of the others. The area really should be highly populated because that means more working opportunities for me (because there will be more schools. Is there also someone in Perth, willing to help with a layout off basic cost of living there. I have a layout, I found it on the web and the information put on there is quite new, but if I can maybe send my layout of costs to someone to check it for me,that would be excellent! Thank you so much!
  3. G'day all...this morning we received our Visa Grant email! After just under 9 months of English language tests, Skills assessments, Medical examinations, finger printing & Police checks, more documentation then I ever thought possible and LOT's of email checking at 2am; we finally received the notification this morning that the app has been finalised and approved:-) Now the real stress begins!Thankfully we have a buyer for our house and we expect the exchange to happen by the end of the month. We are planning to be packed up and ready to fly by 9th September so everything seems to be really picking up pace now. D&I are just so excited, overwhelmed, speechless, nervous...we just can't wait to start our new lives in Sunny Perth WA! Thanks to everyone on this forum for the support, reassurance, encouragement, laughs and moans...you're a special bunch! Good luck to everyone waiting, I am 100% confident you will all be getting the same message soon Love you all! D&C
  4. I don't feel like working this morning so thought I'd pull a post together offering you info and tips for a 190 SS application. I've not completed the application and don't profess to be an expert, these are simply my opinions, suggestions and recommendations - If this helps anyone even a bit then I'm happy. I am using an agent and what I'd say is if you can afford it, do it! Can it be done without an agent, probably; however there are many pitfalls, the process is hugely time consuming and stressful and if you need to focus on work, selling houses, ordering shipping containers then I believe it's worth the money. I'm not going to recommend agents here, there are a number of posts on this topic so have a look around Step 1 - Collating doc's Below is a list of documents I collated, copied and certified (this is a massive pain in the @rse so prepare yourself for the slog!) Passport – Main applicantPassport – Spouse / DependentsPassport photos for bothPrevious Employer Reference lettersPrevious Employer Employment contractsPrevious Employer Confirmation of resignation (dated)Last 4 payslips from Previous EmployersPrevious Employer P60 tax documents (UK)Current Employer Reference letterCurrent Employer Employment contractMy last 4 payslips from Current EmployerCurrent Employer Pension Plan letter (or other similar documents)Unabridged birth certificateUnabridged marriage certificateQualification – Certificate/Diploma/DegreeConfirmation of graduation letter (confirming study in English)Complete Academic recordInternational Qualifications letter Step 2 - IELTS test PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE! This test is not easy (and I am an English, first language speaker). Check out the training materials on the IELTS website. If you go in prepared then you have no reason to stress, so my final tip is take deep breaths and stay calm. Don't get into your own head and don't over-think it! Step 3 - Skills assessment Ah, the dreaded skills assessment! I went through VETASSESS and received a negative first assessment, I then changed my occupation and my re-assessment came back positive in less than 2 days! What the process taught me: Make sure that prior to requesting reference letters and polishing up your CV that you go to the Aus Bureau of Statistics website and read through the Indicative Skill Levels and Tasks for your occupation. This should form the foundation of what is in the references and CV. You cannot copy the information word for word but ensure you adapt what your roles and responsibilities are to the specific requirements on ABS. I did this second time round and my positive assessment happened in days! If you're on good terms with your old bosses, ask them to read the ABS website before writing the reference and ask them to base the letter on those tasks.If you've not heard back in 12 weeks (from when they receive the hard copies, not online app unfortunately!) then call them! I did (after 16 weeks!) and they were super friendly and helpful and it was the lady there that actually recommended I change my occupation!If you do need a reassessment, ask for the same assessing officer, it fast tracked my application.Step 4 - State Sponsorship / EOI Here my agent basically did everything for me. The only thing I'd say is do LOADS of research of the State you're applying to. For ACT I needed a Commitment letter (attached), this is your opportunity to show that you're interested, that you've read up on the areas and would fit well in the community. GOOGLE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND, but some other good research tools to help you start include: http://www.saaustralia.orghttp://www.abs.gov.auhttp://www.wikipedia.org/http://www.realestate.com.auhttp://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/http://www.seek.com.auWell that's about all I can comment on as I've only just submitted my SS application. Other suggestions, some of which have no basis on any experience or concrete facts would be: Hound your agent, this is your right! If you're not on top of him/her then someone else is and they're getting the best possible service whilst you hang around your mobile pulling your hair out!Engage with people on SAAustralia, this is the best resource I've ever found and everyone wants to help! Likewise, don't be a Lurker, help people, give advice, show support and generally share the love;-) We're in this together, come hell or high water!Don't give up - Nothing worth having comes easy so just keep persevering and you'll find a solution to any problem (unless you're an international arms dealer or you've murdered someone...). No problem is unique, someone on this forum has been through it, just ask for helpRight, I may as well do some work now...hope this is somewhat useful to people entering the process GOOD LUCK C WA Relocation Costs and Budget - Updated 11.04.13.xls Commitment to Canberra Draft.doc
  5. I've noticed that in recent posts that securing a rental is quite a hair raising experience! I'm trying to get my head around how it all works as this is the most important part in determining how quickly my daughter and I can join my partner in WA. My partner will be arriving in Mandurah WA mid May 2013. He will stay with friends while he finds a job and rental. Both are equally important to us at this stage. But I've been wondering how he is going to juggle this one.... Is it possible to secure a rental without a job? Do agents do inspections/viewings outside of office hours? I was also wondering what kind of notice periods the tenants usually give and how long in advance properties are usually viewed before they are actually available for occupation?
  6. Wow our WA sponsorship was approved. What happens next? They do say that it does not guarantee you a visa, what does that mean? What could prevent you from getting your visa? Does anyone have a time frame from sponsorship approval to actually getting the visa? We started this journey in Dec 2008 and finally there seems to be some light in the tunnel but not allowing myself to get too excited yet! Holding back with my emotions.
  7. Just saw this on PIO: http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/SiteCollectionDocuments/state_sponsorship_criteria_2012_2013.pdf One big change that would have severely affected us is that you now need to provide evidence of funds to cover 3 months living expenses when you first settle there. I think that this might be difficult for some people to provide when you apply for SS, since some things are only available or will only become available when you're actually going to go (like proceeds from the sale of a car, cashing out provident funds, etc).
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